Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Home WiFi Review

Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Home WiFi Review

Smart released their own version of a prepaid home WiFi earlier this week. Called the Smart Prepaid LTE Home WiFi, it’s basically a WiFi router with 4G/LTE capability.

As an alternative to your usual pocket WiFi, the prepaid SmartBro is more of a fixed LTE router that requires a wall outlet.

This is not the first time Smart had this kind of device. In March 2009, they released the SmartBro Share It wireless router. It was under a postpaid plan and costs Php999 a month for 90 hours of internet at 2Mbps speed.

In July of the same year, they upgraded the plan from 90 hours a month to unlimited though it still had limited connection within Metro Manila. They eventually retired the service by September 2011, just a little over 2 years after it was introduced.

The re-introduction of the SmartBro Share It as the Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Home WiFi was obviously prompted by the Globe Prepaid Home WiFi released earlier this year.


The router is a small and compact device in matte black polycarbonate material around 4 x 6 inches in diameter and about an inch thick. It comes with attachable feet to help keep it stand upright.

There’s a power switch on the right side, along with a lone Ethernet port, a reset switch, and power port. There are ventilation grills at the top and bottom of the device. The SIM card slot is found at the bottom.

At the front is the Smart Bro logo and LED lights to indicate Power, LAN, WiFi and Signal. Signal indicators assist you in determining if the device has good reception with color codes.

At the back are sockets where you can attach the legs so the device can freely stand. There are additional hooks on the other side of the back panel if you want to mount the device on a wall.

The EVOLUZN name is also printed out at the back along with a small sticker that indicates the default AP name and WiFi password.

Features and Administration

The Smart Bro LTE WiFi router has a simple administrative page or dashboard that you can access by going to The WiFi default password is “smartbro” and you can just change that in the dashboard once you’re logged in. We recommend changing the AP name and password after you activate the router for security reasons.

The router supports up to 10 concurrent connections which include the single LAN connection available.

Aside from the Settings, there’s also a built-in SMS composer that you can use to load up the SIM card and subscribe to a SurfMax or GigaSurf plans.

Speed and Coverage

It’s safe to assume that the Smart Bro LTE Home WiFi is available in areas where there’s strong Smart signal. We have to stress that signal should be “strong”, otherwise you might not get good reception and internet speed. This part should be self-explanatory.

As for actual speed of the connection, we’re getting a consistent speed between 4Mbps to 6Mbps download in several areas in Makati and Taguig. Upload speeds are much better, ranging from 8Mbps to 18Mbps.

Do note that connection speed will vary greatly on your location, signal strength and barriers between the device and the cell tower. This particular LTE device is 700MHz-ready so it has better signal penetration on structures like building or thick walls.


Also interesting to note that the latency (ping time) on all speed tests we’ve made are quite fast and all under 50ms. We’ll be doing a few more speed tests in various locations and update this section so we’d get a better appreciation of the performance.

Another way to pre-determine the speed performance in your area, you can get a Smart prepaid SIM card and use it with an LTE-capable phone to run your own speed tests. That should be the same once you use it on the Smart Bro LTE Home WiFi.

My only issue with the device is that it will intermittently lose signal and can only be restored by switching it on OFF and ON again. In several instances, the “Signal” LED light is red but there’s active internet connection. Could be a firmware problem but can be a bit of a headache sometimes.


The device itself costs Php1,995 and comes pre-installed with a prepaid LTE SIM card. Once activated, it comes with 10GB of data allocation for 7 days.

Once you run out of data allocation, you can just subscribe to any of the SurfMax or GigaSurf plans:

SurfMax 85: Php85 for 2 days at 800MB per day
SurfMax 250: Php250 for 7 days at 800MB per day

GigaSurf 50: 1GB + 300MB video app + unli all-net text for 3 days
GigaSurf 299: 2GB + 1.1GB video app + unli all-net text for 30 days

Author’s Note: Smart Bro also has FlexiTime but they did not include or mention it in the guide/manuals. Nevertheless, it could also be an option for those looking for time-based charging.

The postpaid plan gives you different options and MSF:

Plan 499
P2,000 one-time fee
6 GB monthly data allocation
12 months holding period

Plan 799
P1,750 one-time fee
10 GB monthly data allocation
12 months holding period

Plan 999
P1,500 one-time fee
15 GB monthly data allocation
12 months holding period

These are basically the same plans as the one offered by the Smart Bro Pocket WiFi.

To monitor your account, you can enroll the number to the Smart Dashboard so you can check the current load balance and the data allocation as well as the expiration.

