Flights Are Cheaper Due to Coronavirus, but Should You Book?

Flights Are Cheaper Due to Coronavirus, but Should You Book?

Every single flight means a lot of money. After numerous cancellations and announced travel bans, the airline industry obviously isn’t in good shape since the massive coronavirus. As a result, we see these luring good deals of cheap airfares, that may be very tempting for you who’s staying comfortably at home itching to travel after this pandemic.

Life is short right? So, is it worth the risk?

While there’s a floating uncertainty on how long we’ll stay in quarantine, or when the curve will officially flatten worldwide, we all have our personal predictions. Some may say that by the next few months we’ll all get through this, while others think that it’ll be far off by November or December which is possible because even previous pandemic cases in history mostly lasted for a year or so. But if there’s one thing that we learned from history, it would be that this pandemic too shall pass—unpredictably soon.


So is it wise to book a good bargain flight in advance for around June to November 2020? Well, it’ll be a gamble. Right now, a number of airlines applied some changes in their cancellation and change policies so the first thing you really have to do is to check what adjustments they made.

Oftentimes, these available flights come without cancellation fees, so if you buy one and end up not being able to go, you’ll most likely get a travel voucher for a later trip which may or may not work for you. However, if you’re lucky enough to eventually get into that flight without the worries of coronavirus, then congratulations. Also, besides the flights, accommodations are now way cheaper too.

Just as I said earlier, it’s going to be a gamble. A few questions you can ask yourself before booking that flight are how badly do I want to risk this amount of money? how far am I willing to travel from home? do I really want to go through these complications for this rare opportunity?

But seriously, right now isn’t the right time for hunting for awesome travel deals. By the end of this pandemic, it’s expected that the airline industry will be booming back in business. So it’s best to calm your wallets for now and why not donate instead than risking for an uncertain trip? Even specific airlines are sending emails that it’s never a better time to fly.

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