Apple does Multi-Tasking with iPhone OS 4.0

Apple does Multi-Tasking with iPhone OS 4.0

And the inevitable has arrived. Today, Apple introduced multi-tasking with the announcement of the iPhone OS 4.0.

It’s an interesting development since Apple has been adamant against multi-tasking on the iPhone as it slows down the device and drains the battery faster.

So, they’re doing a different approach to doing multi-tasking via the use of APIs like audio, VoIP, location, and notifications. Developers will need to do some tweaking of their Apps in order to utilize this feature.


Among the 7 main topics discussed about the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0, the most intriguing one for me is the iAds which is basically a mobile advertising platform.

Now, that’s gonna be a huge slap in the face of AdMob, which was recently acquired by Google. Apple does not want to just hand over monetization of the iPhone platform to Google so it’s going to run its own ad network and giving developers 60% share.

Many other new features will be introduced in version 4.0 — folders, better mail management, iBooks, among others — with over 1,500 new APIs and 100+ new user features.

The upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 will be compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 2nd gen and iPod Touch 3rd gen (32 & 64GB models). It will also be available for to the iPad. As for the price, Apple has not announced how much it will cost users to upgrade to 4.0.

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50 Responses

  1. hubes says:

    quote from yahoo news


    Which iPhones/the iPad will be compatible with OS 4.0?

    The iPhone 3GS and the third-generation iPod Touch will be fully compatible with the new OS, multitasking and all, Jobs said. If you have the iPhone 3G or the second-gen iPod Touch, they will run “many things” in OS 4.0, but multitasking won’t be one of them. Finally, the iPad will also be getting all the new OS 4.0 features — including multitasking — but not until this fall. Jobs didn’t mention the original iPhone or iPod Touch, nor did he mention a fee for iPod Touch users wishing to upgrade (as we’ve seen in the past).

  2. Miata Mommy says:

    I’m a loyal BB user but the better email management and multi tasking might actually win me over.

  3. Calvin says:

    i think kinalimutan na nila yung ipod touch 1g. :P

  4. Magneto says:

    buti na ambunan pa kahit konti yung iPod Touch 2G :D

  5. Carlo says:

    Apple said that they originally wanted AdMob but Google beat them to it.

    Apple is really doing the “if you can’t do it great, don’t do it at all” – No multitasking on older gen devices. Jailbreaking has proven that the device is capable of multitasking but I guess they can;t push it to a level that they want it to be.

    But this is still not enough reason for me to upgrade my Touch 2G.

  6. anonymouse says:

    iphone OS 4.0 i think can still be used on iphone 2G but not able to enjoy all features of it. i could be wrong though..

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  7. Gar says:

    Wow multi-tasking and changing wallpapers.

    Apple sure has been lazy. I mean c’mon my phone of 3 years ago could do that.

    And here I was contemplating on waiting for it. No wonder HTC’s been kicking their ass lately. I’m gonna get the HTC Legend na nga lang.

  8. chris says:

    That’s a good news.. Congratz Abe for appearing in Born to be wild (GMA) ..

  9. jade bryan says:

    Let’s welcome Apple for reaching 2006.

    • yuga says:

      @jade – not bad for a 3-year old phone company. How long did it took Nokia to do multi-tasking since they started making phones?

  10. giogagz says:

    sir yuga article from engadget stated that os 4.0 will be not available to ipod touch 2g and iphone 3g.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  11. jade bryan says:

    @Sir Abe
    I’m not sure tho, I think some few years after the computer innovated the multitasking.

    But let’s face it that Apple wants some competition against Samsung Omnia i8910 HD for having 62 apps running. Symbian^1 vs iPhone OS 4.0: Multitasking

  12. anonymous says:

    oo nga noh, ngayon ko lang na realize na Apple is trying to make it appear na breakthrough ang multi-tasking technology sa iPhone when in fact it has been around for several years now. LOL!

    so to say the least, when every smartphone in the world right now has all the capabilities of the upcoming OS 4.0, here comes apple creating a hype about the supposedly new features of their OS as something to watch for! its just silly! we’re going gaga over an ancient technology! hehe

  13. GMV says:

    Battery life will still be a big concern, moreso now with multi-tasking

  14. yuga says:

    @giogagz – got my info from Apple’s official page. I’m quoting them on this one: “iPhone OS 4 will work with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and the second- and third-generation iPod touch this summer, and with iPad in the fall. Not all features are compatible with all devices. For example, multitasking is available only with iPhone 3GS and the third-generation iPod touch (32GB and 64GB models from late 2009).

