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Globe offers Google Nexus S on Post-paid

Looks like Globe Telecom is now offering the Google Nexus S to subscribers via a postpaid plan. The Globe website lists it with a cash out of Php21,307 on Plan 299.

We’ve been reporting about the Nexus S, and its intro into the Philippines, since March. Samsung has since been a bit silent about this as well.

So aside from gray market units which has been available as far back as January,

It’s also interesting to note that Globe also carried a Google product considering it’s an Apple partner since the first iPhone (it’s usually Smart that partners with Google for these types of bundling, starting with the HTC Magic).

Also interesting to note that the Google Nexus site does not yet lists the Philippines as one of the countries/regions where the Nexus S is available.

Hat tip to Patrick James

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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22 Responses

  1. Miz1 says:

    First dibs!

  2. Miz1 says:

    First dibs! Interesting deal

  3. Vin says:

    very nice phone.

  4. Jemps says:

    Another plain looking android phone.

  5. accord2k8 says:

    If you’re thinking of purchasing from Globe, you might want to verify the baseband version first.
    As far as I know, there are two types:
    i9020: Super AMOLED, US version of Nexus S
    i9023: Super LCD, CZ version of Nexus S

    The support rep I talked to from Globe couldn’t confirm which version they have. I’ve also tried looking around in Greenhills and they seem to only have the i9023 version.

    Here’s a link to some of the differences:

    The i9023 version is thicker, over 10 grams heavier and the screen display is Super LCD not AMOLED.

    But regardless of the version, this is a very good phone, I am very happy and very productive with it, it looks sleek too with the curved screen. But the ultimate clincher for me is the pure android experience. Everything just feels a lot more seamless when using it with google products.

    I got the i9020 version for 30k a few weeks ago from a supplier who imports from the US.

  6. nexusboy says:

    nasa GLOBE lang yata ang mga super phones. nasa kanila ang iphone, tapos nexus s pa. then the complete blackberry line-up. walang NOKIA pero who cares, wala namang bumibili. LOL

  7. Zo says:

    off topic: hoping the S2 gets the same offers. :D

  8. arnold says:

    Nasa Globe na talaga ang magagandang phone.

    It’s ridiculous, it’s as if Smart doesn’t even compete AT ALL. Dapat ata talaga lahat ng post paid sa Globe na lang para matauhan naman ang Smart.

    Sucks to have a Smart post-paid number now. :(

  9. Kildar says:

    Is the Nexus S still worth getting at the price point being offered by Globe? I’m considering the fact that Tegra powered Android phones are arriving locally or have already arrived.

  10. irv says:

    the biggest value of Nexus S is that software updates comes from Google itself, so it’s usually the first phone to get the latest Android goodies.

    but the question is, is the phone locked to Globe? or do they also sell unlocked units?

  11. James says:

    Really frustrated at Samsung Phil.! i think it was about in late march when Samsung announced in a Philstar article that it was already in the market. So i went to cyberzone Samsung outlet but got a response” sir wala pa pong advice kung kelan dadating” i end up buying my second choice, HTC desire S which is not bad at all. To that Samsung representative: Just an advice, wala pong personalan. pls make sure of what you are announcing in papers, Nasayang ang gasolina ko.LOL!

  12. 21 says:

    Can i switch to SMART after buying the phone? I mean, there’s no unlock phones?

  13. jpacs2007 says:

    Just got a Nexus S from Globe through a new postpaid line. They only have the i9023 model, i.e. SLCD screen. Not sure how knowledgeable the staff was about the model difference but they said this was the only model they were receiving.

    Also, the phone is Globe-locked.

    • jpacs2007 says:

      To correct myself, the Nexus S from Globe is openline!

      There’s a sticker that says it can only be used with a Globe SIM, but I just tried it now with a Smart SIM and it works perfectly.

  14. mountain dude says:

    super galing nitong phone na to… galing din sa globe ung nexus s i9023… upgraded it ice cream sandwich without any issue tapos gumanda pa lalo, and it was VERY EASY… hehehe…

  15. Arger says:

    Hi guys. I am just confused with i9020 and i9023. My father bought this i9023 in HK and the vendor said that it is the latest one. He bought it at around $610. Based from the post above, S-LCD nga lang sya at hindi super AMOLED pero how come na mas mahal pa ang i9023 sa i9020 based from GSMarena and to our personal experience. i9023 (490 euros) vs i9020 (410 euros). The rest of the specs are the same I think.

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