The Resolutionary “New iPad” vs. the iPad 2

The Resolutionary “New iPad” vs. the iPad 2

It’s neither the iPad 3 nor the iPad HD. It’s just simply called, the “new iPad”. But still the rumors were true — it has a new Retina Display, improved quad-core graphics, upgraded camera and 1080p HD video recording. Check out the improved hardware specs compared to the iPad 2.

Third-generation iPad specs:

• 9.7” IPS LCD Retina Display @ 2048×1536 pixels
• 1GHz A5X dual-core processor, quad-core graphics
• 5MP iSight rear camera with autofocus
• 1080p HD video recording with video stabilization
• 2MP front-facing camera
• 16GB, 32GB & 64GB internal storage
• WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n
• Bluetooth 4.0
• 4G LTE up to 72Mbps
• HSPA+ up to 21Mbps and HSDPA up to 42Mbps
• Updated apps (iLife, iWork, iPhoto, iMovie, Garage Band)
• Siri Dictation
• iOS 5.1

Compare that to the old specs of the iPad 2:


Apple iPad 2 specs:
• 1GHz Apple A5 chip dual-core processor
• 9.7″ display @ 1024×768 pixels
• WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
• Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR
• 0.7MP rear camera
• 720p video recording @ 30fps
• VGA front-facing camera
• Assisted GPS
• iOS 5

One of the advantages of the new iPad over the iPad 2 is the Siri-like feature. However, people who will buy the new iPad will have to settle for the dictation only feature at the moment. Maybe iOS 6 will bring full Siri assistance in the future.

We’ve also reported earlier that the old iPad 2 prices have been cut down by as much as Php6,000 to make way for the prices of the new iPad. So, the big question is: “Is the new iPad worth the upgrade?”

If you are planning to buy the iPad for the first time and already have the budget, then you might find the new iPad worthy of purchase. But if the beefed-up specs failed to impress you that much, then the iPad 2 is probably a good deal. Plus, you get to keep an extra Php6,000.

For iPad 2 owners, it’s only worth the upgrade if you really need the Retina display, Siri dictation, upgraded optics and new A5X chip. Otherwise, stick to your current affair.

In my opinion, the new iPad is aimed at new iPad users and at those who need an upgraded multimedia powerhouse. But in the end, it’s all about personal preference, finding out which device suits your lifestyle and getting the best value for your money.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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40 Responses

  1. kramismyname says:

    Apple really Proves that they without Steve Jobs Can’t do good totally Disappointed With this New iPad!

  2. rofl says:

    Really LOL’ing at this comment.


  3. lemuel says:

    yes, this iteration is indeed for new user just like me! I may or may not buy it. Hopefully my wife will approve! hahaha. New iPad!

  4. ran says:

    hi sir abe

    i think the front facing camera is still VGA.

  5. booboo says:

    Perhaps one of the reasons why Apple did not name it iPad 3 or iPad HD is they’re going to simply name next generations of iPads as iPad, same with the next generations of iPods and iPhones. Just like the Macbooks. It makes sense because you dont want to sell iPad 13 ten years from now.

  6. Fshumayrqan says:

    hey guys, it still the best tablet, the resolution its the best better than any tv and pc on the market today though expensive 732 bucks for 32gb, but its worthy if you want to buy tablets, but i prefer black berry cheap and faster lol

  7. Mr. N says:

    One thing i noticed about the Ipad’s line-up are that they are more power hungry than other devices (around 2x) and it doesn’t improve at all with this release. I have to admit I’m impressed with the graphics upgrade (while apple claims it’s way times faster than tegra 3, I have my doubts) and their perseverance to have that retina display.

    I previously own an ipad2 and I’m not buying this. I’d probably wait for the transformer pad infinity 700 or a much better alternative since battery life is a big issue for me.

  8. fshumayrqan says:

    if you live the philippines this is nothing and useless and pricey, i don’t think 4g available in the philippines right now, and new iPad is far beyond than any tablets on the market now, and i think its time for samsung galaxy to shine now but i’ll prefer to wait to new macbook pro, higher processor and ram and good for gaming.

  9. ralph says:

    This new Ipad’s LTE will be usable here in Philippines. Smart is offering the real-4g/LTE Connection for mobiles. Maybe this Ipad will be available here in Philippines some time in April..

