10 Funniest Wi-Fi AP Names We've Seen

10 Funniest Wi-Fi AP Names We’ve Seen

Naming your Wi-Fi routers not only personalizes your own connection so others can easily find it, but it can also reflect your personality (or humor). We scoured the Internet for different router names — from technical puns to making sure your mom knows where to connect and here are our top 10 funniest Wi-Fi AP names we’ve seen.

1. Who knows this reference from the Offspring?


2. This is something Snoop Dogg would be naming his router.


3. Well that was easy.


4. These guys sure know how to party.


5. Would you connect to this router?



6. Wi believe I can touch the sky.


7. Our moms can do a lot of amazing things, but connecting to the Internet is somehow a challenge for some.


8. And there are those that are just straightforward stingy with their connection.


9. Here’s another pun with the IP address.


10. You know what to do.



What did you name your router? Share them below.

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55 Responses

  1. Butt Sniffer says:


  2. blackbat says:

    and look at them waiting for nothing lol

  3. arki_sher says:

    akin lang ang wifi ko! yan yung aikin hahaa

  4. accel says:

    “The Legal Wi-Fi”

  5. hspopoy says:

    Virus Detected!

  6. bambs says:

    multa 500 tanong wifi password

  7. denmark says:

    Wi Find another connections!

  8. eyah says:

    Free Why Pie

  9. Bub says:

    Trapped in Router, Please Help!

  10. zhizoicz says:

    “ISPbonanza” my wifi name

  11. AsusFan says:

    “Loading malwares…”

  12. Kristian says:

    konek ka? ASA!
    yan ang akin :)

  13. sandies says:


  14. merchant says:

    “my test tickles”


  15. archie says:


  16. JAMES says:


  17. Tony says:

    Bili ka ng sayo. Haha

  18. Welvin says:

    “Free Wifi”
    Pero may password sa akin! hahahahahahaha

  19. e.d says:

    “Love Radio”

    kasi katabi namin na building ang love radio station. kaya pag nagtanong ng password pumupunta sila doon.hahaha

  20. Esb says:

    Neighbor’s wifi: PakabitkaWifiMo

  21. Joh King says:

    . some funny WiFi I encountered :)
    AwanFi (ilocano)
    WaayFi (Visayan)

    Connecting …


    Connect at Your Risk!

  22. Wifi ng Ina Mo says:

    Wifi ng Ina Mo

  23. dsl_tech says:

    got this from an at&t female customer that called for tech support. confirmed it when i remotely connected to her modem/router.

    hairy p*ssy

  24. caress says:

    sakin, “Bawal_Sawsaw” haha lahat ng hotspot ko :D

  25. jenero says:


  26. ocommon says:

    “kapal ng mukha mo”

  27. carlshark says:

    I think #6 also references Bill Nye the Science Guy

  28. William C says:


  29. SpiderWak says:

    Virus Downloader

  30. RaGe says:

    SM Free Wifi of Ayala Malls WiFi

  31. miongb says:


  32. HatemyNeighbor says:


  33. MIKE says:


  34. qazw says:


  35. Name: says:


  36. DS_Mark says:

    #MedyoBaboy is the name :)

  37. Hoolala says:


  38. AJ says:

    My Wifi is named Free2G1C

  39. daryl de leon says:


  40. Joseph7788 says:

    Uconnect Ufuck

  41. nacho says:

    nacho free wifi

  42. Covet Not thy Neighbors’ Wifi

  43. mon says:


  44. gametrye says:

    Mine is “SMART BROken”.

  45. kingkong says:

    may mapost lang…
    ito name akin: philgovntissosick

  46. Christian says:

    Wi-fi ng Kapitbahay

  47. Platipus says:

    “Kiki ni wefi”

  48. Joey says:

    Enter your comment here…Hello. I would like to suggest next time you have articles like this, please also type the text in the screenshot or just put it as alt text. This is for the benefit of your visually impaired readers like me. I also wanted to know what those funny WiFi names are. Thank you.

  49. Yomama_bro says:

    Funny, except that pic of that ugly niger. kobe bryant’s sister.

  50. JC says:

    “IP on my pants”

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