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Is this the iPhone 4 or what?

This package did not come from California but Shenzhen, China. Sent over the week-end via DHL and un-wrapped moments ago. Is this the white iPhone 4?

Let the pictures decide.

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Avatar for Abe Olandres

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

79 Responses

  1. Avatar for miaaaaatch miaaaaatch says:

    kitang kita ang antenna.. LOL

  2. Avatar for A R A R says:

    Total fake. If you look at the pictures on apple’s website, it clearly shows the lettering and the log on the back as chrome. Also, the silver band at the top is missing a line near the headphone jack. Good try tho.

  3. Avatar for imitator101 imitator101 says:

    It’s a fake. The iPhone 4 has glass panels on both the front and back. Back doesn’t shine in the light which means no glass.

    No glass, not an iPhone 4.

  4. Avatar for jay jay says:

    hindi yan yung sa MIC. wala daw silang white model.

  5. Avatar for jay jay says:

    its fake. where can i buy one? haha

  6. Avatar for Efren Sy Efren Sy says:

    somebody has already told already to check out MIC Gadgets

  7. Avatar for John Ray Cabrera John Ray Cabrera says:

    so ano na, may sinasabi na ba si abe about this? fake or not.

  8. Avatar for Grabehan Grabehan says:

    fake. haha

  9. Avatar for marcpodi marcpodi says:

    fyi: White iPhone 4 has white home button too.


  10. Avatar for raymac raymac says:

    see more here….



  11. Avatar for Justine Justine says:

    the screen looks? or really small? haha. It’s fake. :) I think .:D

  12. Avatar for Lyle Lyle says:

    It’s a dummy phone.

  13. Avatar for Justin Justin says:

    i think it’s real

  14. Avatar for aie aie says:

    china phone nyee :D ????

  15. Avatar for Wow Wow says:

    Pls. don’t tell me you purchased something like that from China!

  16. Avatar for edz edz says:

    fake. wala pang iphone white na nilalabas at saka yun screen is too small,,

  17. Avatar for kevin kevin says:

    Definitely fake! There’s suppose to be a gap between the headset jack and the power/standby button (to separate the two antennas which is the metal rim of the phone itself). I don’t see any gap anywhere. Also, the screen is too small.

  18. Avatar for RickLabrador RickLabrador says:

    Obviously fake.. The body looks more like cheap plastic than glass specially the sides… crap china phone replica i say.

  19. Avatar for pinoydeal pinoydeal says:

    wow! wahh white version yan ung hinihintay ko :D

  20. Avatar for John Ray Cabrera John Ray Cabrera says:

    @emzarate : and if the package come with a disclaimer/note stating that if a device has no signal they should contact the newly hired antenna engineers, then that is for sure a real iPhone 4.

  21. Avatar for Animohosting Animohosting says:

    dami nagsasabi fake. para maiba naman totoo to :)

  22. Avatar for Ed Ed says:

    plasticky… definitely a KIRF.

  23. Avatar for emzarate emzarate says:

    check mo if it has signal/reception problems, if it does, chances are… well… :)

  24. Avatar for desco desco says:

    AND, how did you purchase a white iphone4? US is still waiting to have one. Unless, Steve Jobs is your close buddy ;)

  25. Avatar for desco desco says:

    o wait, correct me if I’m wrong, from the DHL package, I don’t know if it’s how they really pack their cargo. No stickers or anything. and also I dont think apple china will wrap a packaging tape around their box and write a pentel pen on it. Just an observation since we cannot judge the phone because we haven’t seen one!

  26. Avatar for desco desco says:

    real deal…

  27. Avatar for luiboowee luiboowee says:

    first of all, the first words should be “did not COME” and not “did not CAME.”


  28. Avatar for Mela Mela says:

    ‘did not COME,’ not ‘did not came’

  29. Avatar for Frenchy Frenchy says:

    Looks good but the screen looks smaller. Di kaya calculator ito? Or mp4 player. :)

  30. Avatar for Efren Sy Efren Sy says:

    Yes it is a fake pati ung pin slot for the sim card tray baliktad
    namuntik na me dun
    nice handy work by the chinese
    another 2nd rate trying hard copy cat!

    nice one abe

  31. Avatar for tenshi tenshi says:

    Fake, the sim tray tolerances are much too thick. Jony Ive would never allow this.

  32. Avatar for CHL CHL says:

    Foxconn manufactures Iphone in Shenzhen China. Nothing is missing as far as look is concern except one. The screen looks just slightly shorter. Fake.

  33. Avatar for drew drew says:

    fake. walng rear camera at hindi glossy. haha

  34. Avatar for Franz Franz says:

    It’s the real one.

    Abe does not purchase fake gadgets. Period. lolz

  35. Avatar for laptophobia laptophobia says:

    an iPhone wannabe!!!

  36. Avatar for /m /m says:

    looks like it

  37. Avatar for mel mel says:

    wow the real thing

  38. Avatar for roan carl roan carl says:

    its a dummy iphone 4 hehehehe…

  39. Avatar for Mike Mike says:

    I looks like a teaser for upcoming iphone 4 in the philippines. Its pretty common for an apple products especially iphone. Marketing kind of thing. LOL

  40. Avatar for Ang Maniniyot Ang Maniniyot says:

    Please confirm if this is the iPhone 4 or just another iClone phone. :D

  41. Avatar for Joshua Joshua says:

    ok another mistake on the iPhone text, it was just shining so i said it was supposed to be white lol anyway the camera and usb port is still covered :D

  42. Avatar for superdan superdan says:

    fake yan. not because wala na yung disk size sa likod. wala na talaga sya sa iphone 4. pero what gave it away are the 2 screws sa may charger/cable port area nya. dapat meron nun. haha.

    as for clarification lang, iphones are made in china yun nga lang meron silang disclosure na the unit is designed in california. hehe. yan yung nakalagay sa mga apple products ko e. hehe.

    sir abe, lupit naman nito. does it have the same specs/kinks as the real iphone 4?

