Different strokes for different folks

Different strokes for different folks

The blogosphere is not too different from our society. Actually, I believe that it somewhat reflects our culture and outlook in life. So, in the online community, the same way that you meet friends and people who share your same interests, you also bump into not-so kind souls who’s only effort to leave a comment on your blog is to mock or criticize you.

Yeah, it’s kinda sad but hey that’s reality. we bump into similar people in the streets, in EDSA and in the supermarket.

About two year ago, a wrote a short piece on acknowledging blog critics here, but there’s a clear line between someone who criticizes your ideas and opinions, your spelling and grammar, or how much you expose your personal life in your blog and a person or a visitor who’s just a plain troll. Yup, unfortunately some people find solace and bliss whenever they try to crack your guts out.


Someone told me you’ll know you’ve reached that uber-blogger status when even your worst critics love to come back again and again. Hey, that’s one more unique visitor that made your blog popular. ;)

Anthony wrote a follow-up about it in his blog (What Keeps Readers Returning to Blogs) and opines on the reasons why we keep on reading the blogs we love to visit regularly and I would agree with him.

So I say different strokes for different folks.

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4 Responses

  1. hip2b2 says:

    I don’t mind trolls in my blog. So far there aren’t any. Made I don’t have enough controversial material ;-)

  2. Rexted says:

    I take criticism as a constructive specially on grammar and spelling.. Di naman ako Kano di ba.. :) . But criticizing my idea.. Well that’s another story since we all have our right to have our own idea.

  3. markku says:

    I love trolls…


  4. Anthony says:

    Thanks for the mention bro. Your the best talaga :)

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