PLDT/Smart vs Globe: Prepaid WiFi Promo Comparison

PLDT/Smart vs Globe: Prepaid WiFi Promo Comparison

PLDT, its mobile subsidiary Smart Communications, and Globe Telecom offer something unique to the table and those are Prepaid Home WiFi kits. We compare their current prepaid offerings and identify which has the better offer.

Prepaid WiFi Kits offer something different to the usual portable WiFi modems. They tout double the signal coverage and reception, not to mention better stability compared to smaller WiFi kits. In this comparison, we’ll group PLDT and Smart’s Prepaid kit as one since they share the same promotional offers.

We used both devices a few times as backup solutions when our HQ internet was down, and here are our reviews:


They both offer their Prepaid WiFi boxes at Php1,995 each but differ on the prepaid promos they currently provide. Here’s a table to give you an idea:

3 Days
3 Days
1995GB + free 7GB
7 Days
10 Days
30 Days
15GB + free 25GB
15 Days
99930GB +free 35GB
30 Days
149945GB + free 55GB
30 Days

While Globe offers more HomeSurf options now compared to before, it’s a challenge for the users who want to avail a Plan 599 promo: Globe offers more volume albeit at a smaller time frame, while PLDT/Smart gives users 15GB of internet valid for 30 days.

It’s also worth noting that Smart and Globe Prepaid WiFi kits have direct access to their respective Prepaid internet promos such as GigaSurf, SurfMax, GoSurf, and SuperSurf, though we have seen the HomeBoost and HomeSurf promos to be more competitive and offer faster speeds in real life usage.

What was a fair battle is now a comparison of apples and oranges: PLDT has longer durations, while Globe offers more MBs. Which one would you want to choose? Let us know down the comments section.

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46 Responses

  1. K L says:

    longer validity globe not high allowance…

    • R Ancog says:

      what do you mean sa “dedicated router” eh diba cellular data lang din ang gamit ng mga ito? kc may simcard eh

    • Rex Ventosa says:

      “dedicated router” or modems have different antennas compared to mobile phones. mas malakas sagap ng modem compared to mobile phones because they have bigger antennas. mobile wifi, on the other hand, has almost similar performance with mobile phones.

  2. Paolo says:

    Just wondering, is it worth it to buy these kits when we can use our phone as hotspots? Do these kits offer better coverage and higher quality connections? Or is it just a matter of preference?

  3. MirXD says:

    Would go for MB. Sa bahay palang 40GB wala pang 10Days paubos na,

  4. Karl says:

    Pldh we are still waiting for our cable box. It’s been months, I will never get them again.

    • Mary says:

      Sa globe po mabilis lang, makukuha agad. Just like mine po kanina lang binili then nakuha agad sa globe store. I tried sa pldt beforehand, sbi oorderin pa lang but I need it asap so sa globe store na lang ako pumunta and I got it agad.

  5. Paolo says:

    @Carl: I see. But connection quality-wise, are they the same?

  6. Fiaoty says:

    Smart is better. The extra MB’s are useless if your duration is for 15days only. (Clever marketing by globe btw)

    Smart has way better coverage in my experience and has way better LTE speeds. While that of globe is spotty and slow.

    • Jack Collins says:

      in which area are you using smart? can you say that the results are the same in terms of internet speed… compared to PLDT Home Prepaid Wifi because its powered by Smart LTE? I’m in Meycauayan, Bulacan. I’m planning to buy a prepaid wifi and I’m torn between Globe and PLDT. reading the comment section gets me all confused. help, please?? hahahha

  7. Marc says:

    Smart now has 15gb + 4gb free valid for 30 days worth 599php.
    349php, 10gb + 2gb free valid for 10days.

  8. James says:

    Anyone in Batasan/Balara, (or maybe Fairview; Cubao) Quezon City area with either one of these? Would like to hear feedback from everyone reading this with regards to connection quality, (speed, and consistency)

    From the comments I’ve read here in other yugatech articles, it seems both have their (un)fair share of shortcomings, but notably more complaints regarding Globe’s offering.

    So, anyone? Feedback?

    • Zay says:

      Am in Cubao and got a Globe at home prepaid WiFi. So far it’s performing pretty well, seems to be a bit slower compared to just enabling mobile data on my phone. Also has speed problems at around 5 to 10 pm but that’s not exclusive to Globe.

  9. Cara says:

    I think Smart offer is better. Signal is better and almost available in all areas unlike Globe. It also depends upon the user. Though MBs needs some consideration for me. I love online streaming. What offer fits me?

  10. PedroPenduko says:

    Umm… Kindly check the HomeBoost50’s details.
    The dashboard offers 1GB not 3GB for HomeBoost50.

  11. allan says:

    Anyone here from Canlubang area? How’s your internet speed using Globe or Smart?

  12. zes says:

    im not a heavy user, so i prefer for a long validity

  13. Balogbog says:

    Pano b gamitin yung free GB s globe? Halimbawa yung 199, 5gb + free 7gb? Pano gamitin yung 7gb?

  14. Jessie says:

    I’ll recommend you not to buy smart at home wifi box. I bought one after 2 months nagstart na syang magloko. Nag lilimited service na sya no available wifi kung ano ano ng trouble shoot gnwa maayos lang ayaw pdin. Pag mag browse ako sa fb at the same time gmitin ang messenger nag eexclamation yong wifi ko. Tatlong beses na ako nag palit ng sim card ng wifi na to pero ganon padin. Hndi stable ang connection sometimes parang gusto mo nlang ibato. Next week I will buy Globe At Home try ko baka mas mabilis.

    • Marisol P. ICMAT says:

      Same here.. just called Smart’s CS for the 3rd time. Sorry lang nasasabi nila . Hows your globe experience by the way?

