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5 Tough yet Stylish Cases for the iPhone 6


4thDesign Armond Case

4Th Design • 5 Tough Yet Stylish Cases For The Iphone 6

Realme Philippines

The Armond Case by 4th Design is another aluminum framed bumper case but unlike the Odoyo Blade Edge that uses a rubber inner frame, the Armond is bare and uses a thin scratch pad that sticks along the insides of the metal frame to avoid direct contact and prevent possible scratching of the phone (can be risky if you don’t install properly).

There are two long screws along the bottom corners to seal the metal frame into the phone. This means you need to unscrew them first whenever you want to access the SIM card slot which can be bothersome if you don’t have the tiny screw driver with you. The ports are also deeper so 3rd-party cable chargers and earphone cords might not be compatible.

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