Apple announces iPhone 3G S

Apple announces iPhone 3G S

At the WWDC today, Apple announced their 3rd generation phone — the iPhone 3GS.

Here are some of the major addition and improvements over the iPhone 3G.

HSDPA up to 7.2Mbps

3 megapixel camera, autofocus and 30fps video recording

longer battery life (up to 5 hours 3G talk time, 9 hours of WiFi, and 10 hours on video playback)

built-in Digital Compass

Voice Control


iphone 3gs

Apple didn’t categorically say this but they must have also put in a faster processor that effectively speeds up the applications to twice that of the iPhone 3G. The old iPhone 3G also had 3 hours talk time and 6 hours on WiFi so battery life has been improved by 40-50% longer.

16GB iPhone 3GS – $199 on AT&T with new subscription ($599 on pre-paid)

32GB iPhone 3GS – $299 on AT&T with new subscription ($699 on pre-paid)

So if you’re wondering what will the prices look like when it hits Globe Telecom – my guess is that it will be the same as the one when the iPhone 3G was first launched in the Philippines (Php34,000 to Php39,000-ish).

MMS and tethering will also be supported by selected telcos and Globe is on that list (as shown in the presentation).

The new iPhone 3GS will be available on June 19, 2009 (okay, this will surely drown-out the buzz on the release of the Nokia N97 the week after).

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79 Responses

  1. I hope apple does something new. Lately, the products have been rather bland.

    The imac needs a major boost in speed if they want to compete with Dell and HP. A core 2 duo is now outdated as a high end processor. It’s now midrange. Their imac is selling at $1200 with a core 2 duo when a comparably priced Dell has a core quad processor.

    Also, the ipod will continue lose market share if they don’t start doing something more innovative. The competition is catching up and ironically, Microsoft is now the underdog.

    Apple needs something big or they’re stock price is going to drop.

  2. raffya says:

    Correction again.

    July 19th is the US Release.
    iPhone 3G(S) will arrive here on July.


    Also note the tethering + MMS support on Globe.


  3. yuga says:

    @raffya – the June 19 initial release stands as indicated in the Apple Store (not July 19 as you suggested). Thanks for the additional info though.

  4. adbritepays says:

    sir yuga right… it’s june 19… when will be the philippine release?

  5. BrianB says:

    How much for the old 8GB. I might just be tempted to get me an iPhone.

  6. Jhay says:

    Longer battery life is always a welcomed improvement.

  7. marlon says:

    so what is the new price of the old 8gb iphone today?can we able to buy the old iphone as US rate at $99 bucks.

  8. ralph says:

    old model nagbaba ang price yey

    ganto rin kaya sa u.s. ?

  9. Marvin Paul Catalan says:

    I saw on engadget and gizmodo it will be released on june 19 but it will be available only in selected country (US… Etc not including ph). It will be available here on july 19. Sooo long wait again:)

  10. Erjan says:

    Will there be price reduction on 8GB iPhone 3G on Globe postpaid/prepaid?

  11. hm…going to be still too pricey for me if it is going to be on the 30k and up range!

  12. Pipo says:

    “The 8GB iPhone 3G is Php33,599 on prepaid.”

    Ang mahal pa din pala. I was doing the math kanina kung magkano na lang yung old iphone if $99 na lang sya.

  13. BrianB says:

    I think dapat 15k nalang ang 8GB. With contract should be around 4k, then 15k for prepaid is fair.

  14. martha says:

    how about the iTouch any news of the new version coming out yet? Sana soon din.

  15. Doc Harry says:

    Is the iPhone only available on AT&T and not in an unlocked version in the US? Is it worth the effort to get a friend to bring one home from the US, jailbreak it, and put in a Globe sim? Or will AT&T’s MMS and tethering lock out the same features on Globe?

  16. mike says:

    nice improvements, but same old price :(. I think there are better choices in that price range.

    if it were priced at the 20,000-30,000 peso range I think they’d sell more units… I know I might get one :)

  17. Give it a few months before it gets released officially in the Philippines. ;)

  18. Patrick says:

    Does the S in the name have a special meaning?

  19. Iphone 3Gs – S stands for Suckers… LOL

  20. Great stuff about Apple Industrial Design

  21. @Patrick: S stands for SPEED.

    I thought that iPhone will cost less expensive already, but then I was wrong. Cheaper prices are just with the bundled susbscription pala.

    Anyway, I think I’d go with the Palm Pre, though the only problem with it are the app developers – not yet as many as iPhone’s, if I’m not mistaken.

  22. i dunno. i’m hoping t-mobile has mobile units locally. way i see it, Google Android kicks the ass of the iPhone’s interface, and some of the designs of the t-mobile units are beautiful. better than even the iPhone’s own.

