OontZ BudZ 2 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Quick Review

Last year, OontZ released a couple of wireless Bluetooth-enabled speakers in the country. This year, they’re offering the BudZ 2 Bluetooth earphones for those who prefer listening to their tunes wirelessly without breaking the bank.

Design and Construction

Like with most Bluetooth-enabled wireless earphones, the OontZ BudZ 2 has a sporty look yet subtle at the same time thanks to its all-black color.

It is water-resistant, with the exterior having a matte finish and printed with the OontZ logo. The middle is glossy while the inner part, the “Iso-Fit cushion”, has a non-slippery rubber-like finish.

Bridging the left and right buds is a flat cable with the in-line microphone and controls located on the right-hand side.

There’s a cable length adjuster installed right in the middle of the cable. The BudZ 2 is designed to be worn around the back of your neck so you might want to use it keep it from dangling too much.

On the ears, the BudZ 2 is light and comfortable. Unlike with some sporty earbuds, this one doesn’t come with wing tips, and it doesn’t need those as it is snug granted that you use the right sized cushion for your ears. Speaking off, it has six pairs – two pairs for each size of Small, Medium, and Large.

Setup and Features

Setup is pretty much straightforward. Just press the power button for two to three seconds and a “Hello” voice prompt will indicate that it’s ready for pairing.

The blue LED indicator will also flash rapidly when pairing. All you need to do now is search for it in your mobile device’s Bluetooth settings. The blue LED will then flash three times every five seconds when already connected.

If you want to repeat the pairing procedure, just hold down the volume up and down buttons together for four seconds. You will then hear the “Pairing” voice prompt which indicates that it’s ready.

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Sound Quality

The BudZ 2 is one of those earphones that has a strong inclination to bass. Bass response is good when playing hip-hop music like Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles and Drake’s One Dance. The deep, rumbling lows that you wouldn’t normally notice in lesser priced in-ear headphones are more powerful and audible here, but not bloated.

Mids sound a bit recessed and often gets overpowered by bass. When listening to Bruno Mars’s Versace on the Floor, The Weeknd’s I Feel It Coming, and Kiiara’s Gold, the vocals are clear and audible but aren’t as lush and rich as we want them to be.

Probably the most annoying part of the BudZ 2’s performance is how it handles the trebles. It’s sibilant and sizzly. When listening to The Chainsmokers’s All We Know, Phoebe Ryan’s supposed to be soothing voice sounded like cymbals, while the actual cymbals are more aggressive and often unpleasant.

Call Quality and Battery Life

Like with most Bluetooth earphones, the BudZ 2 allows you receive calls. There are phone controls like Reject Call, Transfer Call between the earphones and smartphone, Number Redial, or Mute. Call quality is good with the help of noise cancellation as conversations were loud and clear on both ends.

As for battery life, the OontZ claim that the BudZ 2 can provide up to 7 hours of playback on a full charge, with volume at 60%. True enough, we were able to get more than 6 hours juggling from 60% – 70% volume.

When the battery is low, the Red LED indicator will flash. To charge, just plug a microUSB charger to the charging port located in the controls. A complete charge will take almost 2 hours.


The OontZ BudZ 2 is a decent pair of earphones that can provide you the convenience of listening to audio wirelessly without breaking the bank. It has a powerful bass, good build quality, comfortable, and comes with its own carrying case.

Lastly, it doesn’t ask much at Php1,999. You can purchase the BudZ 2 at Lazada. See listing here.

OontZ BudZ 2 specs:
IPX5 water-resistant
Bluetooth 4.1
Noise Cancellation
Built-in mic
Plaay & Call controls

* Good build
* Powerful bass
* Affordable
* Comes with carrying case

* Too trebly

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

5 Responses

  1. Randy Diaz says:

    Renz, you should go for the oontz budz, recently purchased ad053 and was disapointed with it, coz it wont turn on, apparently they have lousy QUALITY CONTROL

  2. Shinkueagle says:

    Just recieved my order from Lazada… DISAPPOINTED is one thing I DEFINITELY AM NOT!!!! AMAZED AF!!! Just as with its Angle 3 sibling… MONEY WELL SPENT IMHO! ????????????????????

    • Doms says:

      Has anyone tried putting their phone in pocket to see if connection drops? Planning to buy bluetooth earphone that will be used on mrt rides when you can’t reach for your phone.

  3. Renz says:

    I’m torn between Oontz Budz 2 or MusicAnywhere AD0503. Help me please :(

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