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SkyCable Select Starter at Php280

Sky Cable is offering a new Starter Select package to its subscribers for as low as Php280 per month, inclusive of about 37 channels.

sky cableEach additional channel on top of that will only cost you Php20 or Php350 each, depending on the channel.


I’m curious which channels would cost as expensive as Php350 each and what channels are included in the initial 37 (pre-selected).

In any case, offering a per channel subscription the a la carte way could be cheaper to those who are into a select number of preferred programs.

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89 Responses

  1. Eizan says:

    I like their new plans; gives the subscribers the option to choose which channels they only want to watch. Any details on where the service is initially available?

  2. cutemoboy says:

    do u rily have d power to choose? base from wt i herd,, they olredy selected some not so gud channels.. den u decide if u wnt to add some oder channel.. most of the channel dt i like u still have to add 50 box? wtf! & the channel in the 280 plan sucks.. so ill go for destiny still..

  3. cutemoboy says:


    Monthly Fee 280

    Select Starter Php 280 Local News: Teleradyo
    World News: CNN, Bloomberg, BBC World, Euronews
    Music: Channel V, MTV, MYX
    Learning: Knowledge Channel
    Movies: Cinema One
    Sports/Men: Balls, BTV, Makisig, Manila Jockey Club, Maxx
    Kids: Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Hero TV, Nickelodeon
    Lifestyle/Women: Asian Food Channel, Living Asia, Lifestyle Network, Velvet, ShopTV
    General Entertainment: AXN, Star World, C/S Origin
    International Channels: Arirang, C-SPAN WORLDNET, Da-Ai, DEUTSCHWELLE, GXTV, KBS, Saudi 1, TCT, TV Espanol, TV5 France
    Religious Channels: EWTN, INC, TV Maria, ZOE TV

  4. Rome says:

    plus all the local channels

    IMO, good price na dahil meron ng AXN and Star World in the basic package, downside lang, yung movie channels, when you add the usual channels: star movies (P100!) and HBO is not sold separately, you have to get the whole HBO pack for P350 (a big duh if you ask me). Other standard channels are like 20 to 50 each so you can select which one you really like.

  5. Eizan says:

    As expected, Star Movies, HBO, and Cinemax, are not in the default 280 plan. Hayyzzz… Oh well, ok rin naman yung mga pre-selected channels, yung movie channels lang talaga…if HBO is indeed Php350 (WTF!!), I would just opt for the regular monthly plan then.

  6. Patrick says:

    I’ve been seeing the commercial and thought I would really like this if it’s around the price of the Silver plan if I just added 2 channels, Discovery and History. Oh well…

  7. I don’t like the setup of channels for the price. It would have been better if subscribers can select which channels from the ground up!

  8. yuga says:

    @Rome – thanks for the link. Been looking for that all afternoon.

  9. That’s an interesting offer. Hmm.. some creative thinking on sky’s marketing it seems.

  10. Tiger says:

    I am a Destiny Cable subscriber at home and a Sky Cable subscriber in the office. I often record programs using my DVR when I am not at home or in the office. I cannot record programs using a DVR in my Sky Cable subscirption. Because Sky Cable has a Digibox, I have to be physically present beside the DVR so I can switch from one channel to another when recording programs, which defeats the purpose of owning a DVR. I have called them many many times so that they can address this issue but all I get from them are false promises. Anyone from Sky Cable reading this, please address the issue. There should be modifications made on the digibox or change it to a DVR compatible one.

  11. paul says:

    hmmm… interesting.

    not really a fan of skycable’s movie channels ‘coz the more interesting scenes are usually censored. i’d rather watch movies on dvd or in theaters.

    and the channels that i usually watch (axn/starworld/bbc) are included in the basic package.

    really interesting…

  12. Rome says:

    I guess the appeal of this package all depends on taste and the demographics of one’s household. The Select Starter package caters to a more locally-oriented viewer plus a few must-have channels for cable tv primetime shows abroad. If you want to have an english movie channel, I think star movies would be enough as the hbo bundle package is just outrageous (HBO, HBO Signature, HBO Family, HBO Hits are kinda redundant).