  23. ador says:

    S stands for Steve… Steve Jobs ano pa!

  24. raffya says:

    Sorry for that typo…

    July will be its Philippine release. The June 19 is the US release date…

    See this for reference:

    They even misspelled our country’s name. Eheh


  25. jaNskie says:

    Does the new 3GS iPhone support Video call function already?

  26. Tofer says:

    sus wala p ring video call? tsk tsk tsk para san p 3G nyan??

  27. Adrian says:

    Ayus. Nawa mura dto sa SG yan.

  28. driftracer85 says:

    What about Smart users? Will it be available? Smart’s HSDPA is more reliable. I’m using N95 and 5800 and their HSDPA connections with Smart are great!

  29. Jhun says:

    Sa iPhone 3G
    po ba anu po ung requirements nyo sa globe???

  30. Jhun says:

    anu po ba mga
    reguirements sa globe?
    pag kumuwa po ng plan
    para sa

    iPhone 3G??

    Answer nman po


  31. Wingatu says:

    Anong nangyari sa iphone? bakit ang kaunti ng improvements? nakaka-disappoint na ang apple ngayon.

  32. Deo says:

    What do you think will be the price of the iphone 3g 8gb with globe’s plan? is there any effect after the advertisement being $99 only.

  33. garyboi says:

    I really thought Apple was really gonna sell the iPhone 3G 8GB at $99, but if you take a good look at the fine print, the $99 price will only apply for a “qualified” AT&T subscriber with a 2-year contract; if not it will be sold at a higher/normal price for the unit (check the fine print down at the bottom of the page:

    So, if Yuga guesses that the new iPhone 3GS will be sold at aroung P34,000-P39,000++, then that will be true.

  34. Justin says:

    According to a Globe executive that I’ve talked to, the price of the iPhone 3G 8GB will go down, while they will discontinue the iPhone 3G 16GB. As for the iPhone 3G S, the price of the 16GB will be the current price of the iPhone 3G 8GB while the 32GB’s price will be the same as that of the current iPhone 3G 16GB.

  35. The precise specifications for many iPhone chips are murky. Should Apple be more open about its secret ingredients?

  36. Hora says:

    magkano na ba ang 3G 8GB translated to Php? It seems to good to be true kung $99 direct conversion gagawin. Di pa aabot ng 10k.

  37. kyla orlina says:

    how can i upgrade my iphone 3g to iphone 3gs ?…… SOMEONE! TELL ME HOW! IM DIEYING TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have an iphone 3g and i don want it to be “laos” , so please tell me hhooowwww!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. kyla orlina says:

    plz tel me howww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Rey says:

    Hopefully meron ng MMS and bagong Iphone…My friends cannot send me pics with my current one..

  40. beng says:

    All that trouble just for these upgrades only? Plus having to be butt-raped by AT&T just to get the phone??? All they do is slap a fruit on the back and people drool over it. It’s just an overpriced, overhyped, weak spec’d, underwhelming non-smartphone…

  41. Justin says:

    Another price update. This is according to a Globe Executive.

    iPhone 3G 8GB: around 20k-35k for the prepaid, around 25k-29k for Plan 399(the lowest iPhone plan)

    iPhone 3G S 16GB: will inherit the iPhone 3G 8GB’s current price for both prepaid and postpaid

    iPhone 3G S 32GB: will inherit the iPhone 3G 16GB’s current price for both prepaid and postpaid

    – this is not yet final according to the Globe Executive

  42. culdado says:

    Sir Yuga, do you have any news on the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD? Will it be available soon here in the Philippines? And how much?

    I don’t know if I will buy Omnia now or wait for Omnia HD. Thanks!

    Does anybody know where I can buy quality but cheap Omnia here in Manila? Okay ba sa Greenhills o buyer-beware? Salamat!

  43. Anonymous says:

    @culdado – If you want the power of Windows Mobile OS get Omnia, and if you want the offerings of Symbian OS get i8910HD.

  44. culdado says:

    What do you recommend? Windows Mobile OS or Symbian OS? Do you know any cheap prices of Omnia? Thanks!

  45. trisha says:

    how much wiLL be the price of the new iphone 3g s in the phiLippines?

  46. trisha says:

    if you bought the oLd one, can it be upgrade? and have a video recording and a compass? tnx

  47. Jaypee says:

    This SUCKS! Bigtime….!!! What a rip OFF!!! I just bought my iPhone 3g barely a month and they are going to release thie new iPhone 32gig….! the only consolation is that the upgrate for current 3g is free but it’s still a Big Time Sucker!!!