One of the best use cases for this kind of prepaid internet service is that it can be a reliable back-up whenever your primary connection is down or unbearably slow.

For content creators (photographers, vloggers or YouTubers), the really fast upload speeds helped a lot in increasing the time to upload our videos on YouTube. These are upstream speeds that we don’t normally get on typical DSL lines (normally just 1 to 2 Mbps).


The Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Home WiFi isn’t really made for primary use. Rather, it’s a backup device just in case your main broadband internet service conks out when you badly needed it.

If you’re on a DSL line where the upload speeds are quite low, like 1Mbps to 2Mbps only, the device can kick in and give you the much needed extra bandwidth for uploading large files or content.

There’s an option for daily use, either weekly or monthly, but that’s also capped as well (800MB/day for prepaid and 1GB/day for postpaid). And since the cost is really proportional to the data consumption, it boils down to one’s preference and needs.

Nevertheless, in the last few days that we’ve been using it, we pretty much see the need for it. In your case, that’s really dependent to your situation but it would be nice to have it around just in case the need arise.

What we liked about it:
* LTE 700MHz-band ready
* Quick and easy to use
* Affordable device
* No lock-in period
* Option for postpaid plan

What we did not like:
* No unlimited data option
* Does not support external antenna
* Intermittent signal problems

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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124 Responses

  1. Zaph Castillo says:

    Exucse me, FLEXITIME 50 is 7hrs virtually unlimited
    and FLEXITIME 100 is 15hrs.

    • The SmartBro manual did not indicate FlexiTime as an option. Only SurfMax and GigaSurf. Either it’s not included or they did that in purpose.

      We will investigate this further and try Flexitime then update the article.

  2. BA says:

    How does it compare to the one by Globe?

  3. MirXD says:

    Is it dual band(2.4Ghz/5Ghz)? Or meron man lang option to change from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz?

  4. Djtrcaptain says:

    Do smart still have unlimited internet promo? Even their postpaid plans caps 1gb / day. Thanks for the reply

    Im hearing in globe.. they have 16gb internet 1k/ per month with anti billshock of 1.5kphp then it will be converted to unli internet.

  5. Jie says:

    Pwede bang palitan yung sim card with another smart sim card? Thanks.

  6. NewbieChick says:

    Thank you for this review! Can you tell us what is the brand and model of this hardware?

  7. Jeremias says:

    Yun po bang home wifi ng globe 700mhz lte ready na din po?

  8. yajson says:

    Review on Smart’s 2in1 Pocket Wifi please

  9. Daryl Gumapal says:

    Am i seeing it right? Gigasurf299 may included na unlitext?

  10. Daryl Gumapal says:

    Gigasurf299 talaga bang may unlitext na kasama?

  11. Marc says:

    Hi ! how does it compare to getting a connection using iPhone thru hotspot ? is it faster ? beeter signal ?

  12. OneDelaCruz says:

    Meron po bang other brand na sim router na Plug & Play din but does support external antenna?

  13. TheGirlHasnoname says:

    Do you have head to head battle review with SMART vs GLOBE Home Wifi LTE Prepaid?

  14. Jaime says:

    Good day Abe, could you possibly tell us what are the advantages of getting this over a Smart pocketable wifi device? Thanks.

  15. Rab says:

    Hi. Can you plug this at the 12v sockets of a car? Thanks.

  16. ART says:

    Hello! pwde po ba mag request ng comparison nito sa smart pocket wifi para malaman po talaga namin kung mas mabilis nga po ito sa pocket wifi

  17. ART says:

    same lng po pala yung speed sabi kasi sa box niya sa harap 2x faster daw sa pocket wifi ^_^

  18. Ling says:

    How lo g can you keep it on without overheating.

  19. delisa says:

    pwede po ba to iconnect sa desktop?

  20. Ronald says:

    walang kwenta. laging limited service. mas ok pa hotspot ng phone walang disconnection

  21. Nel says:

    pwede ba tong saksakan ng smart postpaid lte sim?

  22. TechnoFreak29 says:

    pwede bang palitan sya ng ibang smartbrosim, like postpaid sim?

  23. Reuben says:

    Paanuy lung mahilig ako sa torrent and youtube ,anu plans yun ppwede na walang limit.

  24. Reuben says:

    maganda sana kung binabalik niyo na lang un unlimited subscription ng prepaid sa smart kasi maari pumatok pa yan.Sa totoo lang dapatgawing affordability na lang yan mga ganyan para kahit panu nkkatulong din sa mmyan at bukod dun ddami ang subscriber d bali mgmahal ang unit pero un subsccription lang talaga ay malaki bagay na sa pang araw araw.

