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Level up your selfies with these gadgets under PHP 3,000


Taking Instagram-worthy selfies and photos from your smartphone camera can be challenging. As everyone adapts to the new normal, people are geared to be resourceful and creative in their content. Taking good photos from a mobile device does not only need basic photography knowledge, but it also requires the right gears. These affordable gadgets will help you achieve stunning selfies that are worth sharing across your social media accounts.

Mate30Pro Selfie • Level Up Your Selfies With These Gadgets Under Php 3,000

Author’s note: These gadgets are available on Lazada and priced under PHP 3,000. 

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Ring light and LED light panel

Ring Light And Led Light Panel • Level Up Your Selfies With These Gadgets Under Php 3,000

Having good lighting is the main key in capturing good portraits. That’s why investing in a good, dimmable ring light with a stand is a must. The one from EWA features white, warm white, and warm light modes with 10 adjustable levels. Should you want to be more creative, there’s another with a built-in RGB mode. It can be adjusted according to the intensity and effects that you want to use. Both come with a diameter of 26cm, an adjustable tripod, phone holder, wired remote control for lighting, and a USB-A cable for power. You may also want to go extra and opt for an LED light panel for softer light effects. For those who want a compact one, there’s a rechargeable clip-on ring light with a standard white light. It has 35 LEDs inside that give enough lighting.

Yongnuo YN300 II AIR
PHP 2,700

EWA 26 CM Ring Light
PHP 482

26 CM RGB Ring Light
PHP 673

Selfie Ring Light
PHP 80


Tripod And Gorillapod • Level Up Your Selfies With These Gadgets Under Php 3,000

Realme Philippines

Now that you got a good light, you need something that will hold your mobile device. Tripods are a good option if you want to have a multipurpose and adjustable stand that can also hold your lights, DSLR, and other photography accessories. YunTeng’s tripod can go up to 125cm and has a free wireless smartphone remote compatible with iOS and Android.  There are also ones with a bendable top that gives mobile photography enthusiasts the freedom to play with angles. For those who want a handy yet flexible tripod, some gorillapods can hold smartphones and mobile devices, as well as point and shoot cameras up to 500g. It also comes with bendable arms.

JOBY Gorillapod 500
PHP 1,890

YunTeng VCT 5208 Tripod
PHP 387

Wireless Remote

Wireless Shutter • Level Up Your Selfies With These Gadgets Under Php 3,000

Of course, you can tap the camera button for close-up selfies. If you’re alone and need to take wider portraits, however, you’ll need to have a compact wireless allows your phone to take feature of yourself hands-free. A universal one like will be the best choice. Just make sure that it covers enough range, is rechargeable, and supports Bluetooth just like the one by Yun Teng. This one can cover as far as 10m. If you want

Backdrops and Stand

Backdrops And Stand • Level Up Your Selfies With These Gadgets Under Php 3,000

To complete your gear, you’ll need to have a good backdrop for aesthetics and complementing the lighting. We highly suggest getting a solid yet neutral color as your background. We highly suggest buying a wrinkle-free fabric since it’s reusable and easy to store compared to paper. You’ll need a sturdy and easy-to-setup background stand as well as enough clips to hold your backdrop. Selangor you covered for both, offering up to 3 by 6 m fabric backdrops and up to 2 by 2.2 meters.

Selens 2×2 Backdrop Stand
PHP 2,725

Selens Backdrop Cloth for Photography
PHP 493- PHP 1,785

And that sums up our list. We hope that we’re able to help you in acing your selfie game. Do you have more suggestions? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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