  10. RJ De Leon says:

    The mind-control experts at Cupertino have done it again, forcing the weak-willed masses to fork over their hard-earned money, like bullies taking candy away from a baby. I can see it now — the next “revolutionary” iteration will give us an apple-scented iPad that comes in apple-green color, a recyclable box full of 3D stickers, and attractively priced at only $999.95.

  11. jego207 says:

    Nothing ground breaking about it other than the upgraded retina display. Like it or not it’s gonna be a bundle of fun for those who have disposable income for a toy. Nevermind the 4G here in the Philippines!

  12. Cipher says:

    Two words: EPIC FAIL

    same old design, heavier this time, same freakin’ physical home button, and some ho-hum added spec bumps.

    Not even good enough to fight an old Transformer Prime.

    Sigh, Apple stops innovating when Steve Jobs died…

  13. seraphica.se7en says:

    hahaha tomoh!! XD

  14. The Truth says:

    Too bad Abe lost in betting his money in what would be the next Ipad name will be. Its not Ipad 2S or Ipad HD. Its just plain simple Ipad 3. Watch out Apple Iphone 4 to be released this October 2012 in U.S. and IPAD 4 next March 2013, with new look and better features

  15. thejorlanb says:

    usable? where?
    yes we have it. but it is still premature, young and limited.

  16. rofl says:

    RANT: Some people doesn’t know what they’re talking about, here are the things we should clarify:

    – I DO NOT LIKE THE NEW IPAD. I WOULDN’T BUY THAT THING, IT’S HORRIBLE! <- Then don't buy it! No one pressures you to buy one anyway! Just STFU or get a cheap android tablet that would unlikely to impress us.

    – APPLE STOPS INNOVATING AFTER STEVE JOBS DIED <- Oh, tell me you've been a huge apple fan. Like you own all apple stuff. Puhhleasse! *barf*

    – THIS IPAD WOULDN'T MAKE AN IMPACT AT APPLE BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE AN UPGRADE <- Right, just like the iPhone 4S.. But apple earned 2x more than the iPhone 4. Which is a pretty big deal. Whose talking now? heh.

    -THE IPAD BATTERY SUCKS!!!! <- Well, because you might have been addicted to it, you've never placed it down for a while, but it's okay. If you used any other tablets out their it would run longer because their apps sucks, oh wait, they have limited apps! geez.

    That would be all for now.. :)

  17. u stfu says:

    RANT: Some people doesn’t know what they’re talking about, here are the things we should clarify:
    >>clearly, its you who doesn’t know what you are talking about

    – I DO NOT LIKE THE NEW IPAD. I WOULDN’T BUY THAT THING, IT’S HORRIBLE! >then dont comment.. you STFU because we are not impressed with your comment just like how we are not impressed with the new iPad

    – APPLE STOPS INNOVATING AFTER STEVE JOBS DIED >i will shove back to your throat all those puke.. can you really not see the lame “upgrades” on the new iPad.. iPad2 should be this one.. nothing really impressed most of the people by this tiny upgrade.. and oh yeah, i own the latest iPod Touch, and iPhone 4S, and a MacBook Pro so I know what real “upgrade” means..

    – THIS IPAD WOULDN’T MAKE AN IMPACT AT APPLE BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE AN UPGRADE >well, Siri was the biggest upgrade for 4S.. do you think that those who already own an iPad 2 will upgrade to this one.. lets see after some months, but i doubt it will be as big as those numbers you said about iphone 4S..

    That would be all for now.. :)
    >>well, you should really stop commenting like this and hopefully this will be the last one.. :D

  18. Bullet Aso says:

    Sir can you also do a review of the Asus Transformer Infinity TF700. I read in one website (International Business Times) that this is the closest rival of the New Ipad. Can you also find out for us when this apparently impressive ASUS Transformer Infinity TF700 will be available in the Philippines. Thank you so much.

  19. imitator101 says:

    Really in awe with the new ipad resolution, but I’m taking it with a grain of salt. This PopSci article says why. it’ll be hard to really take advantage of all that additional pixelation, especially with internet speeds in the Philippinesut it’s actually a mixed blessing.