  25. Fran P. says:

    Hello! Is the SIM card of this one detachable? I currently have the Globe Prepaid Home WiFi but I am not so happy about the signal coverage in my area and just planning to get one of these or just buy a factory unlocked LTE pocket wifi by Huawei. Also one of the downsides of the Globe Prepaid Home Wifi is the built in non-replaceable SIM card which I really disliked about it. Pls help as I am contemplating if I should get this or a factory unlocked portable LTE pocket WiFi from Huawei. I actually don’t care that much if the data is consumable or unlimited. It’s only a matter of disciplined usage. Not trying to side with telco giants but business-wise offering unlimited internet on a super fast connection speed is I would say a big lost for them. Just stating an opinion here. Thanks! I expect a reply from anyone from Yugatech. More powers!

  26. I am planning to avail this new product.The problem is i can’t find where i could avail this.even a booth would d or a retailer one.Could you help me find one? Thanks!

  27. Presley Pineda says:

    does it work for sun cellular sim currently im using sun unlimited internet thanks…

  28. Dirac says:

    Been trying to look for the wlan protocol used by smart home wifi, does it support wlan ac?

  29. Mario Erazo says:

    Ano yung 1gb/day na postpaid? Alloutsurf ba yun? Kasi sa postpaid plans nakalagay lang 999 for 15gb monthly data.

  30. Reuben says:

    Ano ba lang ang pwede gawin sa 800 mb at 1gb a day?Its worth ba yun kung mahilig ka mgstream or nggaming ka mghapon?Even skype chatting wla na yan?Kawawa naman subscriber palagi limited.Wala nb mganda sa subscription ng prepaid.Ang service ang kailangan ng higit ng mga subscriber at hindi yun puro pagppaganda ng device na useless kung pangit ang service na nakkuha.Puro Pakabig ang mga isp natin at wala na yata mapagpilian,Sana kahit papaano may puso rin ang mga isp natin.

    • Robert says:

      sang ayon po ako sa comment nyo. masyado po pagkagahaman sa kita ang mga isp dito sa atin, mahal na nga poor pa ang serbisyo.

    • Salazar says:

      This solution is not for download streaming and it’s more likely for upload streaming purposes. Please understand first what is offered for this solution and understand what you need.

  31. Stoix says:

    Sir, have you contacted Smart about the intermittent signal problems you encountered with this device? You said that it could be a firmware problem. It could be a headache. Thanks.

    • Mobi says:

      It is really a headache. I doubt if smart is doing something about it.
      I hope this article reach ntc and order the recall of the devices that smart have sold.

  32. Reuben Gibe says:

    Smart only allows limited offer for all prepaid subscriber and even postpaid plan might experience as that matters.There’s nothing we can do about that offers.

  33. kelvin says:

    bakit hindi maka connect ang windows 7 ultimate pc ko e nakaka connect naman sya sa ibang wifi. may problema ba sa compatibility?

    • Reuben Gibe says:

      kelvin, wala sa os yan maari sa driver ng wifi mo or password issue yan.Kung makkakonek ka im sure pansamatagal na maayos na connection.Pang fb lang yan data na yan.

  34. Edgar says:

    Bakit ang unit na smart bro pocket wi fi pag na fully low ang battery hindi na macharge uli..pero yung unit ay bago pa lang.

    • Reuben Gibe says:

      sakit ng ulo lang yan edgar,huwag ka magexpect na maganda yan kc it offers limited services only kahit magpost paid ka after mo maconsume ang 800mb or 1gb then u will suffer a headache low connection for the rest of the day.

  35. Reuben Gibe says:

    sakit ng ulo lang yan edgar,huwag ka magexpect na maganda yan kc it offers limited services only kahit magpost paid ka after mo maconsume ang 800mb or 1gb then u will suffer a headache low connection for the rest of the day.

  36. Fuckingfrustrated says:

    Dont buy this shit product. I bought this and after 3 weeks of use nasira yung device. Hindi na nya madetect and sim card (any sim card). So dinala ko sa service center which they gladly replaced the unit (supposedly). After 2 weeks, nasira ulit, same problem. I didnt even touch it this time. Sa dashboard ko na nga nirereset pag nawalan ng signal (which is also another but minor problem). I didnt touch it at all tapos nasira na lang ng magisa.

