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Globe drops iPhone 3GS Prices as 4G Looms

Globe Telecom is again slashing down prices on the iPhone 3GS units as the announcement of the next generation iPhone 4G nears.

Apple usually announces new models around June and while we’ve seen the prototypes of the iPhone 4G spreading on the internet, the official announcement has not been made.

If the recent decision of Globe, the exclusive distributor of Apple iPhones in the Philippines, to cut down prices of the iPhone 3GS is any indication then we might be seeing the iPhone 4G as early as next month or July.


iPhone 3GS 32GB: Free on Plan 5000 (less Php1,000 cash out from previous price)
iPhone 3GS 16GB: Free on Plan 3500 (less Php3,950 cash out from previous price)

The prepaid kit for the iPhone 3GS 16GB is also down to Php35,500 (0% @ 12 months) from Php38,850 when they offered it July last year. Not a huge discount but gives us an idea they wanted get rid of the inventory before the new ones arrive.

There is an estimated 100,000 iPhones (legit) in the Philippines and that doesn’t even include the gray market units.

Update — from Apple’s Press Release: Apple will kick off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a keynote address by CEO Steve Jobs on Monday, June 7 at 10:00 a.m.

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55 Responses

  1. snpklsdmbldr says:

    who needs an iphone 4G when we have Android Evo 4G? plus its on Android Froyo :D peace iphone fans :))

  2. Globe drops 3GS prices as iPhone 4G looms —

  3. Globe drops 3GS prices as iPhone 4G looms —

  4. Bullcrepè…

    My 3GS is growing old na…

    And I’m paying more than 50,000php for it…

    I’ll wait for 4GS or 5G


  5. jade bryan says:

    How about ‘saving’.

  6. manimani says:

    Is it not the OS 4.0 that they will be introducing? Or that’s what you call 4g? I’m confused?..

  7. yuga says:

    @manimani – they already announced the iPhone OS 4.0 last April.

  8. fr0stbyte says:

    Just goes to show that your just paying for the brand name.. Oh, Apple. You and your overpriced toys!

  9. markmarcelo0210 says:

    Why buy a crappy iPhone? APPLE SUCKS!!! They think they rule the whole because people are going gaga on their products like Mac, iPhone, iPod and the iPad. Now Google is here to compete them. So why waste your money on such crappy gadgets. I would prefer to buy a Google Nexus One or any Android OS powered phone or buy iPad’s competitor HP.

  10. markmarcelo0210 says:

    Why buy a crappy iPhone? APPLE SUCKS!!! They think they rule the world because people are going gaga on their products like Mac, iPhone, iPod and the iPad. Now Google is here to compete them. So why waste your money on such crappy gadgets. I would prefer to buy a Google Nexus One or any Android OS powered phone or buy iPad’s competitor HP.

  11. sylv3rblade says:

    I wonder how much the Power Mac Center will shave off the price when they start their inventory sale.

  12. boowee says:

    So basically, what’s the difference between 3G and 4G besides faster internet access?

    Kasi before, kapag 3G, may video calls.. hehe.

  13. Jon says:

    Still overpriced if you ask me. I find it pointless to sell a phone at such “discounted” prices. You could get a lot of newer and even better phones for less.

    If they really want to “get rid” of their stocks, like price it at or below 30k. hahaha.

  14. jade bryan says:

    feature touch phone = iPhone

  15. cris says:

    Down to P35.5k?
    There in the US, Walmart is giving it at $97.

    • yuga says:

      @cris – you’re comparing Walmart’s post-paid vs. the Globe’s prepaid. You should check Globe’s free iPhone on Plan 3500 vs. Walmart’s $97 on AT&T 2-year plan.

  16. xtian1986 says:

    ROFL at iphone OS 4.0.. seriously, just because it’s APPLE that’s having multitasking, it becomes “revolutionary”? multitasking has been around for couple of years already in almost all high-end phones. then APPLE comes in the picture and suddenly it’s “oh-so-giant leap for mankind!” BS!

  17. lolipown says:

    Apple is the biggest hype machine on the planet AFAIK

  18. manong says:

    beh! mabuti pa mag-“iPon” na lang ako kesa bumili ng $#!+!! sa mahal na old-stock iPhone na yan

    but unfortunately, siguradong maraming kukuhang globe subscribers nyan! hindi kasi sila SMART!!!

  19. manong says:

    at pag naka-“iPon” na ako.. bibili ako ng Nokia N8 na baka sa sobrang mura, mapapa-mura mga kukuha ng old-stock iPhone sa Globe!

  20. squishy says:

    Bad news for those postpaid users who went out to buy Globe’s first batch of iPhones.

