HONOR 8C 2-day Battery Stress Test

HONOR 8C 2-day Battery Stress Test

With each smartphone that consumers look at, one of the most important things they consider is the battery capacity and battery life. Of course, what’s the use of having a smartphone if all it ends up doing is die on you after 10, 20 minutes of usage, right? Having an excellent battery life is necessary to support daily activities on a smartphone, especially now that almost everyone is using their phones to connect with others around the world. We tested the HONOR 8C then, to see how long its battery will last us. Check it out!

Before everything else, however, here are the steps I did for this battery stress test:

  • To prolong the battery life, I applied a couple of pointers from the “8 Tips to Maximize the Battery of the HONOR 8C.
  • Firstly, I connected the 8C to WiFi to simulate how a normal consumer would use a smartphone.
  • The screen brightness is set to about ¼ of the bar.
  • I switched on the Power saving mode, as according to the tips article, this mode can help a lot in prolonging the battery life.
  • With the power saving mode on, the screen automatically goes to sleep in 30 seconds, therefore there’s no need to configure the “Sleep” option in the display settings.
  • I also turned off a couple of features such as Location, Auto Rotate, and Bluetooth.
  • The volume is also lowered down while watching videos.
  • Used the “Optimize battery usage” option to help prolong it further.

After charging it to its full capacity of 100%, I began using the smartphone. Since it’s connected to the WiFi, I did a little reading on the internet using the phone. There are a couple of times I’d set the phone down since I’ve finished reading articles or I needed to do things like eating breakfast, and the like.

3:15 PM, April 9

For this 3-hour mark update, admittedly, I didn’t get to use it much since I fell back asleep around this time. The 8C’s battery is stayed strong at 100%. When I did manage to pull myself out of my short slumber, I used the 8C for some light video watching, with the volume lowered down to about 10-20%. Afterward, the 8C had to leave my hands as I needed to prepare to go to the office.

6:15 PM

It’s about 6 hours now for the 8C and impressively, the battery is still at it full of 100%. I had to do a couple of things in the office but I made sure to use the 8C in between those things, doing my usual browsing and watching a couple of videos. I also checked the 8C’s estimated battery life at this point, and the smartphone showed me that there are 2 days and 4 hours left in its battery until it completely dies out.

9:15 PM

Finally, a change happened! The Honor 8C’s battery has gone down from 100% to 98%! And this happened after 9 hours of alternative usage. I did some browsing again as I winded down after an entire day’s work.

10:41 PM

Before going to sleep, I did a final check of the 8C’s battery around this hour. It’s now at 97% after using it for a while. I left it with the same settings before, took one last look at it, and headed to bed.

7:23 AM, April 10

I had a pretty great 9 hours of sleep but of course, I remembered my task and the first thing I did was to check the HONOR 8C. The smartphone’s battery greeted me at 96%, with an estimated time left of 1 day and 22 hours. Similar to what I did the day before, I’ll be using it in between office work and checking the battery status every 3 hours. Since I’ll be out half the day, however, I’ll be connecting the 8C to a mobile hotspot instead of WiFi.


10:41 AM

After preparing for an event I was assigned to and getting stuck in a bit of traffic as I headed to the event’s location, I used 8C to watch a couple of videos and browse to kill time. I had to put the phone down for a couple of hours however, as the event finally began. Still, I didn’t forget to keep track of its battery life. The browsing and watching I did in a while in traffic did a number to the 8C as from 96%; it went down to 94% at this checkpoint.

3:44 PM

The supposed 3-hour check-in time turned into 4 hours for this one as, aside from the event I went to, I also had other matters to attend to. I picked up the 8C in between those errands though, and from 94%, the device’s battery is now at 93%.

6:28 PM

I checked in with the 8C a little earlier this time around but still kept it close to the 3-hour mark. At 6:28 PM, the 8C stayed strong, with 90% of battery life left.

9:29 PM

I used the 8C for browsing once more as I took a little break from work with my dinner. It’s such a relief just to find a short window time to forget about work and just look up things on the internet. Anyway, around this check-in time, the 8C showed me that it’s still alive with the battery at 88%.

11:36 PM

I got home from work rather late, and so, this check-in would be my final one for the night. I disconnected from the mobile hotspot and switched it back to WiFi. For this last update, the 8C was at 87%. After taking note, I finally allowed myself to succumb to dreamland.

8:26 AM, April 11

I woke up a little later than usual this day as I did get home late from work the previous night. Of course, not forgetting the 8C and the battery test, the first thing I did was to check it immediately. Overnight, the 8C’s power went from 87% to 85%.

12:24 PM

This check-in will be the final one for the HONOR 8C’s battery test. After an entire day and 23 hours of light usage, the HONOR 8C stood firm, with the remaining battery life at 83%, and an estimated time left of 1 day and 11 hours more.

I have to say, even if all l I did actually do on the HONOR 8C was browse and watch videos but still, to be at around 80% for two days is pretty impressive. If I even switched to the Ultra power saving mode and just the Power saving mode, the HONOR 8C would approximately last me 4 days and 10 hours, as of writing. It might be a different story had I played games or took videos and photos of it but, that’s honestly remarkable, given that some phones these days drain batteries even on the lightest usage in half a day use. The HONOR 8C’s battery life is outstanding, and I can’t wait to see more of it.

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