Duracell launches a massive 60,000 mAh power station shaped as a battery

Duracell has unveiled two new portable power stations in the form of the Duracell M150 12 and M250.

What’s unique is that both are shaped in a giant Duracell battery that functions as USB power banks and wireless phone chargers with its own charging dock, cord storage, and dimmable ring light.


The Duracell M150 is the smaller of the two with it packing 25,000 mAh of battery capacity with 2 USB-C ports capable of 100W and 60W power output and 2 USB-A ports capable of 18W of output each.

The M150 can also wirelessly charge at 15W and only weighs 1.8 pounds. Its charging dock is said to be able to fully charge it in about 2.5 to 3 hours.

The Duracell M150 is claimed to be able to provide a single laptop charge, 6 phone charges, 3 tablet charges, 50 earbud and smartwatch charges, and 4 drone charges.

Duracell 3

The Duracell M250 17 is the much larger brother with it having a rated capacity of 60,000 mAh. It also features an added AC port capable of 100W power output on top of the pair of USB-C and USB-A ports and wireless charging capability.

The M250 also weighs significantly heavier with it coming at 4.5 pounds. While its charging dock can have it fully charged in about 5.5 to 6 hours.

The Duracell M250 claims to also be able to provide up to 3 laptop charges, 14 phone charges, 8 tablet charges, 100 earbud and smartphone charges, and 9 drone charges.

Duracell 2

The Duracell M150 68 is priced at USD 199 while the larger Duracell M250 96 is priced at USD 299.

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