  21. jedro says:

    i would definitely buy htc evo 4g instead of iphone 4g android rules i tunes sucks…

  22. Wendal says:

    I hate Apple on the outside but want almost everything they put out (even the computers, just to install Win7, assuming I had a money printer)… I’ve had every ipod that’s been released since the beginning, a couple of Macbooks, and an iphone 3G. Apple is all hype, true. But why, for what reason do I want an ipad SO BADLY?

  23. gee says:

    Hopefully I’m gonna be one of those lucky teens in the philppines who gets an Iphone 4g,:) sana by this july ma release na ang product sa davao para makapabili na aq sa parents q. :)….

  24. lalala says:

    Can I just butt in to say that the price of the iPhone 4 (without a plan) in the US is $699 for the 32GB model and $599 for the 16GB model? Thats about 32,200 pesos (if we assume that the exchange rate is 46PHP to 1USD) for the 32GB model. That’s still less than Globe’s “discounted” price for the iPhone 3GS. SOOOOO ANNOYING. I’d go to the US to buy one if I didnt have to jailbreak an iPhone just to be able to use it in the Philippines. O________O Eff you Globe and your money-making, monopolizing schemes.

  25. elel says:

    @lala there were units in hongkong of the 3gs that were jailbroken already and it didnt void it’s international warranty. but here in the philippines, cellphone galores such as greenhills were able to get those authorized jailbroken phones but it came like few months after globe released their selfish iphones.

  26. COME ON! says:

    you apple haters who choose android over iphone most definitely never even used an iphone as much as people who loves it. yeah sure you got to use it at the globe store, but did you ever get to use the amazing features? NO. you would have to own one to appreciate one. those people who bs apple just because of price are just poor faggots. i do agree its pricey, but i would never agree that its overpriced because of features the NO OTHER touch phone has. and those people who bs apple because it sucks for whatever reason, you suck all the MORE. btw, even though i have iphone 3g and im 2 models behind, im still happy because it still functions very well and fast(w/out 3g on) and for the fact that its a phone that is, for me, the MOST RESPONSIVE touch smartphone yet. and did you even take note of the ease of use in the iphone vs other phones? android basically IMITATED iphone because of iphones app page format and those 4 main apps at the bottom of the screen. and an addition, android os doesnt even look good. it looks CHEAP like nokia os. poorly done. why cheap? because IT IS!

  27. mr. bogus says:

    sus walang kwenta… greedy ang globe sa presyo ng mga iphone package nila lalo na may iphone 4g ehh may glitch naman naman.. pag tinakpan mo yung left side ay nawawala ang signal… useless piece of shit

  28. mr. bogus says:

    sus walang kwenta… greedy ang globe sa presyo ng mga iphone package nila lalo na may iphone 4g ehh may glitch naman . pag tinakpan mo yung left side ay nawawala ang signal… useless piece of shit

  29. anonymous says:

    mamatay na lahat ng apple haters dyan..iPhone is not a piece of shit..iPhone ikaw piece of shit

  30. Apple says:

    mga iPhone haters dyan… ito lang masasabi ko sa inyo…

    Kung hindi ginawa ang iPhone, hindi lalabas yang mga Android nyo! nakuha lang nila idea sa iPhone kaya may Android ngayon!

    lahat ng phones na lumalabas ngayon puro touchscreen: samsung, nokia, sony ericsson, etc samantalang dati puro normal phones lang… bakit??? kasi dahil sa iphone… and guess what… pati icons ginaya… pati OS design… pati way of touching the screen.. pati yung mga pinch-to-zoom and swipe-to-scroll ginaya… pati app store ginaya… at pati ba naman yung box ng phone ginaya??? dati malalaki ang box ng cellphones, ngayon maliit na lang na simple like iPhone. tapos sasabihin nyo piece of sh*t ang iPhone??? think again… coz in the future, this piece of sh*t that you are calling will release a new feature that Android or all other phones there will imitate again! coz that’s what they’re good at. imitating innovation from Apple, then after imitating it, they will call the device where they stole the idea a piece of sh*t.

