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Poll: Which iPod are you?

Reports say that the iPod Nano is the most popular of all the Apple media player line. That’s maybe because when it first came out, it was the cheapest iPod at that time. Now that there are more than half a dozen models, I’d like to see which iPod people buy.

Thus, the poll “Which iPod are you?”

Apple iPod

Choices are as follows:

  • iPod Shuffle
  • iPod Nano
  • iPod Classic
  • iPod Touch
  • iPhone
  • I have another MP3 player
  • I don’t have one

Please head on to out poll section on the sidebar and cast your vote. Also leave a comment on why you chose your mp3 player over the rest.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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30 Responses

  1. GensanBoy says:

    I have the Ipod video classic. My wife and daughter have the ipod nano video because of the size. In my personal opinion the cheapest actually is the Ipod classic video if you compute the per gig vs price. The latest version I believe is the 160g which is less than 15k I think. Try to divide the price vs 160g and you’ll be surprised how really cheap it is compared to the nano or shuffle or touch for that matter. my two cents. Peace!

  2. WebDrops says:

    I have an iPod Shuffle… and guess what I just love it :)

  3. I had an 8GB jailbroken iPod Touch! No need for iPhone bcoz I can make calls and Sms in my iTouch (using wifi) and with tons of apps. Anyway abe hope to see you on sept21 @ phil blog awards 2008. Thanks!

  4. iPod touch!

    Abe my first comment was marks as spam, kindly post it. Ty!

  5. what’s wrong with your anti-spam plugin? Thx!

  6. Lyle says:

    iPhone for me. But if I didn’t have an iPhone, my choice would be the iPod touch.

    My primary considerations are screen size and WiFi connectivity.

  7. pink says:

    ipod nano 4gb for me

  8. Sinjin says:

    I don’t have any as of the moment but I’m planning to buy a 32GB iPod Touch. :D

  9. lazeeboy says:

    don’t have one and don’t need one ‘coz my phone’s also my music player. less clutter to carry around.

  10. iPhone should be it and none other…

  11. issai says:

    have ipod nano. realisticly, i don’t see any difference from one mp3 player to another. it’s just the brand.

  12. Raf says:

    Ipod nano 3rg gen (black)

    Portable, mid storage, and very stylish

  13. quinito says:

    Teampilipinas.info totoo b na na-jailbreak mo ung ipod touch to be an iphone? san mo nkuha ung software?

  14. L.A says:

    An iPod Touch! :D ’cause I have one.

  15. num_lock_er says:

    Iphone for me also. Ipod touch, come on, who on earth that doesn’t want an ipod with phone features.

  16. Mark says:

    I have iPod Classic!

  17. Patrick says:

    I generally don’t like the iPods. Poor feature set IMO. But if I needed to choose one.. iPod Touch.

  18. Borgz says:

    Black Ipod Nano for me. It’s cheaper but very cool.

  19. Obed says:

    i have jafakes iPod Nano….lol

  20. makulet says:

    i want the ipod touch 2nd gen. but i have my creative zen 8gb. creative sounds blast! compared to ipods…but ipods are ipods. :]

  21. dex says:

    ..my first and only ipod is the nano 3rd gen. i bought it last year. and now i’m blaming myself for not opting to buy the 80gb classic back then.
    ..i never thought my music library would get so big. so now,i would love to have the classic 120gb. the nano is nice coz its small but there are huge drawbacks like the limited storage. even the new 16gb nano would not suffice i think, about a year from now it would be full.

  22. Nin says:

    I have an iPod Video 5.5Gen. :P

    It still works well so I don’t really need a new iPod. Though I am tempted to change since the accessories for my iPod are like phased out. :|

  23. ANGELO says:

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!…. i want to have games and apps in my ipod touch but i dont have a cc to purchase in itunes store.. any other way to put it? i dont want to jailbreak my ipod touch thanks
    !!! email me at [email protected] please please thnx in advance

  24. emokatorse says:

    iPod touch 8gb for me..i have it.

  25. Jan Louis says:

    iPod Shuffle 2nd – 1GB. the world is conspiring against me in having an iPod with a screen. LOL. would have been satisfied with what i have. if only it had bigger storage and a more stable system.

  26. lito says:

    i choose ipod touch 2nd generation. because many applications ca be downloaded here for my kids research on their assignments in school. and my daily reading of the bible.

  27. Peejay says:

    I don’t have one.

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