    Funny, ANC is not included in the basic pack.

    What’s even funnier is that the other select plans are not a good deal as they may seem. One would think that since it’s a bundled package, you get to save a few bucks when compared to availing them individually through add-ons.

    Take a look at the Select Plus which costs 450 pesos. It adds ANC (P20), a choice between Discovery or Nat Geo which you have to pick one, each costs P50 and another set of limited choices (CNBC, Star Movies or Playhouse Disney) wherein you have to pick one, each costs P100, all added to the starter package which is P280… and the total is(20+50+100+280) still P450… It’s stupid because you can just pick out some other channel (which you would actually like) from the add-ons list and not be restricted with the given choices on the Select Plus package.

    But wait!!! There’s more!

    The Select Max which costs P680. It includes the starter pack (P280) plus ANC (P20), plus a choice between Nat Geo, Discovery or Animal Planet wherein you choose two, each costs P50 (so that’s P100) and a choice between Playhouse Disney, CNBC or Star movies, each costs P100, you choose two (so that’s 200)… add it all up (280 + 20 + 100 + 200) that’s only P600!!! What!? You get to pay more by selecting that package instead of just adding them from the add-ons list to your Starter package?!

    Weird huh?

    Well, I don’t know… maybe they’re giving away something else on that package (free installation fee perhaps?) or maybe there’s a typo in there somewhere.

    Anyway I think they made these packages to attract Destiny subs and Cignal subs as well, coz they made the select plans look like they’re delivering more channels at their respective price point (with a couple of exclusive channels).

    You’re welcome sir. =)

  13. Aram Beheshti says:

    Hi Yuga,

    Have you tried skycable’s HD offering?


    I’m amazed you still haven’t posted this or at least i haven’t found your posting. :)

  14. ricojake says:

    @Rome, nice analysis.

    Im not into cable subscription but i think the traditional subcription is more of redundant and useless channels. Better have a choice of channels you frequently watched but if you are into a variety of programs, why dont go straight to the regular subscription right?

  15. yuga says:

    @aram -I’m on Destiny right now and have been contemplating to move on Sky for some time. I think I mentioned it in one of my posts before.

  16. JDSalinger says:

    Wow! that’s suprisingly costly for me… my cable subscriber offers 190php/month with 60+ channel and the channels were growing everyday….

  17. Kaye says:

    “Each additional channel on top of that will only cost you Php20 or Php350 each, depending on the channel.”

    Are they serious? PHP20 is good, but P350 for one channel is just…just…

    I’m sticking to my Silver subscription. How much will it cost me to add Solar Sports, btw?

  18. junn says:


    ano cable provider mo and where? Metro manila ba yan?

  19. wow, It seems like almost anything today are turning into prepaid :D

  20. wow, It seems like almost anything today are turning into schemes that adjust to users’ likings :D

  21. excuse my first comment, sir yuga, you can delete it :)

  22. good move by Skycable

  23. ad says:

    guys,is it still possible to split the signal if sky is using digibox?we have 2 TVs at home.tnx

  24. Dhrexler says:

    heehaw…at least there’s a plan Php. 280 at hindi na masyadong mataas tang babayaran pero sana may star movies at HBO(IDK kung nalulugi na sila?)

  25. xoxo says:

    mas maganda p yata ung cable link…

  26. melvox says:

    I’ve been planning on subscribing to a sky select subscription. Sad to say though, na Php 2,000.00 ang Initial payment…. Those crappy channels, and a cable channel selector that you only RENT for 2000 and 280 a moth?!

    Parang hindi na sya ganong kagandang plan. And from what i’ve read here, 350 for HBO? tapos wala pang NGC/Discovery man lng….hayzz…

    IMO, you’re not getting anything for your buck here.

    Siguro, kung magpapa-subscribe ka dito….ginagawa mo lang to para sa porma, hindi para sa pleasure ng pagiging couch potato.