  31. manong says:


    wag mo masyado i-hug yang iphone mo baka mawalan ng signal!

    malamang 6yrs old girl ka pa lang kasi 90’s nauso ang mga PDA saka sumikat noon ang sony ericsson P series.. so ung gaya-gaya, nagsimula pa noong old testament! (shock ka ano?)

    bilib lang talaga ako sa marketing ng apple kasi kaya nilang magbenta ng snow sa mga eskimos.. premium snow ika nga nila! hehehe! 5MP w/ LED wow! video chat? galing! multi-tasking grabe! 3.5G saan ka pa? ganda ng ICONS must-buy talaga!

    hindi naka-una si apple.. naka-isa lang sya kaya sya sikat! (i hope gets mo ibig sabihin ng naka-isa)

  32. manong says:

    saka ung nakakabilib na Apple App Store? di kya nagaya lang nila ito sa GetJar noong 2004? 2007 nga pla lumabas ang unang iPhone… FYI

  33. Apple says:

    To Manong

    oh PDA? old testament uso na dati? ginaya ba ng Apple kamo?
    hindi mo ba alam na the term “PDA” was coined by an Apple CEO? ha, manong? Because of their first Newton touchscreen device, it paved way to PalmPilot who used the term PDA na rin na galing sa Apple. at sunod sunod na sa iba pang naglabasan na ng parang palmpilot. so yung sinasabi mong “PDA” na sumikat na nung old testament pa eh galing pa rin sa Apple. shock ka ano? =) kuha ka muna water sa ref nyo inom ka muna before you continue reading…

    …ok na? alright lets continue.

    I’ve used all sort of phones and brands. And believe me i still have those non-Apple phones which I still use. nakita ko na rin yang sinasamba mong GetJar at nagamit ko na yan. And yeah, praises to other phone manufacturers’ features and some GetJar’s apps. I have good reviews to them too in other blogs.
    Pero have you owned or even used an iPhone? I have to guess not.
    Or maybe you will say “yes” para lang di ka mapahiya at para lang may pambara ka.
    Anyway, manong, you have to own and use iPhone to see the “unsung” features and “unmentioned” functions. Those icons and 3.5G and multitasking etc na nilalait mo sa iPhone are just the visible stuff na nakikita mo, you don’t understand how the phone function.
    Alam mo ba manong, before, I don’t have plans of buying iPhone and I have the same sentiments like yours? I didn’t like what it has, I mean no MMS sa unang iPhone and not 3G yet? What the hell diba? I agree. But after owning one (the newer model) and using it, nakita ko its indeed useful both business and play. They have improved I must say and if you don’t like iPhone… then don’t buy one, kesa laitin mo. But you’re missing one great phone.

  34. manong says:


    yes.. pra d lng mapahiya.. hehehe! played w/ orig iphone, iphone 3G, iphone 3GS. kaso may mas mura, mas feature-rich.. damn!

    iba po yung coined s invented… saka maraming ibig sabihin ang PDA (d ko ginagwa un noh!)… pero bilib talaga ako sa galing mag “coin” ng apple! invented? duda po ako!

    ok na? nywy, mahalin mo yang iphone mo! kasi sobrang MAHAL nyan hehehe! good luck po sa pagtatapon ng pera.. may kilala pa naman akong foundation malapit sa quezon ave.

    pa-enumerate naman po ng mga “unsung” features ng iphone mo, baka nga wala sa iba yan.. pls disregard aesthetics and pogi points ha! salamat!

  35. Apple says:

    To Manong

    you are becoming one of my favorite cyber friend.
    how did they (Apple) coin the word PDA? of course they were the first making one. They maybe not the inventor of touchscreen technology but they started the use of it for portable devices and the rest followed.

    Mahalin iPhone ko? It’s one of my favorite devices (aside from other brands I have) pero you don’t seriously think na katabi ko ‘to sa pagtulog at kinukumutan pa at shinashampoohan? unless you do that for your phone, then bilib ako sayo :P

    And about sa pagtatapon ng pera. Hindi naman. I am satisfied and this has been a useful device for me for a long time. So I don’t think nagtapon ako ng pera. If I buy something that i dont need, or say feature-packed phone nga pero di ko naman ginagamit lahat features, yun siguro masasabi ko pang nagtapon ako ng pera. gets?

    Masyado ng effort to enumerate all the features pa na unsung or “unfocused”. And demanding mo ha.

    Sabihin ko na lang kung ano gusto ko:
    Maps: i know meron din ang ibang phones nito pero I find iPhone’s map working so good for me. responsive and smooth. If you’re happy with whatever map app you’re using then good for you.

    Email is easy to setup including our exchange email at work and VPN connection. I’ve tried this with other phones, yes its possible (pero VPN failed) but its really tedious. Trial and error.

    Tons of apps in their AppStore. i picked this unsung kasi daming really good/useful apps na hindi naaadvertise. there’s a lot of apps that works so well for me. Productivity software and Utilities and etc. Some apps, say Facebook, have a version sa ibang phones, pero the version for iPhone kasi is more fluid. Ive had friends checked it out (not just facebook) and they have compared it sa phone nila and they liked iPhone’s version better (o ayan ha friends ko na nagsabi nyan, mga BB users, Nokia, etc).

    MobileMe. yoko na explain nakakatamad na.