    • Reuben Gibe says:

      Wala kwenta ang product na yan so for those people that planning to buy this kind of product then u must think to avoid regrets.There is a limit and easily break.

  37. Haters says:

    nakapaglabas na sila ng ganito pero wala naman silang unlimitted promos, tapos pati mga bigger data plan nila like unlisurf tinanggal pa nila. sus. 800 mb a day? kahit di mo buksan mga apps mo na required ang netconnection ubos agad yan.

  38. Reuben says:

    Wla naman tayo maggawa mga subscriber jan sa kanilang mga pakulong puro pakabig sa kanila.Palagi dehado ang subscriber sa lahat ng mga promos na nilalabas nila upang mas malaki ang kitain pa nila kaya wala na yata magandang isp sa pinas.

  39. Mel says:

    I’m planning to check out the product in person and maybe buy it since I need a 700Mhz LTE router. Anyone still experiencing the intermittent problems?

  40. Jean says:

    Bwesit toh!! Bumili kami nito tapos after 3hrs bigling nag blink2x ang signal color red.. then

  41. Jean says:

    Pinalitan nila ang unit after 8hrs lng ginamit biglang nag blink na naman ang signal, tapos hindi na talaga ma connect.. huwag na kayo bumili nito, sayang lang pera nyo sa mga prepaid dyan.. walang kwenta!!!

  42. eunie says:

    available ba talaga ang gigasurf50 sa unit na to? ung problem netong unit ok na ba?

    • Reuben says:

      para ka lang ngddata niyan sa cp mo na pang fb lng ,they only offer short limited service. Walang sense para mag avail pa ng ganito unit or service na masyado maargabyado sa subscriber.

  43. ReubenR says:

    Para naman sa smart communications inc management, e wag po sana kau maooffend sa mga negative feedbacks dito kc alam po namin na dito rin naman kau ngbbase ng review regards sa status ng product nyo na narrnasan ng mga subscribers niyo.Wg po kau mag expect ng mgandang feedbacks kung patuloy niyo pa rin d binabago ang type ng service na inooffer niyo ngaun na alam naman natin na kau lang un higit na ngbbenefit ng service na iniimplement niyo.Alam po namin na kahit ngupgrade ang system niyo ay hindi po nakatulong sa subscrber ang gnawa niyo dahil gnawa niyo mahal ang serbisyo niyo at masyado limitado po ang inooffer niyo lalo na sa mga prepaid subscribers.

  44. Jojo says:

    Bwesit kase mga network dito eh, mga gahaman sa pera akala nila madadala nila sa hukay yaman nila bwesit, babagal na ng net, nilgyan pa ng cap, tapos sa dami ng tele companies iisa lang naman talaga ang may ari kaya wala talagang kompetensya sana may pumasok na ibng network na galing sa ibang bansa ng masupal pal na tong mga gahaman nato.

    • Reuben says:

      wala e naguupgrade nga ng system pero ginipit naman ang mga subscriber hanggang sa wala ka na rin halos magamit sa service nila na palagi sila ang nakakalamang ,mahirap na nga ang bansa natin tapos dumadagdag pa sila sa pamahalan ng service.Dapat nga naiicp nla kung panu mgng affordable sa mga tao dahil bukod sa mga negosyante sila ay malaki un papel na serbisyo nila na ginagampanan sa buhay ng tao ang internet sa ngaun ay naggng necessity na pero anu gngawa ng isp natin, hays.

  45. Uno says:

    Okay ba yung post paid plan na 499? balak ko kasi kumuha ng ganun for online job lang naman sa gabi.

    • Reuben says:

      walang kasiguraduhan lalo na paggamitan mo sa pagkakakitaan.puro limited offers ang smart even mga expensive na monthly plans ay puro customer cappings ang inaabot at they are almost isp na pinakamarami customer complaints at kung ggamitin mo sa mga transaction mo e baka mmya ilaglag ka niyan sa pagtransmit mo ng data.Mapapahiya ka lang sa ktransact mo kaya be sure kung iggrab mo yan plans ng smart ksi tested na yan services nila sa sakit ng ulo.