    Ano magagawa ng porma ng pagiging subscriber ng sky cable kung wala ka nmn ng mga channels that really matter…

    Sky Cable Select Starter? -> Stupid.

  27. JHOY says:

    I was amazed when my sister in law told me that there’s a P280 plan in skycable that’s why I became interested and have it research in internet. But, sad to say, I have read negative feedback in this site. For me, P280 is good if HBO is included and if that happens, kindly inform me and I will definitely subscribe it.

  28. Hayden Kho says:

    sus… mag illegal connection na lang ako… hehehe….

  29. Edwin H says:

    Sky made great sales and info campaign in our area (Paranaque~Taguig)- they had a roadshow at the commercial area and church patio of our village on weekends – complete with full color flyers, streamers – announcing the Sky Select program. Then they followed up with mailer’s too.

    When I called their customer service, I was told that my Sky Silver will revert to basic (P280), and if i wanted to upgrade to Select, i would need a Digibox (!) for each TV (!!) since our area had gone Digital.

    Two weeks later, Destiny stuffed my mailbox with a flyer with an unbeatable offer P1,450 installation, 3 months free! If only for Playhouse Disney, it was worth the switch.

    Sky is still on one TV though (analog), just for AXN, Lifestyle and AFC.

    Pundits say that’s typical of a Lopez-owned company….

  30. dVicki says:

    Disappointed… after Sky announced that my Silver subscription will be adjusted from P650+ to P780 per month, I thought, well, I could still be able to enjoy my Sky and save money using their Select Starter promo and add HBO, NG & C/I channels. But it turns out I’ll be paying much more than my Silver subscription while getting lesser channels.

    Can someone explain what’s the benefit of getting that bundled-up HBO P350 package? The only reason why I stick to Sky is because of the Lifestyle Network but if they don’t break down that HBO package I might as well switch to Destiny P450 subscription.

  31. destiny_crew says:

    destiny cable offers FREE installation.

    -GODBless us

  32. Thanks for this info maybe i will try Skycable starter pack, pero sana they’ve included HBO. but well i think its a good package.

  33. nacsboi says:

    kasali ba dito davao area na skycable?

  34. kayong lahat jan na nasa skycable. ang papangit ng comments sa inyo ng mga costomers nyo. ok na nasana ung 280 per month. hindi mo kasi masasabing cable ung pinapanood mo kung walang HBO,DISCOVERY,ANIMAL PLANET,PLAYHOUSE DISNEY, GANON DIN PARANG WALANG PINAG BAGO. SANA NAMAN LAGYAN NYO NG HBO,DISCOVERY, ANIMAL PLANET KASI ITO TALAGANG CHANNEL UNG HINAHANAP NG ISANG CUSTOMERS. GAWAN NYO NG PARAAN………… SAKA TANGGALIN NYO UNG MGA CHANNEL NA HINDI NAMAN NAIINTINDIHAN DITO SA PINAS…..PEACE.!!!!!!


  36. jeplox says:

    I’d still stick to destiny, at 500 php i already have hbo, discovery, animal planet, cnn, fox news and travel and living for my mom. Those are the only channels i frequently watch.

  37. berto says:

    wala pa bang hdtv sa cable or satellite sa pinas?

  38. berto says:

    pag may mabilis kayong internew hwag na mag subscribe ng cable or satellite na yan hindi naman yan mga hdtv. download na lang kayo ng tvuplayer, tvants, tikilive player kaya lang walang pinoy channels

  39. adonis says:

    luma na mga comments nyo, balita ko 50 channels na kasama. bahala na basta magka cable lang

