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New freelance work to watch out for

In this digital age, freelance work is slowly but surely becoming a part of the norm. Several individuals these days prefer to be self-employed rather than commit to being a long-term employee of a company. Freelancers offer their services, have the option to choose their clients, can work anywhere they want to, and set their work hours. In recent times, numerous individuals have become full-time freelancers, but also, other individuals make use of freelancing as an extra source of income while they do their daily 9-5 jobs.

The most common freelance jobs have always been graphic design, web developing, accounting, marketing, and teaching. While the market may be competitive, there are still new freelance jobs rising among the trends. If you’re thinking of jumping into freelance work, be it full-time or as a side gig, here are five new freelance jobs to watch out for in 2019.

(This list was compiled by referencing Fiverr and a Forbes magazine article on freelancing.)

1. Voice over

Recently, there’s been a leap in requiring voice talents for various media. It can range from recordings, audiobooks, podcasts, videos, games, and such. A lot of clients are searching for new voice talents every day. Most of them do require specific voices, tones, languages, and accents in this field of work.

2. Translation

More and more clients are looking for freelancers who are fluent and able to translate multiple languages. Sure, there are translating software available, but clients would instead rely on a professional human translator than words stitched together by machine. Thanks to the internet, it’s become rather easy to find a translator for just about any language in the entire world.


3. Social media managers

Social media has become a massive part of our everyday lives. There’s a ton of popular platforms right now, and clients make the maximum use of them to market their products and services. This job puts a focus on targeting and influencing people online with the use of statistics, scheduled and curated posts, maintaining an online presence, keeping up with the latest online trends, and such.

4. Virtual assistant

Clients looking for virtual assistants have become a trend recently. Business owners, mostly the ones running an online business, need a hand in regular tasks and that’s where virtual assistants come in. Think of being someone’s assistant but instead of doing it in person, you do it remotely. You don’t have to be in the same place and time as your client.

5. Content writing

The internet has truly revolutionized a significant number of things for humanity and included in that is the rise of online publications. While newspapers and magazines still get physical prints, more online counterparts, blogs, and websites have sprouted up in recent years. Clients seek professional writers to make their contents for them; after all, experienced writers already know how to reel in readers hook, line, and sinker.

Of course, these are just five of the freelance jobs that have been gaining traction recently. If you have a skill set that could potentially become a source of your income, try it out and see how it goes as you might score something huge. If you’re concerned about your remittances from clients, don’t worry, check out PayPal’s services, and you’ll be fine. You can even get paid through your social media accounts with PayPal’s Get Paid on Social feature. You can check it out here.

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