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White iPhone 4 spotted in Greenhills

Looks like Apple’s elusive white iPhone 4 could be coming sooner than expected (Steve says before December) as one unit was spotted earlier in Greenhills.

Posted on TwitPic, @tjmanotoc showed this photo of an unboxed white iPhone 4.


Those who haven’t gotten their new iPhone 4 from Globe might be tempted to just get this one from the grey market and be a proud owner of the rarest handset in the world.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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39 Responses

  1. Spidey says:

    I bet they sell it at higher price…

  2. Paul says:

    And it’s in Spanish.


  3. Cliff Rosario says:

    Confirmed Authentic or KIRF?

  4. cheftonio says:

    Wow. 70k siguro yan..

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  5. anthoony says:

    How much is it?

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  6. Harley says:

    still thinking of getting an iphone 4. still got my BB..hmmm

  7. nexusboy says:

    white iphone 4 indeed is tempting! but i don’t agree with the rarest handest part. i firmly believe Nokia N900 is the rarest handset ever made. LOL!

  8. zer0ice says:

    I agree with nexusboy… “rarest handset” sounds too much. OA.

  9. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    ^medium rare?


    whats a KIRF?

  10. Jiro Yan says:


    Emergency Call Mode is in different language.

  11. John DC says:

    how’s the performance of the handset? is is fully working or there any quirks?

    green hills doesn’t quite score high when it comes to product reliability

  12. manny says:

    hmmm…its not even available yet in Apple Spain.

    anyway, too late for me…got to settle with what i have i guess.

  13. forgetmenot says:

    @IC DeaDPiPoL

    It’s engadget’s acronym for keeping it real fake. the guy who asked that question thought it was an acronym everybody uses.


    damn, you think so loud i can feel your conceitedness. who gives two f**ks?!

  14. Dredd says:


    KIRF – Keepin’ It Real Fake! Its a term i’ve read many times on Engadget. They even have a KIRF section.

  15. Eingild says:

    It is not rare. It is just damn too expensive that’s why only few people get to own this cooo phone. :)

  16. Ving says:

    This will be released just before Christmas time and will sell like hot cakes I bet.

  17. yotavzki says:

    w8 for the nokia n9 with meeGO os, and iphone 5,.!nextyear is the total battle of all..! dont waste ur money now..!

  18. yotavzki says:

    its a year of all companies are experimenting their products..THEY GOT WAT THEY WANT FROM US,experimenTRIAL AND FUNDS..!dont get carried away with their candy like gadget,.just let them head bang each other till their brain pop out the greatest gadgets..’so just wait ,relax,take ur time and u will spent ur money wisely..! “in my opin ion,i quezs..”

  19. batang henyo says:

    @yotavzki you sound like a bot =)

  20. Charlie says:

    @yotavzki, paki-ulit sa tagalog, please!?

  21. forgetmenot says:


    you definitely think so loud i can even hear your conceitedness.

    “may bb ako.” “may iphone ako.”

    so what?!

  22. xtian1986 says:

    rarest? LOL

  23. Ethan says:

    100 bucks (because I’m cheap lol) says it’s KIRF.

  24. Harley says:

    @forgetmenot you don’t have to be mean. at least i have something i am happy with. honestly, if you have nothing good to say, it would be better to not talk at all…peace!

    have a blessed day!

  25. pabs says:

    I’ll wait for the iphone 100, in the meantime I’ll buy the N8

  26. mpst says:

    how much would it cost me if i wanted to get an iphone 4 included in the plan (free iphone) and what options are included in the plan? This is for my misus in the Philippines, globe telcos offers it but their website aint no good, Im currently living out of the RP and i want more info… thanks yuga.

  27. PinkNipples says:

    I have to agree with you about Harley, I can also hear her conceitedness in the way he/she writes

  28. Harley says:


    Thank you for the coming to my aid…Have a blessed day!

    well, i will wait for the next iphone generations. at that moment, the current problems that iphone 4 will be over and will be having a much better product!

    Peace everyone!

  29. MB says:

    Rare? Medium-Rare? Well-done? hmmm nakakagutom naman yan… Reminds me of the Porter house steak I ate kani lunch.

    hmmm rare phone? I doubt… not unless it’s from Planet Krypton. Steve Jobs is a greedy SOAB so he’ll scratch every itch on his body just to mass produce this thing.

    Longlive android&bada…

  30. barat says:

    greenhills pa? d yan authentic. pinas pa? kelan ba nauna ang pinas sa tech?

  31. Anggela says:

    it is not the clone??? oh well, envious!!!

  32. its legit. well sort off says:

    heres how its done.

    parang change lang ng chassis same parts just a white chassi. kung di ka makapagantay white iphone you can mod it yourself if youre into that stuff kung takot ka pamod mo sa professional like this one a conversion kit.


  33. its legit. well sort off says:

    and i agree being it rare. not that the iphone itself is rare , we all know how many of them are, but rather the white one. cause apple havent released a white iphone yet, if you converted yours then thats gonna be one rare looking iphone 4 right?

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