Sun Cellular now offers micro-SIM card

Sun Cellular is now offering micro-SIM cards to all its postpaid and prepaid subscribers. This could be in anticipation of upcoming handsets in their network.

Announced this Thursday, the Sun microSIM will be made available to existing users or new subscribers.

The price of the microSIM will be the same as the regular SIM. However, should you wish to switch your existing SIM card to a micro-SIM, you can bring it to any Sun Cell Shops and have it replaced (retaining the number) for a minimal fee.

The Sun Broadband prepaid micro-SIM comes with an initial 5 hours of internet. Afterwards, you can further enjoy high-speed mobile internet on your tablet with Sun Cellular’s SBW 250 prepaid card, which gives you unlimited internet for 7 days.

Hardcore techies who usually have more than one gadget can get the Sun Broadband Multi-SIM Plan 699, enabling them to simultaneously utilize the power of their gadgets without the hassle of paying multiple bills. The Sun Broadband Multi-Plan 699 gives them a shared 130 hours of mobile internet for one month, shared between 2 separate SIMs.

Smart and Globe have been offering the microSIM for over a year now because of the introduction of handsets and tablets that uses them.

Sun Cellular’s move to offer the same might be an indication that they will carry high-end phones that requires a micro-SIM.

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  1. Alexander

    early this year meron na sila micro sim been using that on my postpaid line :-)

  2. i find the multi-sim plan more interesting :}

  3. I have a question for Sun users.

    I have an HTC One X. I currently use Smart on it. But I want to put in a Sun sim but worried that their speed is slower. But I doubt it because correct me if I’m wrong, Smart, PLDT, and Sun are together now, right?

  4. sun only offers it to postpaid lines starting with 0922. hahay… tagal pa mag wait for that to reach 0932 na postpaid

  5. sun service sucks. i bought an S3 and put in a sun simcard and it didnt work. went to sun office 2wice and they keep telling me wait for 24 hours on 2 separate days. i called there customer service but they have no idea what they are doing. i wonder if they were ever trained or they are just dimwitted. so i decided to buy another simcard from another provider. for S3 users dnt go through all the trouble. go for globe or smart

    • they really suck i applied for their s3 plan. after applying they made me w8 for 3-4 days for confimation then afterwards the called me but still asked for additional ID w/c i already gave 2 when I first applied then they made me wait again for another 3-4 days. Again they called me for another requirmnt…I was so pissd off they made me wait for 2wks and made me go there they 4x already then last thing the told me I should apply again…wtf…SO dont bother applying there go directly to GLOBE its much smoother to transact there….

    • Ive called suncellular last night. They insisted that microsims are only available for postpaid subscribers. I even gave them the website address for their own news announcements. In the end, I hang up the phone with no resolution at all… :\

  6. Hi ive been wondering if I can use the sun microsim on my ipad and how do I activate it? Cause for globe we used to register the sim, input its serial and download a globe app for ipad then that’s how we can register to the internet. But I dont know with sun? Can you tell me how?

  7. hi po. pde po ba ito magamit sa samsung s fascinate? tnx

  8. I dont know which branch of suncellular this information was taken but sun CANNOT COPY from an old sim to a microsim if you’re prepaid. Went to 2 sun shops already. They should also offer this to their prepaid subscribers because the prepaid subscribers are paying customers too.

  9. rolinda

    gusto k ng mg sim browse sa phone ko bt gnun khit ng config nku ayaw p rin at gnwa ko n rin manually
    ang lging lmlbas network prob anu bh toh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. rolinda

    sana mg reply kau????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. hello. i went to a sun shop earlier and sabi sakin.. postpaid lang daw ang may micro sim. totoo ba yun??

  12. Just cut a sim (see my page), it works anyway. – Prepaid Subscriber

  13. hi,

    i’m planning on using an iphone 4s, can i use micro sun sim on it?

    i’m just afraid that it won’t work since the iphone 4s was locked with globe for two years.

  14. i’am planning to buy thie sim but i can’t find one.. can you help me!! thnx

  15. i’am planning to buy this sim but i can’t find one.. can you help me!! thnx


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