  46. Reuben says:

    ito para sa lahat at mensahe ko na rin sa smart communications inc.,Kung isusuma total ay ang Pilipinas ang pinaka mabagal ang internet connection sa buong mundo,ang problema pa nito sa ating bansa ganun na nga ang sitwasyon ay pinapahirapan tayo ng mga may ari ng isp sa pagmahal ng services gaya ng mga subscription na puro pakabig lang sa smart at iba pa mga isp,Un dati limited offers ay inalis nila sa kadahilanan na hindi sila commited talaga na paligayahin ang mga subscribers.So concern lang sila sa kanila mga pansarili budget.Sobra ang dedication nila para sa kanila mga sarili lang.Patuloy lang sila humhanap ng bago clients para mdagdagan lang inome nila at maiwasan ang lost of profits.Ang tanung panu ba nila gngawa un syempre mapapansin naman natin over the internet at commercials on tv ang mga bago nila launch na products na sobra ang pagpapaganda ng itsura at pagpapapogi ng features.

  47. Reuben says:

    pag nasubukan mo naman ang yan at napasubo ka na lang sa subcription ay dire dredtso na hindi mo na maiiwasan as long as pumnagit o umayos lang ng kaunti ang serbisyo ng pangmadalian lamang.

  48. Ken says:

    Nagbili ako nyan ang bilis nung una, pero after 24 hours sobrang bagal na sa gabi, as in di mo na sya magagamit. Buti nalang Prepaid lang binili ko pero sayang padin and 2k. Sana may ibang network provider na dumating sa pinas para di na masayang ang monthly natin sa pagbabayad sa mga gahaman ng company.

  49. Reuben says:

    pagicpan mo na mga guys bago bumili niyan at masasayang lang pera niyo sa ganyan device.Wala naging positve halos sa service at product ng smartbro prepaid.Sa madali salita hindi ito reliable at masyado gahaman lang serbisyo nila.

  50. Jack says:

    Do not purchase this product. It is locked to smart and even though when you put a globe sim in it and it says contact operators customer service for code, they wont give you the code. Thats crap considering I paid for the modem.

    • Reuben says:

      Jack,the modem is labeled smartbro so definitely it’s locked.The modem is trade between the smart and the manufacturer of that unit.Its hard to unlocked that unit but it could be unlock by a person which is knowledgeable in programming scheme.Unfortunately you don’t think first before buying that unit.The problem in smart is their service that they implement through the subscribers.They are creating program subscription which is more greed and favorable from their own sake and the subscribers are wretched for that matters.

    • Jack says:

      Thats where your wrong, I always think before buying. I specifically asked the smart salesperson if it was openlined they said no but I could contact the service team and get it openlined. I asked was they sure and they said yes. It even tells you on the screen when you open it to contact service for the unlock code. So dont assume people to be ignorant when making purchases.

  51. Martin says:

    Hello, would you know if it supports carrier aggregation?

  52. Reuben says:

    Jack, im not just assuming as same as u think,its not just like that,in a first place u should probably giving a benefit of a doubt coz they are selling their own products ,did u see that thing that its a smartbro.Do u think that they will intoduce other seems like that ur such a kind of person that easy to believe.Anyway we r not enemies and wer both victims of their bad customer service.

  53. sandra says:

    can i attached it to a laptop or a cctv monitor? (thru the ethernet port/LAN?)

    • Reuben A. Gibe says:

      yes,u can attach it thru the ethernet port/lan ,but u might needed another router to connect and configure cctv monitor because this is a basic modem/router only.

  54. Andy says:

    I got this Smart Home Wifi as a gift from my Aunt last 25th of January. I told her that it’s useless since I’ve been using Smart (Prepaid) for 7 years now and signal in our area is too weak. The 3G signal is only 2 bars at max and internet is slow as hell on peak hours average of 0.20 Mbps. It’s only usable during off peak hours (1Mbps max), because off this I assumed 4G signal is non existent in our area . I tried to sell my Smart Home Wifi but had a hard time finding a buyer and just decided to just use it and got surprised with the result. Even though i only got 2 bars of LTE signal with 15 tries i got an average of 10Mbps down speed and 5Mbps up speed during peak hours with 15 ms of ping. I’ve been using this Home Wifi for 17 days now and my data usage is now 45GB my sim is not yet blocked. I’m very satisfied with it’s performance.

  55. Reuben A. Gibe says:

    Andy,anyway its good for u but in the other way we know that the smartbro has only a limited promo only with volume usage base on your subscription.I don’t know what 45gb usage are u talking about but i think its ur usage from the past since u buy first that device.There’s only surfmax 50 valid only for one day with 800mb usage.So when u reach up that exact volume usage then ur connection will be slow and throttled.What’s so happy about that smartbro?

  56. John Michael says:

    Hey i have this smartbro prepaid i been using it only for 3 weeks and, i think its already broken. Because i loaded at10 3 times, and i have mobile data but i cant surf. Is there a way to fix it? Plss help me.