  40. Synergy says:

    w0w P280 napaka mura na nun subscribe na…lahat ng CH. nasayo na. sa DIGIBOX hindi lahat ng channel nan dyn sympre nka Block ung ibang ch. eh ipa2 upgrade mu pa pra mag ka ch. ka. pde nga kaw na mismo mag upgrade eh. tanung ?? marunung ka ba? ahaha … kc aq nka plan 280 lng aq, so may ga2win aq para I-hack sya. tama bang term un hack ahaha, so kelangan pa b tanungin yn.. alm na yn,. d kelangan n imemorize yn… ahaha saya… SkyCable Ok na sana ung banat na 280 eh kaso. walang mga Gusto ng customers galing magplano nun nag setup nyn malufet.. ang baho.. look napaka raming customers ang nagha2nap ng Anilamal Planet, Discovery Ch. And HBO… sabhin na natin walng HBO.. ung dalawang lng na nabanggit sympre ma22wa nmn cla kung ksama un ch, na un tapos palitan na lng ung mga panget d mraming mag pa2kabit sa inyu,, LOL*

  41. jaime patajo says:

    Isa pa na hindi magandang events,before sky cable subcriber na ako,pero ako nagbabayad lahat yata sa lugar namin illegal ,pinatagil ko,ngayon may sky cable select nakakatuwa balik ko na pero ang tagal di raw makita ang lugar e Pateros ito nasa national capital din ewan ko ba

    sege bye na,sana makabit na para malaman kung ok talaga

  42. jaime patajo says:

    hello good day po,

    Si Jaime patajo pa din ito,up to now di pa din naikabit ang cable ko .Actaually may job order na
    (# 479 01 27) Tumawag ako Last december ang sabi may mag install na nakaschedule na . pero wala pa din kanino ba ako dapat talaga makipagusap para maikabit

    Salamat po

  43. allan says:

    bakit walang linya pa rin dito sa 3086 ramon magsaysay blvd sta mesa..near nagtahan bridge(PUP nagtahan)gusto pa namin magpakabit dito..gawan nyo ng paraan para makabitan kami…reply pls to my e-mail add: [email protected]

  44. allan says:

    2 yrs ago may pumunta na dito para kabitan ako pero sabi nila walang linya bakit ganun eh sentro ng manila dito..ramon magsaysay blvd sta mesa…dapat magkaroon na..akala ko naman kayo ang pinakamalaks na cable sa pilipinas eh dito nga lng sa manila hindi pala lahat meron linya…pls lng gusto ko magpakabit ….

  45. Joemen says:

    I’m really interested with Skycable 280, mas mura kasi kumpara sa ibang cable network. Kaya lang ang isang ayaw ko lang sa Skycable ay nag-iinsert sila ng ads. Pinapatungan nila ng ads yung mga channels gaya ng Discovery, National Geographic. Dati kasi ganun sila kaya kami lumipat ng ibang cable. Does Skycable still inserting ads?

  46. maev7983 says:

    JDSalinger replied on Jun 22nd, 2009 at 3:39 pm (18)

    Wow! that’s suprisingly costly for me… my cable subscriber offers 190php/month with 60+ channel and the channels were growing everyday….

    ano cable provuder mo?

  47. bulbolito bayagbag says:

    dami nyo reklamo mura lang nmn padagdag mga hampas lupa

  48. julie says:

    to maev7983
    tanong ko lang po sana yung 190pesos a month cable ano po cable ito? kailangan lang po magpacable pls…ty

  49. carol b. says:

    Gentlemen of Skycable,
    For so long a time I wanted to subscribe to your company but every time I do, your personnel at your office (Baguio City) would say that our area is not covered. I was just wondering why the subdivision which is farther from our place has been installed when in fact, the way to the subdivision passes though our place. I went inquiring from the said office and they said that the PRIORITY was the subdivision. I was informed that early this year probably. Just yesterday, i went back inquiring and they said there are plans of installing in this area. Just asking why is it not possible yet? Thanks.

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  51. noob says:

    tanong ko lang,bakit wla pa rin digibox namin?tapos wla pa rin kaming nata2nggap na bill,almost 1 mo.na kami nagpakabit ng cable

  52. Carlos Tan says:

    Please indicate the channels included in each plan so that we can choose what plan do we need and the plan that fits our budget.

  53. thess icaro says:

    i would like to subscribe ypur skycable select promo…i live in paranaque area..pls tell me where i can visit your nearest office in our are ..include tel no , contact person, office hrs and exact address…the soonest possible..i appreciate it if you could..thanbk you and God bless!