    @jade – Apple is the challenger here, not the market leader. That means they are the ones doing the catching up, not the phone companies that have been in the business for 2 decades.

    @GMV – that’s why Apple initially did not supported multi-tasking — because it drains battery life. Their new strategy with the APIs have addressed that.

  15. anon says:

    Hmmm syempre magical na naman to para sa mga fanbois.

    @abe yun din ba reason nila sa cut and paste dati nakaka drain ng battery? :)

    Good for you apple welcome to 2006 este 2010

  16. kroud says:

    Daya nmn e kakabili ko lng ng ipod ko, 2nd gen, tpos dko mggmit ung multi tasking, andaya nmn ng apple

  17. yuga says:

    @anon – their reason for delaying the Cut & Paste was that they have not found the most efficient way of implementing it by launch time. Thus, the delay.

  18. Kim Endaya says:

    You need to pay even when you have an iPhone 3GS?

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  19. This is starting to be a hot topic ah!!!

    but it’s nice to finally see that apple is implementing multi task even if its through APIs and trying to catch up with the other established phone manufacturers.

    Which is a different approach and will not need any major changes on the OS’s architecture.

    just my two cents! :)

  20. Adrian says:

    yehey. good news.

  21. As usual walang kwentang update nanaman para sa mga non fanboys :D Kidding aside, this is great news. Same excited feeling I had when they released version 3.0. Definitely looking forward to this, iBooks pa lang sulit na sulit na!

  22. themigs says:

    May bayad ang update? Db free un?

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  23. kwekkwek says:


    basahin nyo to..

    interesting ang mga comments ng mga tao.. :(

  24. kzkr says:

    cant wait for summer

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  25. ninotiro says:

    i have been multitasking even before apple announced the update. i use proswitcher. works wonderfully.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

    -Sent via YugaTech

  26. giogagz says:

    thanks sir yuga for the info. bad for me that the multitasking will be not available on my ipod touch 2g. huhuhu.

  27. jtreyes says:

    Weird thing is, the same multi-tasking feature exists. Symbian OS has this one. And it has been around for probably 6 or 7 years now.

    The Nokia 5800 has it. The way you use it is exactly how you use the multi-tasking feature on the iPhone OS 4.0. You have to hold down a button to display the task manager. There is a video on YouTube showing the features of the new version of the mobile OS.

  28. anonymous says:

    no mass storage mode, no profiles for ringtones and top it all, NO FLASH SUPPORT. sayang =(

  29. Rommel A says:

    Another marketing strategy for Mr.Jobs, it makes Iphone 3G and Ipod Touch 2G obsolete not getting the multi-tasking for these gadgets. By the way, for Ipod touch 2g users will they charge a fee for this upgrade again? I updgraded my touch to 3.0 last year and paid for it, now will they charge again for a new 4.0?

  30. Kim Endaya says:

    I know na libre ung update pag iPhone diba? I have a 3GS eh…

    And I think that this multi tasking feature is a great improvement to the iPhone OS if Apple wants to stay in the competition alongside with other smartphones :D I wonder when the iPhone 4G will come out?

    Gahhh…bakit di ko masceoll down ung tinatype ko…somethi’s wrong with my Yuga App lol :| :)) (sorry for typos )

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  31. mikee says:

    Sino may alam estimated DATE ng release nito? This is a HUGE upgrade for the iPhone. =)

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  32. jade bryan says:

    Guys check nyu

    Nokia N900 over clockd xa 1700Mhz..netbook speed na.Hope Apple fanboys will also do this on their iPhones and iPad. Apple iPhone OS 4.0 is open so good luck.

  33. Kimmuel Endaya says:

    @mikee I think I heard na summer sa US ung release ng OS 4.0 …. then that would be approximately august 2010 or september 2010 for us here in the Philippines

    (gah…something’s really wrong with my YugaTech App :|)

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  34. knight says:

    may 3rd gen po ba na 8gb sa ipod touch?

