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Is the Emma Original Mattress really that good?

We spend almost one-third of our living years sleeping. For an average Filipino male, that’s almost 208,867 hours. Come to think of it — a good night’s sleep gives the human body the much-needed time to rest and recharge in order for you to function properly the next day, stay healthy and be more productive. So, I wonder why not a lot of people invest in a good mattress?

Emma Original Mattress

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Emma Original mattress is an all-foam, bed-in-a-box mattress designed and manufactured in Germany.

Emma Original Mattress

There have been so many reviews of this mattress for some time now, so when we got the chance, we decided to partner up with Emma, and they gladly agreed to equip all our sleeping quarters in the new YugaTech campus we are building here in New Clark City.

Emma Original Mattress

So, when you buy the mattress online, and it is shipped to you, it will come with this box. You would not believe that a queen-size mattress would actually fit into this 4-foot box, but once you open it up, it will just magically expand right in front of you almost instantly.

Emma Original Mattress

Anyway, prior to replacing our traditional padded spring mattress with the new Emma Orignal mattress, we observed some sleeping problems and shorter-than-normal sleep times. We even monitored the sleep hours with a fitness band to record the sleep pattern and check for any differences.

  • Emma Original Mattress
  • Emma Original Mattress
  • Emma Original Mattress Yugatech (3)
  • Emma Original Mattress
  • Emma Original Mattress Yugatech (8)
  • Emma Original Mattress Yugatech (7)
  • Emma Original Mattress
  • Emma Original Mattress Yugatech (1)

Right after the first night we swapped out the old mattress with the Emma Orignal mattress, there was a significant and consistent increase in sleep time. And the difference was so huge we were also surprised – it previously ranged from 3 to 5 hours a night and just shot up to almost even 8 hours right after that. That’s on top of an observed difference in sleep comfort and reduced muscular pain in the morning. We recorded everything, so we’re very sure of the results. So, you may want to ask – what’s so very special about the Emma mattresses, and how are they different from the conventional mattresses we use at home?

Emma Original Mattress Yugatech 3

First, the Emma Original mattress is completely made up of breathable, eco-friendly foam. An entire 25 cm or about 9.8-inches of pure foam. The top layer cushions the body and conforms to the contours of the body, so you are lying down in a more natural position to the alignment of the spine and hips. This is especially noticeable if you prefer sleeping sideways. However, if you happen to be a back-to-stomach sleeper, you will find that you won’t need as many pillows as before to get to that comfortable position. Take note though, that pressure relief can be subjective, and it’s a combination of several factors such as sleeping position, body weight, and of course, the comfort preference of the individual. The memory foam helps relieve the pressure around your shoulders and especially in your sleep, especially if you are north of 200 pounds.

The key to this is the several layers of foam packed together to create the combined effect in terms of support, firmness, and comfort.

Emma Original Mattress

The middle layer is the thickest part and has 7 different zones – meaning different areas of the foam have varying contours that support the body part. As you can see here, there are holes that run across the entire section of the middle foam like Swiss cheese. That’s actually smart. The area where your shoulders and hips would typically position will allow them to sink deeper into the foam than the area near your head, stomach, or legs. You will notice this better when you sleep on your side and you will feel more relieved in the shoulder area and hip area. The base or the bottom layer is the supportive, point-elastic HRX foam layer of the mattress. This part of the mattress is what gives it structure and durability to the bed.

Emma Original Mattress

The top of the foam is where you’ll really get the natural feel of the mattress. The memory foam in this layer helps keep it firm yet elastic as it will conform with your body however your position is while you are sleeping. This layer is responsible for providing strong motion isolation that prevents movements from transferring to other areas of the bed. This is great for couples since if one is a light sleeper and frequently moves about while they sleep, the other bedmate will not feel movements and body motions as the elastic layer absorbs and isolates most of it.

Emma Original Mattress Yugatech 27

We’re also intrigued by it, so we tried placing a glass of water on one side of the bed and moving about on the other side to see if the movement would actually tip over the glass. As it turns out, it actually works! To keep all the layers together, the mattress comes with this elastic cover hug that prevents the foam from sliding. The white top is made from climate control fiber that keeps moisture away from the surface and regulates humidity. It’s also easy to remove and completely machine washable.

Emma Original Mattress Yugatech (6)

By the way, Emma also has this brand-new product they just released. If you don’t have a bed frame to go with your Emma Original mattress, they also have this Emma Signature Bed with a minimal design. There are so many parts to this bed frame as we unpack the two boxes that came with the frame for our queen-size mattress. It took a little over half an hour to finish the entire assembly with two people working on it, but you can definitely work on this all by yourself if the situation requires, and it may just take you about an hour to complete.

@yugatech Unboxing the Emma Original Mattress and Emma Signature Bed 🛌 also a sneak peek of our YugaCampus! 😁 #emma #bed #tech #sneakpeek #yugacampus ♬ Old-fashioned Clapboard – DJ BAI

As you can see, it wasn’t too hard to figure out the whole setup and the instruction manual that came with it was clear and easy to understand. The metal backbone and wooden materials are sturdy, yet they managed to design it to look elegant with a nice colorway, rounded and padded edges, and that nice padded headboard.

Emma Original Mattress

Anyway, if you’re also interested in trying out the Emma Original mattress, you’re in luck since you can actually try an Emma Original mattress for 100 days, and if you’re not convinced, you can just send them back. No questions asked! They also offer free nationwide delivery, and it only takes 1 to 3 days for Metro Manila residents and up to 8 to 11 days for those in Mindanao. They have a 10-year warranty for all their mattresses, so if you ever have a problem with it many years later, you can just call them up for support. And there’s no better time to try out the Emma Original mattress than now since we have an additional 10% discount for you just by using our code EMMAYUGATECH when you check out! Remember, that’s 10% less on top of the current discounts they’re offering on their website today. Or, you can click on the link in the description section down below, and it will lead you straight to the Emma website 13.

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