Poll: What's your preferred video player?

Poll: What’s your preferred video player?

I was watching the new TV series (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) on my MSI Wind and was trying out several video players I installed earlier just to check which one will efficiently play them.

Was wondering what do others use to play their videos, hence the poll. There aren’t much of them today that I can think of. Back in the 90’s, Xing MPEG Player was a personal favorite. How about now?


Which video player do you often use?

  • Windows Media Player
  • DivX
  • VLC
  • Real Player
  • iTunes/QuickTime
  • PowerDVD
  • WinAmp
  • WinDVD
  • Media Player Classic

Please do send your feedback on our poll section on the right sidebar or leave a comment here.

I’m also particularly interested to know which one has the smallest footprint (in terms of memory or CPU usage) as well as the most efficient especially when used on netbooks.

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44 Responses

  1. kouji says:

    i try to use powerdvd when i can, since it offers better sound enhancement than the stock windvd software. that said, i find that powerdvd’s more of a resource hog on my old, old laptop. :(

    is the clone wars series any good?

  2. Andre says:

    Media Player Classic ?

  3. cris says:

    Usually i use VLC player, coz videos appear more clear and bright, compared to Windows media player.

    Yeah I think Media Player Classic should also be included in the poll. It’s next to VLC’s quality.

  4. For me, VLC. More pre-installed codecs. Less hassle and cross-platform (works in Ubuntu). :)

  5. jamie says:

    At home, I use Media Player Classic for all videos and Windows Media Player for music.

    At work, I use VLC for all videos and still Windows Media Player for music.

  6. Erin says:

    +1 VLC

    less hassle and i don’t need to worry with my player suddenly requiring an internet connection to let me view a movie clip. :)


  7. VLC, hands down. They have it on all platforms, even on the iPhone! And nothings beats it’s built-in feature to really boost the audio.

    Most netbook people I know use it as well

  8. Jay says:

    media player classic baby!

    it’s included in K-lite Codec Pack.

  9. Patrick says:

    Media Player Classic is also my choice. I use the Combined Community Codec Pack with it.

    I’ve tried VLC several times but I always end up going back to MPC. Maybe I just like the old look of Windows Media Player. :D

    QT has to be the worst on that list. I hate it with a passion. But why is iTunes also there separately? I thought iTunes uses QT to play videos.

  10. VLC all the way!

    It’s free, can play more video formats than most media players, and isn’t a resource hog…

  11. Lyle, RN says:

    VLC for me. Works out of the box.

  12. Gee Please says:

    WMP and VLC used equally… The last week I used VLC more often too, never experienced memory lag on VLC when there is advanced compression codecs like Xvid or divX…

  13. Rasec says:

    Been using GOM Player for nearly 2 years now.
    Never encountered a problem.

  14. acidcrush says:

    I used VLC as my primary and WMP & Winamp tied as my second placer player.

    !– Although I’m in critical situation right now, i still have time to browse your blog- a little way to divert things.

  15. frozenpyro says:

    VLC for me too. I used it on my Acer aspire one..

  16. jhay says:

    VLC for me as well. It’s the swiss knife of media players.

  17. martin says:

    i’ve been using VLC for my desktop ever since and now i’m still using it in my MSI Wind…plus there’s no need to install any additional codecs and that’s a very big plus…

  18. deuts says:

    vlc. by that you almost don’t need any codec anymore.

  19. joe says:

    vlc because you can add a subtitle for your movies

  20. Kenneth says:

    I voted for the Others since I rarely use the one’s that are listed.

  21. al says:

    go for VLC. light and very versatile.
    KM player is better for subs though. fully customizable, color and position. hehe.

  22. nelo says:

    GomPlayer is my favorite. too bad it’s not on the list. Please do check it out! http://www.gomlab.com/eng/

  23. KMlover says:

    My personal favorite is KMplayer. What I like about it is that I can make the menus and controls out of the way thus only displaying the movie screen. very neat and very customizable.

  24. calvin says:

    used to have VLC but i’m sticking with media player classic now.

  25. Jojo says:

    Try SMPlayer – plays almost every video / audio extension, surprisingly not does not play cd audio files :P http://smplayer.sourceforge.net

  26. tas says:

    go for vlc, the only player you”ll ever need. plays all type of format without ever needing to download for codecs

  27. I vote for Media Player Classic.
    When using MPC, be sure to install the codecs found at http://www.codecguide.com.

    Running second is VLC.

    MPC vs VLC. MPC can play videos (especially WMV) that appears corrupted under VLC, the reason is because MPC uses codecs and tools you have installed (using codecguide.com) while VLC uses it’s own.

    Once you have codecguide installed, all your other players will use it, like Windows Media Player. In other words, they can take advantage of all the codecs you installed via codecguide.com.

    So MPC+Codecguide wins vs. VLC. VLC is good as a last resort if you can’t install codecguide.

  28. Andrew Chua says:

    VLC! It plays virtually every movie file I know (except rvmb).
    a very close second for media player classic

  29. felipe says:

    I go for GOM player too. It plays almost all files I’m using and searching for codecs are easy.

  30. Brent says:

    I go for VLC.

  31. Kevin says:

    VLC on the Mac. Media Player Classic for watching anime with soft subs on Windows via VMWare Fusion.

  32. Slymedia says:

    I’ve been using GOM player for years now and I’m satisfied on its performance. And I also install K-Lite Codecs for solving some coding issues on common video formats

  33. Wendal says:

    vlc for movies, qcd for music

  34. benny says:

    I use GOM for video and it is simply the best!!!!

    Windows Media Player for audio.

  35. bogart says:

    VLC for videos. Windows Media Player for audio.

  36. Mark says:

    I use Media Player Classic!

  37. Ricardo Tuason says:

    I’m a VLC lover :p

  38. FabFag says:

    I use Zoom Player. Light and minimalist.

  39. Emman Carl Rubin says:


    when using vlc, the video distorts when clicking the TIMELINE in the player but with KMPC..NO PROBLEM AT ALL. plus KMPC has better AUDIO AND VIDEO QUALITY OUTPUT!!!! believe me!

  40. Ivan says:

    GOM PLAYER. plays all files!

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