An early look into the Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung‘s next flagship phone is launching early this year (most likely March or April), and what we have are only bits and pieces of rumors, speculations, leaks & patents. This allowed us to take all the preliminary information that we have on the Galaxy S5 and combine it to produce an early visualization of the next big thing.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Above is a render of what we were able to create using Samsung’s recent design patents & the leaked screenshots of the new TouchWiz UI. We also already reported that the said phone will be available in March or in April, packing an all new design & a possible inclusion of iris scanning technology. Looking at the Galaxy J & the current Galaxy S4’s features, these could not be too far-fetched. The metallic casing that everyone was hoping for may just be around the corner.

Also included in the reports is that the Galaxy S5’s design will highlight the display. Seeing that the Galaxy S series increases in display size & decreases bezel thickness each iteration & knowing that Samsung has their flexible display technology under their sleeves, we can say that there is a possibility of an edge-to-edge display. The 16:9 aspect ratio didn’t fit on Samsung’s design patent without having little bezel so we thought it could look like the one above. That means that physical buttons will be abandoned though – something Samsung loves to have on their Galaxies.

As for the specs, we’re thinking about it having 2K resolution (something Oppo has already announced for their flagship, the Find 7). 64-bit Exynos is probably on the way as well with a Snapdragon 805 variant in tow for 4G LTE. 4GB RAM is also expected & Samsung’s new ISOCELL imaging technology could debut itself in the SGS5. The rest could be just incremental updates.

Having seen the Galaxy S4, if Samsung really does shed the plastic & the bloat off their next phone, we could have a killer flagship phone for this year. Guess we’ll all just have to wait & see. Besides, companies like HTC are also preparing their next flagship phones & Apple is also just around the corner with their non-incremental iPhone 6.

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