Contest: YugaTech on Ovi 12 Days of Christmas

Contest: YugaTech on Ovi 12 Days of Christmas

Here’s another one giveaway for the next 12 days. This one is pretty easy too but you will need to have a Nokia phone to be able to join since we’ll ask you to download and install the YugaTech Ovi App.

My stats tell me there are around 1,000 downloads of the YugaTech Ovi app so if you’re one of those who already did, then just take a picture of you and your phone with the YugaTech Ovi app running and you’re done.

Ok, here’s the quick mechanics:

1) Download and install the YugaTech Ovi App on your phone. See here for instructions on how to or go straight here on Ovi.

2) Take a picture of you with the phone running the YugaTech Ovi app. Upload the photo to Piclyf, Flickr, TwitPic, Photobucket or your blog.

3) Leave a comment with the link to your entry.


That’s it! Feel free to share this on your Facebook.

Our Prizes.

Everyday for 12 days, starting today, we’ll pick one winner from those who submitted an entry. They can then pick their prize (a Globe Tattoo 3G USB Dongle or a Php500 Globe Load).

I’m still looking for a grand prize but it could be a phone or something bigger than our daily prize. I’ll post it later or let’s just make it a secret for now.

Share and Win

Just share this contest Twitter and you’re also in for the same prizes. That’s 5 Globe Tattoo or Php500 Globe load credits.

Download the YugaTech Ovi App and win prizes! Retweet this promo and win some more —

P.S. You are allowed to borrow, buy, rent or steal a Nokia phone to join this contest. Just don’t tell I said so.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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102 Responses

  1. jun says:

    lo tech ang phone ko eh.. kaya share na lang sa twitter :)

  2. Neil says:

    First! I will join this contest. I got an N8. By the way, is the app compatible with the Nokia N8?

  3. Paul says:

    Steal a phone? ahahaha

  4. A nice christmas contest for Nokia phone owners……………..paano naman kami? :)

  5. Neil says:

    About the grand prize, I think a Nokia C5-00 will do. :)

  6. Kim says:

    I hope you’ll make a contest regarding the Yugatech iPhone app too! >_<

    *I hope it'll be multitasking-compatible soon!:) It keeps crashing these days. :| :-))

  7. Jeremiah Carlos says:

    here’s my entry sir abe:

    i also shared this on twitter. i hope i win :D

  8. lester says:

    ako din retweet na lng muna. i’ll steal a nokia phone later.hahahahah!!!!!:)

  9. mcometa says:

    Eto sakin!

    Guys I encourage you to use Piclyf. Suportahan natin ang sariling atin ^_^

  10. ronnel0918 says:

    Err… I don’t have any application yet… Will download soon.. :D

    Dahil dyan, twitter na lang muna..

    Here’s my tweet..!/ronnel0918

    Goodluck to everyone ang God bless us all! :D

  11. daniel says:

    hahah you can steal!

  12. wha says:

    yahooo…. may enrty ulet ako.. last year merun in..

    this is the RT

    RT @abeolandres Contest: YugaTech on Ovi 12 Days of Christmas

  13. hihey says:

    here is my retweet

    sana manalo hihi

  14. Mapanuri says:

    Wow.. another contest!.. overflowing na ang contest yey! :)

    Steal Sir Abe?.. haha can’t believe that you can say that.. hehe but I know u’re just kidding..

    For the grand prize? iPad Sir! or ummmm.. trip to somewhere? :)

  15. raul barrios says:

    Tweeted @kryptobarrios

  16. cristal says:

    sayang wala akong nokia phone… :(

    anyway here’s my entry:

  17. Eason says:

    di pwede sa nokia C3 :(

  18. Marcus says:

    I have SE phone, awful… sayang… nwei I still bothered to check some pics and guys PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!!!!!!!


    Take a picture of “Y-O-U” +++ the “phone running the YugaTech Ovi app”. Upload the photo to Piclyf, Flickr, TwitPic, Photobucket or your blog.