  35. Pwede kaya ma-view 2-4 apps na running at the same time? yung tipong i-dived by 4 yung screen

  36. unknown3gs says:

    last year, OS 3.0 was announced on march 2009 and was released summer that same year which is june. so were expecting OS 4.0 by june (start of summer in the US)

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  37. Apple Hater says:

    @ Bryan

    Apple Hater k b ? he he he… Parehas cguro tayo… What would you do with a 1.7GHz processor ? Sunugin ung fone ? Fones are not made to be power machines like PCs. Parang gusto mo gawing pantalon ang t-shirt he he he… They have different purpose. Gud thing apple added multitasking, and I think s implementation n lng mgkakatalo with other fones n may multitasking din. 3 yrs p lng ang iphone and its OS so I think ayos lang. Wla nmn sanggol n nkakatakbo n kgad. Haayyy, mga tao tlagang prang pinagmalupitan nung kabataan he he he he… Joke lang…

  38. Apple Hater says:

    @ Accounting Blog
    Mgandang feature yan specially s iPad n kasi malaki ung real state nya, s iPhone bka weird kasi 3.5 inches lang ung pglalagyan tapos kung 4 p, bka wla n makita.

  39. Kim says:

    @ accounting blog
    What you want is like that of iMac’s

    I totally agree to that ;)

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  40. razorous says:

    I guess this will make me have 2nd thoughts of sticking with Nokia then… Nice Apple!

  41. Ligrev says:

    Got my 3gs a couple of days ago. Can’t wait for OS4 to come out. Is it true may fee daw?

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  42. burnz says:

    kahit medyo huli na ang apple sa mga ibang features at least pinagaaralan nila ng mabuti kung paano i implement ng tama.user experience kc yung habol nila, the best sana kung mag implement na din cla ng file transfer thru bluetooth,

  43. Kalboski says:

    The reason they did not allow multi tasking previously was because it allowed them better control over the apps that could run on the phone – the only way to “wake up” an app was via their servers. Now with Android and Win7 etc competing with them they have no choice but to allow it. This stuff about battery is just smoke and mirrors.

  44. How much kaya to for iphone 3gs?

  45. jan says:

    can’t help but feel disgusted over these nokia fanboys who keep on insisting how symbian does multi-tasking while apple is still introducing it in OS 4. have you given a thought how old symbian really is? it’s only natural it would have already implemented multi-tasking by then compared to a 3-year old OS.

    just my thoughts. i’m not fond of apple either but i’d like to keep an open mind when it comes to tech and not be blinded by loyalty to any brand.

  46. Tama ka “jan” :) Besides, real multitasking (like in desktops) is not a crucial part of the mobile phone experience. The iPhone at its current state is already implementing multitasking on parts that are necessary (playing music on the background, putting an app on hold while taking an incoming call, etc) and now they are adding a constrained form of multitasking where developers need to conform to certain “hooks” in the system to be able to take advantage of it. It’s not going to be your run of the mill send the app to the background, switch or run something else and the system will take care of the rest.

    As a side note, my brother owns a Nokia N97 (more expensive than an iPhone at that time) which has multitasking but he seldom utilizes it because it slows down the system, whenever he tries to multitask he ends up spending more time closing down apps running in the background than actually using apps. Mobile browsing experience is also unintuitive due to lack of multi touch and dynamic zooming in/out of pages. Bottom line is, the N97 is an amazing piece of hardware technically but the inferior design of the interface ruined the experience. I know only a few Nokia lovers will admit to this and that’s understandable.

    In conclusion, it’s not really about how technically advanced your system is. It’s not about having multitasking since day one. It’s about how good you’ve implemented it and how well it responds to real world use.

  47. upgraded my iOS to iOS4 on June 22, 2010 1am here in the Philippines…

    that’s in sync with Cupertino’s iOS4 release on June 21, 2010 10am…

    my 32gb 3gs supports multitasking and it works well!

    the iOS4 even speeds up the loading of apps! :D\

    good job Jobs! :)) :D

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