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February 27, 2013

Samsung unveils 85-inch UHD TV

Samsung Asia showcased their latest line-up of HD TVs for 2013 and the flagship model is this 85-inch Series 9 UHD TV with 4k resolution (reporting live here from Jakarta).

The Series 9 (model UHD TV 85S9) features a new swivel design that gives the impression that the TV is somewhat floating. It is also the first Smart TV to sport a quad-core processor.

The SmartHub has now been enhanced to include — more gesture commands, over 300 voice commands, S-Recommendations, scheduled TV recording and more.

All these new features for the 2013 Samsung Smart TV is now included in the Evolution Kit which can be easily attached to the older 2012 series to give them the same new features, including the quad-core processor.

Samsung LED TV S9 specs:
Smart Interaction 2.0
Smart Evolution Ready
Ultra High Definition
Precision Black Pro
Samsung 3D
Micro Dimming Ultimate
1000MHz CMR
Ultra Clear Panel
Wide Color Enhancer Panel
Samsung Smart TV 2.0
Quad-core processor
Frame Speaker
Skype on Samsung TV
Web Browser
Samsung Smart View
All Share
3D Sound
Eco Sensor

This 85-inch UHD TV will start shipping some time this May.

Samsung Series 9 comes in 11.6" too!
Samsung 85-inch Bendable UHDTV in action

27 Responses to “Samsung unveils 85-inch UHD TV”

  1. lolwut says:

    Inday!! Ilabas ang checkbook… may bibilin tayong bagong TV!!!

    • lolwut's serf says:

      Ambisyosang delusyonal tayo ngayon ah, teh?

    • lolwut says:

      The above statement is purported as humor, apparently for you, you didn’t get and as retaliation resorted to an insult which is neither funny nor relevant. In short, nice try and keep on hating.

    • lurker says:

      natawa ako sayo lolwut. pero di masamang mangarap. for sure yan ang gagamitin na ng TV networks in the coming months esp. ABSCBN, TV5, at GMA.

    • leeto says:

      Di kaya tatalbog ang cheko mo sa sobrang mahal nito?

    • leeto says:

      hay, nako may mga tao ang baba ng IQ, cannot distinguish a humor from the truth

    • FDC 3 says:

      Facundo, ilapit si lolwut’s serf sa tabi ko at sunugin dahil nilalamig ako, boba kasi eh. Haha!

  2. Kenz Perez
    Twitter: PixelShack

    Binili mo yan eh noh.. tapos manonood ka lang ng “BLOW BY BLOW”. HAHAHAHAHA

  3. lolz says:

    You know what this phrase means.

  4. Thomie Jose says:

    Illang watts kaya po ito?

  5. mike says:

    masarap manuod ng TV5 dyan.

  6. lee says:

    facundo!! ilabas ang pangbayad, madali

  7. koolpinoy says:

    maganda manood dyan ng porno hekhekhek

  8. lol says:

    …pde kya iconnect dito ang PC,android smartphones o iphone? this would be perfect for gaming!!!

  9. mang kanor says:

    bili kayo ng tv na yan tapos panoorin nyo scandal ko..

  10. Mr. Curious says:


  11. daniel says:

    grabe napatawa LOL everything ako nung nabasa ko ung heading! hahahahah

    facundo, buksan ang P1.5 milliong TV, manonood ako ng Ina, Kapatid, ANak! MADALI!!!!!!

  12. Tantrums_cute
    Twitter: Tantrums_cute

    makabili nga para sa ASO namin…

  13. Tantrums_cute
    Twitter: Tantrums_cute

    makabili nga nito para sa ASO namin…

  14. Edgar says:

    makabili nga neto, pang donate sa mga charity..

  15. Face2Face says:

    Masarap panooran to ng TV5 Face to Face

  16. leeto says:

    Pwede na tong TV para sa cr ng mga katulong ko.

  17. gon says:

    Porn/Face to Face will only be pixelated on the 4K TV since 1. Di HD cams ang gamit sa porn/scandal 2. depende sa cable provider

  18. John says:

    If fairness, pwede syang gawing kama o kaya lamesa pag di ginagamit. very useful.

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