Hands-on: Samsung DeX Dock

Samsung is also releasing an accessory for the Galaxy S8/S8+ called DeX Dock (DeX could mean Desktop Experience). The cradle is basically a dock that converts your Galaxy S8/S8+ into a desktop workstation.

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The dock has a Type-C connector where you plug your S8. You can then connect the dock to an external display or monitor via the built-in HDMI port. Add a mouse and keyboard and you’ll all set for a desktop workstation.

Since the Galaxy S8 supports multiple Bluetooth connections at the same time, you can link it up to a wireless keyboard and mouse. If you don’t have wireless peripherals, then there’s still two USB ports on the DeX. For internet, there’s a LAN port as well.

The phone is charged while being docked and it also has a small cooling fan at the back to keep your device at an optimal operating temperature.

Once docked, the display is automatically turned off on the phone and the monitor becomes the primary display. The desktop UI is also streamlined and looks like Chrome OS. Some apps will behave adaptively to the desktop UI like Microsoft Word and Adobe apps. This allows the users to do some basic productivity work in a desktop environment yet only keeping the smartphone as a singular processing device.

Samsung PH is looking to bundle the DeX with the Galaxy S8 but for those who want to get it separately later on, the dock alone will cost about Php7,999.

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