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Text Scammers Actually Sell Their Stolen Load

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: February 27, 2011

Ever wondered why you get one of those lost text messages from unknown people pretending to be a friend, relative or loved one then asking you to send them mobile load credits? Some of the text message goes like -- "musta na mahal? miz na u. papasa load naman." Of course, those aren't really innocent text messages -- they come from text spammers who randomly send out those messages to any number hoping that a few of them gullible ones reply back and do actually send prepaid load credits (via Pasa-Load or Share-a-Load). According to a product manager from one…

Globe implements Load Watch for Prepaid Subs

Relevance: 99%      Posted on: March 1, 2012

This was shared to us by the folks from Globe Telecom last February 14 but I completely forgot about it. I only remembered it again when I used the prepaid SIM card they gave me to test on the HTC Titan. In any case, the concept is pretty simple -- you get an SMS alert every time you use your load credits. So when you make a phone call, once you hang up, Globe will send you an SMS how much load you have left. This will give you an idea of your running balance and be updated of your…

Smart *767 SOS Lends Php4 Emergency Load

Relevance: 92%      Posted on: August 16, 2010

This is probably the most useful (and daring) prepaid SMS promo I've seen in ages (saw the ad on PhilStar today). Smart SOS allows you to have a 4-peso emergency load when you run out of one. All you need to do is dial *767 (SOS) on your Smart phone and you get 3 free SMS and 1-peso call load for a total of Php4 credit. This amount will be deducted by Smart on your next auto-load. This will come very useful when you don't have any load and you don't have any means to top up your account. It's…

Get free e-Load from’s Barkada Txt

Relevance: 92%      Posted on: July 27, 2007

Yesterday, launched the 3rd installation of their popular Barkada Txt Promo. This SMS event allow users to get free e-Load credits (Globe, Touch Mobile, Smart, Talk 'N Text, Addict Mobile, and Sun Cellular) or e-Money. Essentially, you get Php30 e-Load by referring new friends to join (up first 20 referrals only or Php600 of e-Load or e-Money for post-paid). Your friend also gets the free e-Load too. Still interested? More after the jump. To join in the Barkada Txt 3 promo, just register as a member at (skip this part if you're a member already), then…

How to use GCash to send load to other networks via text

Relevance: 90%      Posted on: July 19, 2014

Using Globe's GCash wallet to send load to other networks like Smart, Talk ‘N Text, and Sun is now possible by texting! Simply follow the steps below to share load to your friends and family. To send Php15 load via text, just type in TRANSFER(space)recipient’s 11-digit mobile number(space)your 4-digit GCash PIN then send to 2882. Here’s an example of how your message should look like: TRANSFER 09XXXXXXXXX 1234 You’ll be getting a confirmation message once the transaction is completed. If you don’t reply, no amount will be deducted from your GCash account. As of now only Php15 is allowed to be…

Globe, Smart changes load sharing to combat text scams

Relevance: 86%      Posted on: September 21, 2014

Due to rampant incidents of load sharing scams, both Smart and Globe have changed the way they operate sharing of eLoads. Majority of text scams deceive subscribers into claiming free credits but inputting and replying to specific SMS queries. Globe started making restrictions in their Share-a-Load services several weeks ago (first time we experienced this was September 1). The new scheme requires confirmation that a load is being shared and requires another affirmative answer to validate it. Globe has also limited the amount of sharing to just Php300 and has removed the Php500 option (which is the usual and maximum…

Use GCash to buy Prepaid Load for Smart and Sun

Relevance: 81%      Posted on: September 11, 2013

During our trip to Berlin, Germany last week for IFA, I accidentally discovered that my GCash account had an option to buy load for other networks such as Sun or Smart. I totally forgot about it until today when I had to quickly reload my other Smart prepaid number. So I fired up the GCash app on my HTC One and could not find the feature. When I tried it on *143# and chose GCash, the option re-appeared. It was buried deep into the options under GCash but you definitely notice it included Smart and Sun. Here’s how it looks…

NTC mulls removing Prepaid Load Expiry

Relevance: 79%      Posted on: July 11, 2012

Since the DTI has successfully implemented the removal of expiry dates on gift certificates (GCs), the NTC is now also contemplating to do the same with mobile prepaid load. In an interview with NTC for the GMA 7's SONA episode, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) is stated that they are studying the possibility of removing the expiry date of prepaid load for cellular phones. Once implemented, this could mean that any amount loaded on your prepaid SIM card will never expire unless you use them or throw the SIM card away. This follows a similar reasoning of DTI with regards…

House Bill No. 4782 filed to prohibit prepaid load expiry

Relevance: 78%      Posted on: August 11, 2014

Las Pinas Rep. Mark A. Villar recently filed the House Bill No. 4782 or the Prepaid Load Protection Act of 2014 which aims to prohibit expiration dates on prepaid loads. Under Prepaid Load Protection Act of 2014, telcos will not be allowed to impose an expiration period on the validity of unused prepaid call and text cards. Forfeiture of load credits stored on an active prepaid phone account via prepaid call and text card or electronic transfer will be also considered unlawful. In addition, the act will also give a prepaid subscriber the right to demand a refund in the

Sun lets you choose your own number for Php59

Relevance: 77%      Posted on: January 21, 2013

Sun Cellular has introduced on its Facebook page the NAME UR NUMBER SIM promo that lets you choose your own prepaid number for Php59. The NAME UR NUMBER SIM works differently from SIM cards with already built-in special numbers out of the box. Instead, it lets you pick your personal prepaid number via special settings right after you insert it in your phone. Numbers may start with 09438-, 09439-, or 09428-, while the last 6 digits can be customized according to your preference. The NAME UR NUMBER SIM costs Php59 and comes with free Call & Text Combo 50 (200…