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March 20, 2015

Top 5 Sites That All-By-Myself Pinoys Go To

It has been reported in the past that Filipinos are one of the most prolific visitors of porn sites despite the relatively slow internet situation in the country. As such, we thought of listing down the top 5 porn sites that Filipinos love to visit.

February 06, 2015

Ensogo, CashCashPinoy face BIR’s tax evasion charges

Key officials of two companies that offer online discount purchases face a Php36-million case filed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) over alleged tax evasion, according to news reports yesterday.

January 26, 2015

Proud to be Pinoy? List of Top Global Rankings of the Philippines

There have been many achievements made by Pinoys all around the world. At the same time, there are also records of the country that are a bit under a negative light. Things like we’re one of the most corrupt government in the world, has one of the slowest Internet, and the likes are things not […]

November 15, 2014

ESGS 2014: 2 Days of Action-packed event for Pinoy Gamers

Dubbed as “the largest gaming convention to happen in the Philippines”, Smart GameX and Smart Communications, together with the event head organizer Joebert Yu, will be hosting this year’s Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit or commonly known as ESGS 2014.

June 04, 2014

Pinoy Auto Trader founders launch

Two months after, which is now OLX Philippines, has pulled the plug on Pinoy Auto Trader, the talented team behind the site has regrouped to form their second automotive-centric website called

May 19, 2014

Filipino hackers attack Chinese websites

Filipino hackers have attacked multiple Chinese websites in response to China’s aggressive actions in the West Philippine Sea and the poaching done by several Chinese fishermen in the area.

July 04, 2013

Why Sulit bought Pinoy Auto Trader?

In a joint press conference yesterday, Sulit formally announced that it has acquired start-up company, Pinoy Auto Trader. The acquisition looks more like an acqui-hire considering that the new site is barely a year old in operation.

April 03, 2008

Loren is going after

Sen. Loren Legarda is slowly becoming the Philippine’s anti-pron czar (or is it czarina?). Report from last week that a complaint from a concerned citizen alerted her office about the website serving as a repository of lewd materials similar to

February 26, 2008

World Map of Social Sites

Ever wondered which countries or regions which social networking sites are popular? We know Friendster is still #1 in the Philippines; but what about the others?

January 20, 2008

Level Up, e-Games on Top Philippine Web Sites

For the longest time, The has been regarded by everyone as the number 1 Philippine website, previously boasting some 44 million pageviews a month (recent figures pegs it at 28M). Since other sites don’t really publicize their numbers, a lot of people are relying on Alexa stats and this website that ranks them accordingly.

September 07, 2007

Pinoy Top Blogs is Changing Hands

After several months of negotiations, I have finally agreed to sell the Pinoy Top Blogs project. It’s a decision that was very hard to make but I figured that the future of the project will be more secured with the new owners. Several thins prompted me to move into making this decision and I’d like […]

June 17, 2007

Why are Pinoys stuck with Friendster?

I was interviewed by PBS Mediashift associate editor Jennifer Woodard Maderazo about social networking sites and how Friendster has found its home in the hearts of millions of Filipinos (read article here: Orkut, Friendster Get Second Chance Overseas). One of the questions she asked me (though it wasn’t included in that article) was whether Friendster […]

May 02, 2007

Pinoy Travel Blog on RPN 9

As mentioned earlier in our BoBCast (Episode 7), my other group blog (Pinoy Travel Blog, Best Tourism Website) recently won the Web Awards 2007 along with fellow bloggers Marc, Noemi & Manuel. Check out the really nice trophy that came with it. I also had a quick interview on RPN 9 (video c/o Janette). […]

February 07, 2007

PinoyTopBlogs is back

Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions, especially those who were willing to donate some amount to help support the Pinoy.Top.Blogs Project. I’ve opened up the site back as per my conversation with a donor who is willing to provide a much faster and bigger dedicated server to host the site. For the meantime, it’s still […]

February 01, 2007

Suspending Pinoy Top Blogs

I’m suspending the Pinoy Top Blogs project indefinitely. The total number of blogs (2,283) it currently tracks is already too high that it crashes the server almost everyday. That’s the reason I also stopped approving additional registrations there. I’m already spending $200 a month for the dedicated (with almost no income, well if you consider […]

August 24, 2006

What makes it proudly Pinoy?

This is one of the questions that’s open for debate and I’d like to solicit some inputs from everyone reading here. What makes a blog Pinoy? What makes a start-up company proudly Filipino? What makes a service trully Filipino. Here are some classic cases we sometimes see around: 1) A Blog Network owned by a […]

July 30, 2006

How far can Digg boost your rank in PinoyTopBlogs?

Michael of Basang Panaginip got Dugged (2,921 diggs) for his entry on The World’s Most Photorealistic Vector Art. The same entry was also in most popular items (currently 63 tags). Technorati is also showing 42 new sites linking in. In the last 24 hours, his traffic shot up to just over 200,000 pageviews from […]

July 30, 2006

Wanna sell your site for $2/visitor?

Alfie posted here that he’s interested in buying high-quality written sites for $2 per unique visitor: For those who want to sell a website, you may sell it to me. I will price your website depending on the quality, number of unique visitors per month and have the following requirements; 1. Consistently receive at least […]

July 15, 2006

Pinoy Top Blogs 1st Anniversary

Today is the 1st year anniversary of the Pinoy Top Blogs Project. The very first post about it is here. The site was originally hosted here as a subdomain until Andre of Enthropia donated the domains to me a few months later. The old site now hosts a blog directory called “Philippines Best of Blogs“. […]

June 24, 2006

Relaunching PinoyBlog v3 Beta

Been hacking away for about a week now with the migration of PinoyBlog from EE to WordPress. It’s not a 100% complete based on my original expectations, feature-wise, but I thought I’d launch it this early and add the nitty-gritty details along the way. So, I’ll just have it online and ask people to update […]

June 15, 2006

Pinoy Pod, a Project and Bloggers’ Dinner

Got an email yesterday from Ben Pimentel of the San Francisco Chronicle telling me that the podcast interview is now up at their site. I actually got the story first from Max when he posted about it. Included in the podcats are Manolo, Shiela of PCIJ, Rickey and Bryanboy. Max did a nice summary here. […]

May 19, 2006

Technorati Tag “Philippines” for all Pinoy Blogs

We’ve discussed the issue of how to tag blogs as Pinoy for a localized search with Migs, I suggested that Technorati tagging could be a good method to approach the problem. The same solution could be used for identifying the Philippine’s Technorati Top 100 here. But not everyone is subscribed to Technorati and not all […]

April 11, 2006

Pinoy Problogger: Jayvee Fernandez

Most of you may already know or read about Jayvee from the popular mobile gadget magazine, m|PH (among others). You can also read another write-up of him here. The rest, we can just read from his personal blog. Now, we’ll learn how this prolific writer/editor got into problogging. How would you define problogging? Problogging is […]

April 06, 2006

Pinoy Problogger: Markku Seguerra

Markku is a twenty–something Filipino geek who grew up around (Metro) Manila, but proudly labels himself as a true–blue Cebuano. After attending the Philippine Science High School, he studied at the University of the Philippines and graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering. After passing the boards in 2002 and more than a year of […]

April 04, 2006

Pinoy Problogger: J Angelo Racoma

Our next Filipino problogger is J Angelo Racoma, a fellow PTBer and full time blogger. He will be speaking at the iBlog Summit on the 18th about his journey to being a full time problogger so I’ll leave the more juicy parts until then.

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