Survey Results: Mobile 3G Spend

Survey Results: Mobile 3G Spend

I asked readers a couple of weeks ago how much they spend on mobile 3G. Out of the 241 who cast their votes, almost half of them says they don’t use 3G at all. The other half is spread from a low Php100 to over Php2,000 per month.

Chart below shows the monthly average spend on mobile 3G.


Majority of respondents (just over 60%) declare a monthly usage of Php500 and below for accessing mobile internet.

About 20% spends more than Php2,000 a month for 3G. These could be accounts running on unlimited 3G plans. Only 18% spend between Php500 to Php2,000. In retrospect, the lowest post-paid plan on mobile 3G costs Php799/month. The sweet spot here could be Php500.

Maybe the telcos here could find some sort of a compromise to offer quasi-metered 3G more affordably without sacrificing network congestion. Any one of my earlier suggestions here might be of use.

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4 Responses

  1. jhay says:

    Things will move up the price ladder once the connection and speed issues are resolved by the telcos. If the services would be that good, folks would not mind paying for it.

  2. indeed. i used to use 3g quite a lot too, especially while traveling. i do wish there’d be more options in relation to unlimited 3g packages.

  3. BigBird says:

    Is there really a competition??? Is there a mutual agreement among Telcos on such matter as fix pricing? Are they replicating the oil companies oligopolistic industry that we have? Is the mobile 3G users increasing?

  4. This really is just everything that I was seeking.

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