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Yes, you should have bought a Nintendo Switch

I’m sure a lot of you guys have been in this situation — You’re walking in the mall. You pass by the storefront of a DataBlitz or iTech branch. You see a particular box displayed behind the glass. It catches your gaze. It stares into your soul. You look around. The Home Credit sales agent locks eyes with you and flashes a smile. You stop dead in your tracks. “Is it time for me to buy that Nintendo Switch?” you ask yourself.

I know this because I’ve been in that same exact situation many times. But it was more than just a recurring moment. It was also an exercise in resisting temptation, as well as in saving money. I didn’t need a Switch. I was already perfectly happy playing games on my PC and my partner’s PS4. Also, beyond that, where was I to find the time to play? I could barely scrape up enough time to play on my existing platforms anyway.

Then, just like the Fire Nation in Avatar: The Last Airbender‘s opening sequence, everything changed when the coronavirus attacked. It’s a terrible situation for everybody and my heart goes out to all those affected, especially the heroes on the frontline. But let’s be real here — the community quarantine? It’s a huge silver lining for gamers, especially those like me, who previously didn’t have as much time to play.

If you’re one of those people who are experiencing this same change in pace right now, you may find yourself in a similar predicament as me — I think about those times in the mall. I think about the box in the window, the Home Credit sales agent, and the sensation in my hand that wants to grab my wallet. I tell myself, “Yes, you should have bought a Nintendo Switch.”

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I should have pulled the trigger on a unit instead of spending for my necessities. I’m thinking of situations like when I treated myself to a new pair of shoes I didn’t need and can’t even wear right now since I’m stuck at home. Also, the times when I honestly deserved a little gift from myself but didn’t go for it.

Had just one of those mall moments gone differently, I could have been enjoying a game of Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros. with my family. I could have been playing the numerous AAA titles that have been ported to the Switch. Heck, I even could have been one of those people posting their Animal Crossing: New Horizons progress on Facebook.

During this quarantine period, I don’t have a Nintendo Switch to accompany me. After it ends, I probably won’t have much time to play even if I did eventually buy one. And when the holiday season comes around, will I go through the same exact thing again with the PlayStation 5? All the products yet to be released for that matter?

Thoughts and emotions bounce around my head like rocks in a tumbler until I am reminded; I’m thankful for what I already have, and for the opportunities that allowed me to get those things.

I didn’t buy a Nintendo Switch — and that’s okay. Walking away from the stores at the mall was an exercise in resisting temptation; not having bought a Switch and having no regrets is an exercise in gratitude.

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Joey is YugaTech's Video Production Manager. He constantly puts effort towards his aspirations to be a filmmaker and journalist... when he's not riding his bike, playing games on his PC, watching anime, cooking, and petting his dogs.

3 Responses

  1. Avatar for Myre Myre says:

    What a nice “Note to myself” posted on this site. Waste of article post.

  2. Avatar for Habagat Habagat says:

    PS Vita with Adrenaline and RetroArch installed is the only handheld console I need during this ECQ.

    At breaktime, Citra, DraStic, and Dolphin in my smartphone are the best boredom killers.

    I guess portable gaming is my lockdown’s version of binge-watching. ?

  3. Avatar for Paul Paul says:

    If you’re a PC gamer you likely have a Steam library which will take longer than any quarantine to actually play through.

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