  54. eddie tayag says:

    i would like to subscribe to skycable and don’t know where to apply. i live in mandaluyong city and presently using Destiny cable. would like to shift to Skycable.

  55. i would like to subscribe to sky cable and don’t know where to apply…i live in carmoana cavite…..

  56. pissedlongtimecustom says:

    SKYCABLE may be the most advanced cable company in the Philippines but it also has the WORST cable signal (even with that DIGIBOX thing and all) and the POOREST CUSTOMER SERVICE ever.

  57. riz ann yosolon says:

    i would like to subscribe to sky cable and don’t know where to apply i live in Pililla, Rizal….

  58. jhon says:

    skycable sobrang hirap ng customer service nio kontakin.. nangako ang agent nio na after mkbit ng skycable silver2 nmin after 1mo papalitan ng 280 kc yun ang kaya ng budget nmin npilitan kmi sa 720 dahil hindi kami kakabitan kung 280.. we need to downgrade to 280 asap pero hnd kayo mcontact… pls skycable reply nman kayo!!

  59. eric says:

    pre wag ka nang umasa dyan sa skycable na yan!currently we are using skycable with a package of 499 pesos a month pero di kami satisfie kasi laging walang signal sa amin sa valenzuela.ang masama ay sobra sobra yong bills na sinisingil sa amin.kinocontact namin sila pero wala talaga.balak ko ng ipaputol yong sky namin para makahanap ng mas maganda.

  60. eric says:

    pre wag ka nang umasa dyan sa skycable na yan!currently we are using skycable with a package of 499 pesos a month pero di kami satisfied kasi laging walang signal sa amin sa valenzuela.ang masama ay sobra sobra yong bills na sinisingil sa amin.kinocontact namin sila pero wala talaga.balak ko ng ipaputol yong sky namin para makahanap ng mas maganda.

  61. jhon says:

    @eric oo nga ang hirap talaga nagtuturuan sila bat ganun? pag new applicant sobrang bilis pero pag request or complaint sobrang hirap ng contact nila.. once nag online request aq ngreply nman agad after 24hours ang sb nman hnd cover ung lugar nmin ng 280 cavite kami… 1mo plang km kailangan p ng 11months para mapaputol wtf! 11mo km magtiis at mabubusit sa service ng sky cable n yan sobrang panghihinayang talaga!!

  62. jhon says:

    at sana hindi n kayo nangako na madodowngrade sa 280 ang 720analog nmin kung hindi pala cover ung area nmin.. magaling mgdeal ang mga agent nio sa umpisa but sad to say mukang aasa km sa wala or talagang matatagalan at magtitiis na mgbayad ng npkabilis dumating na bill na hnd kaya ng budget nmin.. sana nman mabigyan nio ng pansin ang mga complainant n gaya nming cant afford ang mahal na cable.. sky cable is the biggest cable co. at the phil.. ky sna magawan nio paraan ang customer service nio tnx po!

  63. Cynch says:

    Sky Cable installation scheduling sucks! I applied online and was given a call the following day. Great service, huh! Afterwards, I was given an inspection-connection schedule within the week–Oct. 13. I took a leave from work and they didn’t come. Hotline told me they came at 5:15 p.m. and nobody was home. I wonder how this could be when I was home the entire day. I was given another schedule on Oct. 23. I waited the entire day and at 6pm i called.They said they couldn’t reach me when my mobile didn’t ring at all.I had another schedule,today-Oct24.I was told they would come at 9to12noon.It was already 6 and no shadow from any installer.I called and was told “tomorrow na lang po”.Sana kung di nil a ako makabitan, sabihin na lang nila para di na’ko maghintay.ok lang naman yun.I just think it’s bad business to keep a client waiting for nothing.please be considerate of other people’s schedule.FYI.