  20. sana may support din ang mga ito para sa cnc projects ko

  21. kenken says:

    hello i ownd an ipad 2 before then sold it when ipad 2 is almost everywere and exchanged it with the new samsung galaxy tab 10.1. i sold my galaxy tab 10.1 last monday because i want the new ipad 3. but im totally dissapointed when ipad 3 was announced. its the same as my ipad 2 design at mas mabigat at makapal pa. my goodness. pano ako mag ipad 3 kung nag galaxy tab nako before way thinner n ligther. and now im eying for the upcoming ASUS TRANFORMER PRIME TF201 OR 700 nalang

  22. apol says:

    hintayin nyo nalng ang ipad 4 at ipad 5 tapos ang bagong iphone 5 at iphone 6…sabay-sabay i-release ang mga yang ng apple ngayong taon..

  23. zzune says:

    tama lang itong upgrade nila. anong silbi ng quad core cpu kung ung current dual core cpu nila wala pang apps na gumagamit ng full potential nya. para sakin tama lng ung upgrade na additional ram at upgdate sa GPU

  24. wreek888 says:

    Pass muna! Bagsak economy ngayun lahat ng pwedeng bilhin ng pera tumataas.

  25. pod says:

    gagapang ang tegra 3 sa ganyang resolution :)

  26. The Truth says:

    Apple Iphone 5 coming this October 2012
    Apple Ipad 4 coming next March 2013
    Seems Abe lost when betting his money on what would be the next Ipad name would be. Well too bad its not Ipad 2S or Ipad HD, its just plain Ipad 3 with only few upgrades, same looks and design with minor upgrade. I’ll guess people we’ll have to wait nextyear again for the new remodeled Ipad 4.

  27. mac damak says:

    no name tablet? i will not buy a gadget which has no name! how can i brag about it? that i have a “new ipad”? think about it! we fanboys like to brag our idevices! how can i carry and brag it to the malls, restaurant that i have the “new ipad”? how they will know it? they will at it and just said thats old one, apple should put big bold text on the front that says this is “new ipad”! for i can brag about it on my android friends and friends that has old ipad! hahaha!

  28. Marc says:

    ang boring..

  29. dragon says:

    a lot of talk here.
    from an end-user experience, i have tried android. the samsung galaxy tab definitely failed to meet my simple expectations to battery life, touch screen usability, screen quality and ease of use. i read a lot of pdf technical ebooks and in that aspect alone, i am open to admit that i made a mistake buying a samsung, so sold the damn thing after five months of suffering. its not that i think apple is a company that has all the right moves, but for me it makes sense to expect that one company that provides the software that controls its own hardware would come up with a product that is well integrated. after years of resistance, i am becoming a believer of apple.

  30. Pot says:

    After many years “New Ipad” pa din kaya ang tawag?

  31. jeff says:

    Kelan kaya magiging available sa pinas?

  32. Edwin C says:

    Ganon pa rin ang games – merong Tetris.

  33. Arvin dela Cruz says:

    You can refer to it as iPad 2012. Just like how they name their Macbook Pros and Macbook Airs. Very simple naming convention that lets us focus on the essentials.

    Google and other hardware manufacturers will have a hard time catching up because the cheapest 10″ Android device will cost P5,000 more than the iPad 2 and the latest Android and Windows devices cannot match the iPad 2012 resolution, OS, apps and price!

  34. It is quite disappointing actually. I was under the impression that at least the processor is beefed up significantly, and like those concepts of integrating iPads for some collaborative work (very useful in conference meetings).

  35. alainL says:

    Any tablet heavier than an iPad 2 is a FAIL.

    • ZAYNE says:

      It Just Shows how apple is not afraid of Gaining weight. And look its not all about the weight its how You interact with the iPad

  36. ZAYNE says:

    It seems that most people here are commenting more of the Weight and design yet others are seeing the Positive side in the new iPad. Like Others said how can you make a Beautiful Product when You have already made it…What!!?? Do you want apple to make it Flat on the sides or another shape, and You cant make a thinner form when Increasing the CPU and Gpu of the iPad, or you wanna give it less battery life and a hotter Back panel, Just remember THIS, “its not whats about on the outside but whats on the inside that makes it Beautiful”… AND dont even try to say that Apple Stopped Innovating when STeve Jobs died. Remember He had a Succession Plan when he stepdown as CEO in apple. DON’T!! You even dare Say i am siding at apple because i also do have androids and I experienced them first hand. And it is Sluggish and The response of the Touch screen is very laggy and for first timers of the tech industry Android has no Friendly User Interface and Same Platform Different Interfaces and Models just makes android OS Scattered. :)

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