Lenovo IdeaPad U300 in the flesh, first impressions

While wandering around Sim Lim Mall here in Singapore this afternoon, we found that almost all of the ultrabooks are already being sold in many of the computer stores here. Among them is the Lenovo IdeaPad U300.

The IdeaPad U300s actually reminds me of the U260 was saw last year, only it’s slimmer and lighter (that 12.5″ ultraportable is 0.71″ thin and weighs 3.04lbs).

The ultrabook from Lenovo was first announced back in September 2011, pitting it against the likes of the Asus Zenbook and the Acer Aspire S3.

Lenovo IdeaPad U300s specs:
13.3″ LED display @ 1366×768 pixels
Intel Core i5 2457M 1.6GHz (Turbo Boost to 2.1GHz)
Intel GMA HD 3000 Graphics
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Gigabit LAN (10/100/1000Mbps)
Bluetooth 2.1
1 x USB 3.0 port
1 x USB 2.0 port
HDMI output
1.3MP (720p HD) webcam
Intel Wireless Display
4-cell Li-Ion battery (up to 8 hours)
Widows 7 Home Premium

There’s a variant which comes with an Intel Core i7 2667M 1.8GHz and 256GB SSD but that already puts the price in the region of $SGD1,800 (~Php63k). This Core i5 variant sells for about $SGD1,500 (~Php53k).

At 14.9mm thin, it may not seem as thin as the Macbook Air or the Asus Zenbook since the entire body is flat and does not taper towards the edges like the others. Net weight is also at an impressive 2.9lbs.

The matte finish and earth-brown color tone of the outer lid gives it an elegant appeal while the simple and clean silver finish of the interior reminds us of the Macbook Pro or the HP ProBook.

The full keyboard is a signature Lenovo design and has been that way with most of the manufacturer’s laptops since last year.

That 4-cell Li-Ion battery is suspicious though and I don’t think it can do up to 8 hours or anywhere near that. The Lenovo U300 is certainly a looker and also has the hardware to show off. We’re just not sure when it will land in the Philippines.

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  1. Dok Calico

    Very nice specs… I will use my Christmas & PEI bonus for this gadget.. lol

  2. Intel GMA HD 3000 Graphics.Meh… next pls.

  3. with all the fabulous hardware specs…
    it all comes with an INTEL GMA videocard?
    nevermind…. =X

    • botsok_bulok

      duh… its in the ultrabook categeory. no discrete gpu right now will fit its thin form factor.

  4. jhoeforth

    That’s a… macbook!

  5. “That 4-ell Li-Ion battery is (suspect) though” – dunno if it is a typo due to autocorrect or the real deal, grammatical error. I truly hope it is the former, this is just too funny to pass, and being a “professional” blogger makes it even more hilarious. Kindly check whatever your typing before posting, stop embarassing yourself. With the wrong infos you post every so often and the grammar issues, your credebility is in question. If using the filipino language makes it easier, then by all means do so, its not like “foreigners” would actuallly be reading your blogs in any case, there are a handful of far better tech blogging sites one can peruse over. Just stating my unwanted opinion.

    • Thanks for pointing that out and thank you for being a loyal and regular reader despite my shortcomings. =)

    • you’re a mean person.

      “With the wrong infos you post every so often and the grammar issues, your credebility is in question.”

      perhaps you’re just the one questioning sir Abe’s CREDIBILITY (check you own spelling). don’t make it sound that there really are a lot of people questioning his credibility. i therefore question your credibility in saying such a thing.

      by the way, don’t say “peruse over.”

  6. seraphica_seven

    gusto ko to.. magkano kaya ito dito??

  7. I had the same bad opinion re the intel hd3000 but really after going thru the cpu/gpu benchmark data in the web, we’ll i wud say that changed. Intel is catching up though i wud say that discrete gpu’s still rules. Again, finding a balance between performance, mobility, weight, and battery life is really a matter of preference.

  8. haay, sana makapulot ako pera para magkaganyan

  9. take the logo and trackpad buttons out, and it looks like a macbook pro wanna-be.

    • seraphica_seven

      and so? i don’t care if it’s a wanna-be…

  10. I think i just saw this (or an older variant of it) at lenovo branch in Festival Mall, Alabang. Not really sure.. XD


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