    The only thing Im missing sa iPhone is bluetooth connection to other phones or PC to transfer files. although hindi ko rin naman nagagamit. parang wala na rin naman akong nakikitang nagsesendan ng pics ngayon via bluetooth. nung dati lang kasi excited pa mga tao bago kasi.
    Camera? i dont mind actually. even if ill buy another brand, i wont look for the camera specs. i mainly use the phone camera kasi in sending quickshots lang and MMS it or email it to someone pag kailangan ko ipakita agad. so having a very high megapixel cam will just send it really slow kasi malaki. so bababaan ko din yung megapixel count, ganun din.
    Flash drive? this would be great if iPhone can allow this out of the box. Pero there’s an app you can install to make your iPhone work as a flashdrive. Pero i use DropBox instead. at least its not eating up my phone’s space. so cool pa rin.

    Btw, ano ba gamit mong phone sir manong?

  36. manong says:


    psion organizer – 1984
    elographics touchscreen – 1974
    ibm simon smartphone – 1992

    apple newton – 1993
    nokia 9000 – best-selling PDA since 1996

    kaya sana wag mo ipagyabang na super-inbentor si apple… ksi po hindi


    iphone 3gs 16gb bom (isuppli) = $179 (php 8k)
    iphone 3gs 16gb greenhills = php 34k

    lakas nga naman magpatong ano? pero ok lang un.. happy ka nman khit nabutas bulsa mo db?

    bibilib n ako sayo kung ung iphone mo lng ang gamit mo s work.. talo ba niya desktop s games? or laptop s email/net/office? masyado n ata magaling yan! pero tama ka.. lamang KONTI sa ibang smartphone yan (kaya siguro sobra mahal no? app store? ka-ching! jailbreak mo n yan!)

    and as you point out, marami-rami rin features na talo si iphone.. pero mas mahal pa rin sya hehehe!

    gamit ko? nokia 5800 php 13k… talo ba ako? huhuhu!

  37. Apple says:

    To manong

    Umm. Sorry ha pero parang bigla akong nawalan ng gana sayo. Medyo mahina pick up mo sa previous comment ko, bat ganun.

    Sana di ka na lang nagreply, seriously.

  38. july says:

    @manong, di mo rin niresearch kung bakit mura ang yan sa US? kung bakit yan $179 lang?? well, sobrang talino mo nakalimutan mo ng i research na under cla sa plan gets??? which 2years contract sa AT&T, iphone is $179 +!! $90 a month sa bill which will be $2339 total cost.. ngayon sa tingin mo mura lang xa?
    uu pwede mo xang e jailbreak, pero sa tingin mo mauunlock mo kaya yan dito sa pinas??? tanga ka pala eh, search mo rin yung IME, sa sobrang talino puro na kabobohan lumalabas sa utak mo..

    stick with your nokia5800 which is 13k, jan ka bagay. .bili ka ka rin ng mga clone iphone sa china, tapos sasak mo sa utak mong tanga

  39. manong says:


    ha? ayoko sana mag-comment pero… nagbabasa ka ba?

    malamang hindi ka taga-pinas… ever heard of greenhills?


  40. blue says:

    sus. gutom lng yan. (kng saan kayo masaya d dun kayo) chilax.

  41. paul says:

    Haha, there are no actual multitasking system yet,i mean literally. The skin of multitasking covers what is known as time-sharing by the OS of such devices. So if anyone releases a genuine multitasking system, now that’s sheer revolution and innovation for our time. :)

  42. paul says:

    Haha, there are no actual multitasking systems yet,i mean literally. The skin of multitasking covers what is known as time-sharing by the OS of such devices. So if anyone releases a genuine multitasking system, let me know now ‘coz that’s sheer revolution and innovation for our time. :)

  43. harvey says:

    mga tao nga nman,
    kung ayaw nyo sa iphone di wag kayong bumili.
    comment kau ng comment eh pera nyo ba ang ipinangbili ng mga taong bumibili ng iphone.

  44. Lala says:

    Sa America nalang kayo bumili. 4,500 less pa! Over mura! $99 starting price e!

  45. tanya says:

    wala lang sila iphone,kaya sila ng cocomment ng ganyan…hahaha

  46. zxc says:

    magbasa kau sa google mga tanga. ibang parts ng iphone samsung ang gumagawa. wag kayong tanga! magbasa basa din kayo. :))

  47. hanikoh says:

    haist.. mga seryoso mga tao d2, d naman dpat pagtalunan yan, ang pagbili ng gadget eh me basehan kung anong afford or purpose. wag na lng naten ibida yung mga manufacturers and brands kc mataas man ang benta o mababa.. sila yumayaman..

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