  43. Avatar for simplynice93 simplynice93 says:

    At first, It looked like an iPhone 4 plastic replica. I looked at Apple’s website and compared in to your “iPhone 4” picture. Conclusion…It is the iPhone 4!

  44. Avatar for Joshua Joshua says:

    Correction di pala front camera (i laughed) at my mistake XD its back camera

  45. Avatar for Joshua Joshua says:

    It is not the real thing! why? look at image 3 and 4; the front camera is HOLLOW!

    second the “iPhone” text should be white instead of black

    third the USB port is covered and white! it should be open and black!

  46. Avatar for JKisaragi JKisaragi says:

    It’s the iPhone’s brother from another mother (or sister from another mister? O_O)

    KIRF (me thinks). The phone’s back cover doesn’t give that shiny/glossy effect that the iPhone 4’s have (glass).

    Or maybe my eyes are failing me. O_O

  47. Avatar for Tsing Tsong Tsay Tsing Tsong Tsay says:

    its a fake…maliit kasi ang screen….ma-pag iiwanan yan ng 4inches na screen nag Motorolla & HTC

  48. Avatar for Adrian Adrian says:

    bibili ako agad pag labas sa july ng iPhoe 4.

  49. Avatar for Jeff Stone Wakabayashi Jeff Stone Wakabayashi says:

    anything can be copied these days… but I have to say.. it does look neat

  50. Avatar for John Ray Cabrera John Ray Cabrera says:

    is this a contest? guessing the right answer would entitle us to have a chance to win one?

  51. Avatar for dulfo dulfo says:

    Hi sir Abe, is this the one diassembled by Gizmodo? Of course not, just looks similar except the color. For now at least, I have to agree that’s its an Iclone4.

  52. Avatar for cheftonio cheftonio says:

    100% fake. File name of the photo says iPhone 4 dummy. Hehehe

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  53. Avatar for Euan Euan says:

    i think its a fake.. notice the camera?? bakit puti yung gitna ng camera(cirle)?? usually black dapat yung camera kasi lens yun di ba?

  54. Avatar for Jon Jon says:

    Fake! Haha. But a very convincing fake.

  55. Avatar for nitecrawler nitecrawler says:

    a FAKE.. The Back Facing Camera and the Charger Slot is close and screws are missing

  56. Avatar for Teknisyan Teknisyan says:

    looks real.. but like what they all say.. if its too good to be true that means it’s not. heheh…

    parang itong iFake 3GS na nabili ni Sir Joel.



  57. Avatar for cutemoboy cutemoboy says:

    aint real.. the real one has a black home button even if its a white version of the fone.. saw it on some tech sites. & the white iphone is only avail in the U.K

  58. Avatar for Jiro Yan Jiro Yan says:


  59. Avatar for fr0stbyte fr0stbyte says:

    Most obvious thing was.. White iPhones are not even available in the US, let alone China.. (read this sometime ago at Engadget). Though I could be wrong.

  60. Avatar for manaka_junpei manaka_junpei says:

    baka yan ang binili sa Greenhills

  61. Avatar for snpklsdmbldr snpklsdmbldr says:

    does the signal goes down after touching the antenna? if yes, then thats the real deal. hehehe

  62. Avatar for bino bino says:

    Definitely fake, the two screw at the bottom is missing.. hehe. iFake!

  63. Avatar for Grace Grace says:

    Yeah. It’s a REPLICA :)

  64. Avatar for joeyoliver joeyoliver says:

    i think it’s fake.
    there’s no indication of storage size at the back.

  65. Avatar for bentong bentong says:


  66. Avatar for muzikfreakah muzikfreakah says:

    @abeolandres Iphone Clone this early? :-)

  67. Avatar for Jade Bryan Jade Bryan says:

    The screen is way smaller than the real one. :D

  68. Avatar for vergel vergel says:

    judging by the looks maybe this is the real thing..hehehehe post ka na ng review idol FTW!

  69. Avatar for Calvin Calvin says:

    hehe kulet ah. mukhang fake. kelan balik mo?

  70. Avatar for Jab Jab says:

    I think it’s a KIRF… I think the screen is too small on the last pic…

  71. Avatar for cjportana cjportana says:

    I think it’s not even a phone….

  72. Avatar for Herce Herce says:

    That is a well done KIRF!

    Can’t wait till we get to the point where we can buy KIRF phones that are really as good as the original but half the price and none of the crappy corporate control.

    Lets place bets. I say it’ll start to happen within the next 5 years.

  73. Avatar for Arlene Arlene says:

    that looks real! :)

  74. Avatar for Andre Andre says:

    Probably a KIRF! The proof is in the “retina display”.

  75. Avatar for Daryl John Daryl John says:

    It’s fake, the iPhone font looks fake. :P

  76. Avatar for bajo bajo says:

    that’s iclone 4

  77. Avatar for jerome jerome says:

    i dont think so. haha. walang front view ng phone e. madali kasing masabi pag tinignan sa harap. i think china clone lang yan.. ewan. haha

  78. Avatar for Arnold Gamboa Arnold Gamboa says:

    Baka one-of-them-china-phones yan, Abe :D

  79. Avatar for Vic Vic says:

    Looks like… hmmm… c’mon ABe, don’t keep us in suspense! Is it the real McCoy? :-)

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