  15. Francis says:

    My Globe prepaid wifi died after 6 months of use. It was not even heavily utilized as its not our main internet source. The problem is that it cannot connect anymore to the mobile network with the red “e” light showing up. These modems are of poor quality and I can see that it has not Product Safety and EMC Compliance marks, as with other china gadgets being private labeled.

  16. Gerald Ceniza says:

    For a heavy user. Globe is a really the better choice po.

    • Xav says:

      Paano naging better choice eh kakaload ko lang ng 1GB after 5 mins 150Mb na lang. Anyare don globe?

  17. Ysai says:

    We are planning to buy home prepaid wifi. Can someone tell me which is better? Pldt or globe? I prefer the ones i can use in any places. I have negative reviews about pldt smart. You cant use it anymore once you register in one place and if you switch to another places it wouldnt give any connection.. is it true?

  18. darius says:


  19. kvrzn says:

    well, 2 years na ang globe home wifi samen, okay naman, kaso sa speed mabilis pa rin ang smart bro sim, will try yung smart bro, and we’ll see

    • Balagbag says:

      Globe Home prepaid wifi po ba yan ati/koya? Yung prepaid po kasi parang patabaing baboy kung kumain ng load

  20. els says:

    how the signal quality ng both telcom in Pinugay Baras?

  21. Fvckk u says:

    Fvk u pldt im recconected to my game fvcl uuuu

  22. wil214m says:

    Pwede ba iload yong GOSAKTO sa Globe Home Wifi?

  23. FreakAngel says:

    Globe offers 50pesos for 3GB but then kapag 1.9GB na lang sa Dashboard hindi na nagloload and redirected na sa Surfalert. It always happen, buti na lang pag sa province lang ako ko yan ginagamit.

  24. Vision says:

    If only Converge has prepaid wifi???

    I personally like PLDT plan, as a poor student ?I need longer duration than more data

    By the way any user in Taguig City? I would like to know which one has a better signal here

  25. R Ancog says:

    Nakabili aq last week ng PLDT Home Prepaid Wfi ,,, so far ok naman sa area namin Siaton, Negros Oriental…. malakas ung signal. Dalawa lang kami gumagamit ng Wifi kaya nyang mag stream ng video ng sabay. Pagdating sa Mobile Legends okay din. Pero medyo matakaw lang sya sa data.

    • Jerbuoy says:

      bago pa kasi kaya malakas pa ang connection..pero kalaunan nyan parati nalang mapuputol yong connection..nacocontrol nang net provider ang wifi sim mo kaya mapipilitan ka na naman bibili nang bago. Negosyo yan nang mga net provider kaya walang forever..haha

  26. JCGR says:

    Hello, i am currently using pldt home wifi (powered by smart). At ang resulta ay nakakadismaya, loaded 1499 (45gb + 55gb) at first week mabilis, walang problema, after that boom, always the term “LIMITED SERVICE”, pero may signal naman kakaurat na paulit ulit, have anyone tried globe here at san miguel, bulacan? Was it great? Planning to change ASAP, PLDT is full of disappointment, even their customer service sucks.

    • Jerbuoy says:

      kahit alin sa dalawa ganyan parin ang mangyayari, after a few months humihina na ang connection pag prepaid plan para kasi yang mayroon end of contract. Compared to post paid plan maganda ang service nila. tuloy2x.

  27. Edgar Marc Evans Casal says:

    what is the difference between the black pldt and white pldt modem?

  28. Josh says:

    May flexitime promos din ba sa pldt prepaid wifi or exclusive lang sya sa smart prepaid wifi?

  29. kiara says:

    Yung 6 months ko lang nagamit pldt ko dahil sira na ang sim, kala ko modem ko yung sira but when i put my globe sim sa moden may signal naman din nilagay ko rin yung smart sim sa cp, na hindi na ma detect. At i agree with the comments here, pag bago nga malakas pa. Pero after 1 month parang pagong na. Not worth it.
    Btw, ok ba ang globe prepaid?

  30. Adrian says:

    Ok na ok po samin si globe prepaid wifi.. khit po looban ang sa amin, at hirap ang txt or sms. Naalala ko nung nagwork pko sa superferry, kahit sa gitna ng dagat at wla kn matanaw n pulo.. c globe nkakasagap pa ng cgnal. Sa mga dissapointed po kay globe.. pwde nyo naman po i try c smart or pldt, since promo po cla ngyon, P995 lang yata. Pro no comment ako, kc dko pa nman xa ntry?

  31. Adrian says:

    Ok na ok po samin si globe prepaid wifi.. khit po looban ang sa amin, at hirap ang txt or sms. Naalala ko nung nagwork pko sa superferry, kahit sa gitna ng dagat at wla kn matanaw n pulo.. c globe nkakasagap pa ng cgnal. Sa mga dissapointed po kay globe.. pwde nyo naman po i try c smart or pldt, since promo po cla ngyon, P995 lang yata. Pro no comment ako, kc dko pa nman xa ntry?

  32. Gil says:

    If you ever been abroad then you know internet is bad in Ph. Choosing between smart and globe is choosing between the best of the worst. It is total crap, I never experienced a shit internet like here.

  33. Alejandro Miranda says:

    Comparing the current PLDT/Smart and Globe home prepaid wifi (PHP 199), one can get more for your money going with PDLT/Smart because the credit is good for 7 days with 7GB data and 21 GB for videos while Globe is just 15 GB data and 7 GB for videos. Now the 21 GB (PLDT/Smart) and 7 GB (Globe) refreshes everyday and I am not sure about the PLDT/Smart fine print but for Globe, in order to gain access to the 7GB, the data portion would have to be consumed first so in effect, you don’t actually get to use the 7GB unless you run out of data first – meaning most of the time, the 7GB actually gets forfeited.

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