  48. iPhone says:

    Jaypee you can’t get mad at Apple if they decide to release a new iphone. You bought yours just a month ago but it was released already for a year now. It’s not their fault lol.

  49. pao says:


  50. fran says:

    Another price update. This is according to a Globe Executive.

    iPhone 3G 8GB: around 20k-35k for the prepaid, around 25k-29k for Plan 399(the lowest iPhone plan)

    iPhone 3G S 16GB: will inherit the iPhone 3G 8GB’s current price for both prepaid and postpaid

    iPhone 3G S 32GB: will inherit the iPhone 3G 16GB’s current price for both prepaid and postpaid

    – this is not yet final according to the Globe Executive

    reposting Justins msg, if it we/re true then the iphone 3G S will be for 43,799 and 38,450 for a plan

    im thinking of getting the HTC touch since july pa pala available satin tong iphone 3G S, saka masyadong mahal 48K for something na if you order through US 699 in peso 32k something lang, rip off naman yan globe!

  51. D says:

    so, when will this thing be here in the Philippines?…tnx

  52. pao says:


  53. ya’ya’ lang bogan ninyo da! $99 with plan??? soloha, no video capability pa… sa NOKIA 5800 na lng ko oy! pagkalooy ni poloy! there are better cheaper clones around, unlocked and double sim. why allow yuorself to be deceived?

  54. mark almonte says:

    The price of the latest 3G 8GB iphone at$99 including a plan stems from a decission of a man with a problem about his liver. People with liver problems always decides without thinking about the gadget and the realiies of the times. Thats the disadvantage sorrounding unhealthy CEOS. They tend to overprice things. The right price of that gadget is $75 unlocked.

  55. Nicky Tiu says:

    Finally, dumating din sa Pilipinas ang bagong iPhone! Yipee! Super tagal ko na hinihintay ‘to. Thanks, Globe! I’m upgrading from my old iPhone to the new iPhone 3Gs. I’ve read the reviews and found out na mas mabilis nga ‘to than the old model. Mas mahaba rin ang battery life ngayon The best thing: maraming plans inooffer ang Globe ngayon. More options for me and my gadget-crazy friends haha.

  56. dylan1128 says:

    any info..if it’s possible to use here iphone 3Gs bought in australia…if its open line?

    and how much are the charges, if will use smart service?


  57. Steve Blowjobs says:

    Apple make money selling TURDS to a lot of i-Diots! How sad.

    Does the 3GS come with a douchebag package common to all apple customers?

  58. rosemary says:

    i’m also interested to know whether an open-line iphone 3G S will work okay in the philippines on the smart network. i guess the answer is that it should be okay but confirmation would be good . . .

  59. Ryan Giggs says:


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  60. emil says:

    sana ibili ako ni mama ng ipon from sure mas mura dun.. gusto ko n rin ng iPhone !!!! tsk tsk! payg kaya sya? kakabili nyaln gskin nitong march ng SE g705 na nagmalfunctioned..ayun nasa service center ng SE ..hehek.. gusto ko iphone! i want it so badly.. i want to have my own iphone!

  61. JErsey says:

    ANy reviews already on this IPHONE 3GS?

    KEep me posted, please… c”,)

  62. andy says:

    Anu ba naman yan! ilalagay nila sa sa mga page $199-$299 tapus di pa naka-specify kung yun ba talaga ang price… sana yung klaro ang advertisement…

  63. castel says:

    just got my iphone 3gs last 2 weeks…worth the price..i bought it for the price of 42000 pesos and its factory unlocked pa…im satisfied with it..the only disappointing matter is that iphone 3g and 3gs has no difference at all when it comes to their, whenver ur outside or in a party, no one can ever distinguish whether u’ve got an iphone 3g or an iphone 3gs..wew

  64. whitesugar says:

    where can i buy samsung omnia b7610 here in the philippines? i wonder how much it would be.

  65. brian says:

    Ryan Giggs >> where can I buy samsung omnia B7610 here in Manila?

  66. lucky draw says:

    i think wala pa dito sa philippines yang samsung B7610. If ever dumating dito, almost same price din ng iphone 3G.

  67. michael says:

    naku, kaka-pareserve lang namin sa GLOBE TELECOMS at ang sabi nila is indefinite ang arrival ng 3Gs stocks dito sa pilipinas… as in mga 4-5months daw bago dumating ang new stocks kasi sobrang “Out-of-Stock” talaga ang 3Gs..


  68. Kat says:

    ask ko lang sana kung may update na regarding sa release dito sa pinas ng samsung omnia pro b7610 saka anong price?

  69. leila says:

    ask ko lng poh kung saan pwedeng magpa-activate ng iphone.

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