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Is Google worried about Samsung’s Android dominance?

Android belongs to Google, and is basically free. Samsung is going on a killing spree with its Galaxy line of devices running Android, and is continuing to do so in almost all fronts. As a result, ut poses a threat to Android itself because of Google’s mobile-ad business.

In case you didn’t know, Samsung sells about 40% of all Android phones in the world. From the company’s perspective, that’s a good thing; but for Google, that is a whole other story.  Andy Rubin, Android’s head, praised Samsung for the things that it brought upon the ecosystem, but subsequently, he also said Sammy could be a threat when it dominates the market. If this continues on, Samsung and Google’s partnership may change terms… or worse.

google samsung collide

This is could be one of the reasons why Motorola was bought by Google — to balance everything off and to help maintain an equal footing with the rest of the manufacturers that uses Android.

Let’s take this from another perspective and why this is an important topic: Samsung relies heavily on the Galaxy brand. Without Android, what else is their next cash cow? Samsung needs Android, but does Android need Samsung as much?

This could be the reason they have Tizen as a backup. It’s the same reason why Samsung kept on holding on to their own Bada OS for the longest time. We can now see how Android is slowly fading away as a brand and being replaced by the Galaxy branding, at least from the eyes of Samsung. This is what Google is trying to avoid.


We have no idea what will be the future relationship of these two companies, but we have some things in mind though. Don’t expect the next Nexus phone to be from Samsung, and Motorola’s X Phone might be just the killer push Android needs.


Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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24 Responses

  1. wake up call says:

    now they are paranoid, samsung is too dependent on android, this is where apple excels because they have their own iOS, it’s a FACT!

    • imon says:

      And yet Apple is lagging behind in developments. The 2-year old S2 already has 4g capabilities and yet only the iPhone 5 for them to get 4g.

    • Grumphus says:

      Apple definitely needs to step up their innovation but right now it has the luxury to lag behind on less important things like 4G, NFC and 1080p displays. Developers continue to support iOS so it is hard for Apple to be behind especially in the US. Maybe Apple will be in trouble if developers prioritize Android more but I don’t see that happening soon. I’m a proud Galaxy S3 owner but it sucks that games like Super Crate Box and apps like Mailbox are not on Android.

  2. Phonearena says:

    Please acknowledge phonearena. Most of your articles are inspired by them.

  3. balasubas says:

    You could have just linked the source article, instead or re-wording it.

  4. tarush says:

    I don’t like the way Samsung’s business practices that I consider them “tuso”.

    With their ‘in your face’ copying of products of Apple, their long time business partner, setting up their own Android AppStore up to their recent feud with Blackberry, Nokia, etc, I won’t be surprised that their practices will backfire on them…

  5. Chris says:

    What fuels the Galaxy line up is Android. If Galaxy line up withdraws its OS I don’t think it is that much still attractable, not to mention that if their prices are still the same, heck I don’t think consumers will still go for it.

  6. FMZ says:

    and in the Philippines, it’s CM that dominates

    • Gian Austria says:

      That’s because the cost, and not the quality, is being targeted by the masses. Look at Lenovo instead, where cost and quality merge together well.

  7. yougeez says:

    I really hated Samsung since the day they release Android Smartphones with just virtually the same appearance.

    And it got worse when Samsung Galaxy S3 was released. Every single smartphone released after Galaxy S3 is very similar to S3’s appearance. Just think of it as the “Galaxy S3’s descendants”: they just look all the same to the point you’ll find it tiresome or “nakakasawa”.

    Samsung should learn not to apply the same “copy and paste” design in their smartphones over and over again.

    They need to learn how to put different designs in each of their smartphone model, seriously!

    And Google should be worried to the point that some people think that Android is “made by Samsung” due to Samsung’s dominance in the Android Smartphone market. Things really need to change.

    • kc says:

      wow huh??

      different designs for all phone models? too ambitious.. branding involves making every phone identical w/ each other..

      copy paste?? where cud u find a smartphone that galaxy s3 design put deep inspiration to it??

      Android also benefited from the success of Samsung.. Facio ut facias

  8. lee says:

    based on my observation, ang karaniwan lang na alam ng iba ay iphone, blackberry specially samsung… pag pinakitaan mo sila ng ibang brand ng cellphone na android din ang sasabihin nila “ginaya ang samsung”… WTF!!! these people dont know what is the root of this samsung popularity..
    sino ang sumisikat dahil sa mga phones n yan? eh diba ung mga phone carrier, imbis na sila…

  9. Ex-Alodian Knight says:

    So samsung a threat to google. If that’s the problem, Google should focus their attention on the True King of Android, the HTC. They started the Android craze, without HTC, there would be no Android Craze, and without the craze, there wouldn’t be a Samsung.

    • Grumphus says:

      True King of Android? More like former king? Google is worried about the Android maker with the highest marketshare which is currently Samsung. Google probably focusing their attention to HTC. Focusing as in encouraging them to come up with a home run and a better marketing plan. HTC also has fragmented efforts with Windows Phone 8 while Samsung is downplaying it. Not a bad thing certainly. But I wonder how HTC can stand a chance against the Galaxy S4 and Samsung’s massive marketing budget.

    • popo says:

      HTC does have good products, spec-wise . The problem with HTC is they have too much going on at the same time, which is good as they support diversity. The drawback is they are unable to provide updates/support in a timely manner, which kinda turns off a lot of people. Good example would be the HTC Sensation, after a few months of its release they already have a new flagship phone while not fixing a lot of bugs/defects for the mentioned model. I am well aware of this problem as I am an HTC fan myself, with a Sensation.

    • Gian Austria says:

      HTC should be the deserving king of Android, and not Samsung. A king’s quality should be true and not plastic.

      Besides, though HTC has had issues with its OS updates, system, etc. its specs are so top-of-the-line. You can’t blame the lack of materials they could be facing every now and then but they will assure you that usability of the device is not the same as popularity and availability. The iPhone took years before it came out of the market. HTC has had a problem with the camera pieces needed for the One, but look, it still gets to release the Ultrapixel phone before the SGS4 does. Now where will the excitement shift?

      Also, what HTC has is that it promises to deliver quality that will last longer, with cutting-edge technology that mirrors their name, High-Tech Corporation. And they release at most one to two phones at a time, not a flurry of phones like the other manufacturers (Apple-wise indeed for HTC).

      All I have said IMHO. Good day.

  10. business is still business, the I hope the terms for both of companies will change for the customers’ benefits.

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