  64. jojie says:

    ay afraid ako bigla. nagapply p naman ako sa sky tapos ganito ang mababasa ko. akala ko ba No.1 provider ang sky bakit ganito ang mga complaints ng mga subscribers.? hindi pala quality at its best ang services ng SKY , nakakatakot! Kung ako hindi ako aabsent just to wait for the installer. SKY should adjust to the schedule of its clients not the clients should adjust to theirs. Sino b customers ? sino b provider? malpractice yan. kanino ba sila nagkakapera hindi b sa customers? MAGBAGO kayo SKY kapag ganito ang uri ng inyong services.

  65. skycablesucks says:

    you get what you pay for

  66. Emmanuel Ignacio says:

    I would like to to apply/subscribe to sky cable. Pls contact me 09158357319/8245959

  67. arcy says:

    actually maganda ang sky. panalo ang mga channels nila compare to global destiny. naka global destiny ako pangit ang mga channels pero ok nmn sila when it comes to service. yun lang hindi talga maganda mga channels nila. tinanggal pa BTV

  68. Loreta Raviv says:

    dito sa Tulo
    Batamgas City ito. Paano mag avail ng sky cable?

  69. Prince says:

    mas panget ang Cignal Sisingilan ka ng biglaan tapos di ka pa papadalhan ng Bil monthly tatarantahin ka nila pag na delay ng isang buwan puputulan ka na nila,,,,sayang talaga

  70. erica espiritu says:

    i would just like to say that i don’t like the new sky cable line up do ko na makita ayung mga pababorito kong channel katulad nang abc family channel .. gusto ko lang itanung kung anung channel na ang abc family channel ngayun

  71. Luchie says:

    I wanted to subscribe to SKY CABLE for a very long time but I don’t know where to start … I’m in Paranaque area and i want to know where your office is? your contact numbers? where can I inquire/ apply? Do you still have cheaper promos? My very big concern is to have BASKETBALL CHANNEL so my husband and my 2 sons can watch NBA basketball… My existing cable provider don’t have this! Presently, i’m using Cablelink (formerly Paranaque cable)but, We don’t satisfied anymore with company… please make time to response …. Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR- 2012

  72. vladimir says:

    meron ba kau cable plus internet in one? if yes how can i avial and how much???? dito me tandang sora q,c. nakatira

  73. she says:

    hi.. inquire lang ako panu mag subscribe ng sky cable280..im from valenzuela city… how much lahat initial payment..plus pa install pko 1tv.. how much lahat..pa send na rin ng line up ng channel… magkanu dadagdag ko sa per month sa additional tv?thanks

  74. Lei says:

    hi .. i just wanted to ask if on the plan 280 . can we also choose the CW television network channel ? . i just wanted to know if it does , cO’z i might apply for the plan . :)

    thanks in advance for the reply .

  75. i choose sky cable,,,because,,its very fast to aplly hoping my complaints also,,,about your contructor to whose i complaints about his service in my own house.Hoping for your consideration regarding that happened.date is last june,28 2012 between time of 12;30 UNTIL 2;00 PM…PLEASE I WANT YOUR NICE CONSIDERATION WITH ME….

  76. Cynthia Diaz says:

    I suggest you call their hotline for your complaint and ask them the specific email address where you can send your formal letter of complaint. Their hotline is 3810000

  77. Cynthia Diaz says:

    I suggest you call their hotline for your complaint and ask them the specific email address where you can send your formal letter of complaint. Their hotline is 3810000

  78. mariz says:

    hi…i wnt to know the plan 280,if it is fix..and nothing paid about the installments and wire..and everything?is it all in?thank you….

  79. greg says:

    pls send me rates on sky select. thank you

  80. Audrey says:

    Can anyone please tell me what channels are already included in the 280php package deal. Thank you! :)

  81. Jei says:

    Hi I just wanna ask about your plan 280? I’m really interested about it. I’d already signed your online application and do hope for your quick response. Thank u.

  82. knut strand says:

    how much i the cost for the sky package inkluding installment?

  83. alina says:

    we can communicate sky with the help of tv.

  84. Rudolph says:

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  86. abril says:

    meron pa po b ung promo n to???

  87. Its make me believe these things still work in 2018 thanks for being here for years.

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