    SO either you need to have a separate camera OR pwede kayong kumuha ng picture using your mobile’s front camera and face the mirror with the app running (which I doubt if it’s possible)

    ANG DAMING DI SUMUNOD SA INSTRUCTION, 2 or 3 lang ata gumawa nang tama, hahaha… tsk… tsk… TAKE TWO!!!!

  19. Marcus says:

    eto na… eto na.. eto na… waahhhhh
    (I miss that song, anyway…)


    merry x-mas and happy new year sir abe!!!

  20. Marcus says:

    sorry po that’s scraven_mark for my twitter account with underscore hehe.. it’s the same link anyway..!/scraven_mark/status/15502007326482432

  21. jeffrey john imutan says:

    nasa picture ko naman yung kamay ko na hawak yung nokia phone, kaya me and my phone parin, hehehe pasok. anyways, i tried taking a photo with mg face beside the phone, pero hindi makita yung ovi app sa screen kaya i decided na hands nalang isama ko. nice one. =)

  22. Ronnel says:

    Here’s my pic! :D

    Finally got a time to upload my picture and to share also.. :D

    Take note Piclyf liked my picture.. :D

  23. hidburn says:

    via Twitter for now.
    will head to Ovi next.

  24. Jandale Madrazo says:

    di pala pde ung 1100 ko….or ung 5110….hahaha

  25. heckiboi says:

    Nokia 5730XM di supported =(

  26. melvin says:

    Not supported to my C7-00 ;(

  27. wha says:

    yugatech ovi app is not workin.sir yuga :(

  28. rose says:

    the twitter mechanics doesn’t say that we have to post the link to the tweet in the comments..

    and now i’m confused…

  29. NemOry says:

    tweeted via mobile…..wrong email ung una.
    .sorry po….

  30. 555-Tuna says:

    I want an Asus G73 to be the grand prize!!! LOL

  31. I have tweeted, too bad my nokia c3 is not compatible to run the app.

    good luck to all!

  32. ronnel0918 says:

    Here’s my tweet:!/ronnel0918


    I’ve misread the instruction regarding picture uploads… Will upload next time..

  33. ronnel0918 says:

    Excuse me..

    Paano kunin yung URL ng specific tweet? Tulad ng mga ginawa niyo?

    Thanks! :D

  34. Gerald Calotes says:

    retweet lng po muna…!/raldge

  35. ronnel0918 says:

    Wew! Finally had the time to reupload my picture!

    Here’s my share:

    Must’ve overlooked the instruction.. :D

  36. curiousGirl says:

    sadness, SE ang phone ko… but I tweeted the contest here:

  37. Harley says:

    after all the errors i found the tweet!

    here is my official entry for the yugatech on ovi 12 days of Christmas! my backup nokia 2690 does not support the ovi app! tsk!!/harleymahson/status/16807633688207360

  38. Angelo says:

    Sir Yuga! Check this out! You’ll love it! I’m a great fan of Yugatech! :-)

    Enjoy and Merry Xmas sir Yuga!

  39. kevin says:


    bakit cherry mobile ang hawak ni john lyod? Lol! baka magalit nokia yan..hehehehe

  40. Angelo says:


    ehehe oo nga well lets see… :-)

  41. Pat says:


  42. Jose Lorenzo Manongsong says:

    here is my entry. :)

    this is my tweet! :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! :)

  43. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Kelan iaannounce ang winners for this?

  44. renee0108 says:

    hi yugatech! first time to join your contest, hope i’ll be one of the winners =))

    here’s my tweet:!/tweeteretteCHIC/status/20375990769287168

    more power and happy new year! =)

  45. jam es says:

    tweeting for luck!

  46. torque15 says:

    second entry, different phone
    photo posted on my blog’s sidebar

  47. marie says:

    hi there, below are my entries. tnx and more power!

    via twitter -

    via twitpic –

  48. NemOry says:

    Thanks talaga sa Yugatech.

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