All-in-One Dock for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Already bought an iPad Dock earlier this year but this one sent to me last month seems to be more than just a simple dock. All that connectivity options and the remote control makes it so much more interesting.

The dock has built-in ports for VGA, Y/PB/PR component, HDMI to connect to external monitors, HD TVs or projectors.

There’s a number of card readers as well — T-Flash, M2, MS/MS Duo and SD/MMC. A mini-USB port allows you to connect the dock to a laptop or PC for synching. Three (3) more full-sized USB ports on the side allows you to connect the dock to an external keyboard, digital camera or another iDevice.

What I liked about it is that it comes with a remote control for music playback. The iPad 2 speakers don’t seem to work when stationed on the dock so I had to plug an external speakers via the 3.5mm port on the iPad 2. Not a big hassle but I was hoping there’s another 3.5mm jack on the dock itself.

This iPad/iPhone docking station sells for Php2,980 in this Sulit listing. The official iPad 2 dock costs Php1,490 on the Apple Online Store but that one’s pretty basic and don’t have all the ports and cables included.

Disclosure: HotGadgets provided us with this review unit for free.

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  1. Jay Ermitano

    kudos…is this the one sold by marlon of hotgadgetz? buying one next time

  2. ok yan!

    pa-rafffle na yan!

  3. ayus to Abe, I will definitely keep an eye for this one

  4. JmBalicano

    Definitely a great buy, even if you don’t own multiple iDevices. Just being able to combine a card reader and dock into a single product gives it an advantageous. Still, they could’ve designed it a bit better. Of course, the abundance of ports should make up for that.

  5. juliusjohn

    what was the external speakers you connected sir? looks nice.. :)

  6. Looks like something I could really use! Where to buy it? :)

  7. Pwede ba ito kahit hindi naka jailbreak ag iPad? makakaread ba ng usb thumb drive?

  8. Wow! Just what we need in house. I wonder though, if the iPad requires 10V and the iPod Touch requires 5V, how much V does this device give?

  9. Abe,

    I have a question aboutthis product. I have a NAS set-up at home that I use for wireless storage and media streaming to either my phone, ipad or notebook.

    I’m still saving up for a smart TV with DLNA or wireless connection. I’m currently using an LED TV with just normal (HDMI,VGA etc) connections.

    If I buy this dock an connect it to my TV via hdmi, will I be able to play movies streamed wireless to my ipad(via media streaming) to my TV?

    If this is possible, you might have just saved me more than 100k!!!

    I’ll probably buy another ipod touch 4g specifically for this functionality, if it works…

    Can you do a review or test specifically focusing on this and let me know?

    I’m sure a lot of your iphone/ipad/ipod using readers will be very interested in learning the results.

  10. razorous

    The HDMI port, video lang or both audio and video?

  11. Will ipad2 mirroring work using the vga or av? :)

  12. Vincent

    Does this work on the Ipad 3? If it does, bibili ako.


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