Advantages of the Vivo V15 Pro’s Ultra FullView Display

One of the main features of the Vivo V15 Pro is the Ultra FullView Display with a large, notch-less screen and thin bezels. We recently took a closer look into its technology, but this time we’re going to list down the advantages it can provide to users.

More screen space for browsing

The Vivo V15 Pro has a tall 6.22-inch display which gives users plenty of advantage, one of which is when it comes to web-browsing. When you load a web page, the V15 Pro can display more content, so you don’t have to do a lot of scrolling. The generous screen space is also handy for housing apps as you can put a lot of icons in a single home screen.

Large screen for photos and videos

If you like taking lots of pictures and videos, then a smartphone with an excellent display is a must. The V15 Pro can deliver in this department thanks to its notch-less screen and Super AMOLED panel. The result is a viewing experience that is free from distractions. When taking a look at photos, you can easily zoom in and have the whole screen display the image. The same goes for videos.

A more immersive gaming experience

You can have the same experience when it comes to gaming. Since there’s no notch, you have the whole screen for the game alone. The result is a gaming experience that is not distracting and doesn’t interfere with the game’s user interface. And thanks to the large screen, it is more immersive, and you there’s plenty of space for your fingers to move around, so games like Mobile Legends or PUBG Mobile will be easier to play.

Smart Split Screen

The Vivo V15 Pro has a feature that takes advantage of the Ultra FullView Display, and that is Smart Split Screen. What it does is allow you to display two apps on the screen at the same time. There’s the Manual screen-split where supported apps are displayed side-by-side. Then there’s the Message screen splitting where floating messages can be displayed on the full-screen interface of apps that support Split Screen. This is a convenient feature that saves time and effort.

Great screen-to-body ratio

The Ultra FullView Display also contributes to the overall design of the V15 Pro. By sporting a narrow bezel of 1.75mm and a screen-to-body ratio of 91.64%, the phone has the almost entire front covered with just the screen. So not only does the V15 Pro have a large immersive display, but it is also sleek and attractive.

And that sums up the advantages of the Vivo V15 Pro’s Ultra FullView Display. If you have a specific feature that you like, let us know in the comments below.

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