    • Reuben A. Gibe says:

      why don’t you try to call smartbro call center hotline @”*888″ without quotation.They might be help to fix that kind of issue.

  57. cheng sulevares says:

    mine got disconnected, even tho the thing still have a load.

  58. Jhon Paul Del Valle says:

    Mas maganda yung sa globe kase pwede mong ma openline yun para pwede pasukan ng kahit anong Simcard Globe/Smart etc, tapos may antenna for external. at connect up to 32 Devices.

  59. Wayne says:

    Hello. I have a SmartBro Home LTE device. Model: Evoluzn FX-ID3. For the past 2 weeks or so it has been dropping the connection. It displays No Bars and says “Limited Service”. I need to reboot the router to regain the connection. It does this 2 to 3 times an hour. It is very inconvenient.

  60. makalatog says:

    how can i change the apn of this router wifi, please reply.

  61. JRDC says:

    How is the smart home lte wifi in Taytay, Rizal? Appreciate any feedback :)

  62. James Ang says:

    Its unreliable internet provider.. If you don’t want to stress yourself don’t try it just read comments and reviews and you will found out…Im also a subscriber of this ISP and i felt like im not enjoying what I am paying. My location is in Cubao, Quezon City.. I already called their Tech Support at first day it change a bit but the next day same problem I reported is happening.. Unstable internet connection considering my location..

  63. James Emerson Kho says:

    Authentication problem lumalabas :( di ako makaconnect sa WiFi kaya hindi ako makapag log in sa smart :(

  64. Fred says:

    I just purchased Smart’s Home Wifi and I did try to avail the Flexitime promo but it’s not working.
    Any suggestions?

    • rgibe says:

      Unfortunately,flexitime promo is no longer available on smartbro and theres nothing we can do to avail such a pathetic promos that they offer as of now.

  65. andrew says:

    Smart Bro Home Boost Promos

    These are exclusive promos for Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Home WiFi subscribers. Smart Home Boost allows subscribers to enjoy all the online activities they want while boosting their internet speeds up to 42MBPS. These promos are also stackable.

    To register, text BOOST15 to 9999/2200
    Load amount: 15 Pesos
    Validity: 1 day
    Promo details: 1GB data (must be loaded with Giga Surf 50 or Surf Max Plus loads or Home Boost 50 and above, with at least 250MB data left)

    To register, text BOOST50 to 9999/2200
    Load amount: 50 Pesos
    Validity: 3 days
    Promo details: 1GB data + 300MB for Youtube, Spinnr, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Dubsmash, Pokemon Go +UNLI SMS to all network

    HOME BOOST 100
    To register, text BOOST100 to 9999/2200
    Load amount: 100 Pesos
    Validity: 1 day
    Promo details: 3GB data

    HOME BOOST 349
    To register, text BOOST349 to 9999/2200
    Load amount: 349 Pesos
    Validity: 10 days
    Promo details: 10GB data

    HOME BOOST 599
    To register, text BOOST599 to 9999/2200
    Load amount: 599 Pesos
    Validity: 30 days
    Promo details: 15GB data
    sabi ng smart…..
    Apologies for the late response, andrew. Yes that’s true we offer Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Home WiFi for only P1,995.00 if you avail this you will get a 10GB free data allocation for 7 days! Smart Bro LTE Home WiFi is offered for a limited time only until November 30, 2018. So hurry up and avail it now! Also, our Home Boost promos are still offered for our Smart Bro subscribers. Hope this clarifies.

  66. Ann says:

    Reuben gibe

    Ang sama ng ugali mo as in sobrang sama!!! I really hate the way you approach…

  67. marckoYu says:

    I just want to know if Giga Surf 299 will work with Home Boost 15 or any other Home Boost.

  68. Mike says:

    will it work on sun cellular sim?

    • Oscar says:

      Yes Mike sun sim will work on it as they are same company. I just visited sun shop and said to go to smart shop to configure.

  69. Disgruntled Subscriber says:

    Just a waste of money. When I bought this kind of modem last April 2018, I was getting at least 15mbps on frequency band 28 (700mhz) and I was subscribed to Home Boost LTE, meaning data cap does not apply because you pay for the data. Unfortunately, even being subscribed to a data package does not save you from their unforgiving capping.

    After a few research, i found out that the modem can receive Band 1 (2100mhz) and band 3 (1800mhz) which I can manually choose in my LTE capable phone. I used a smart sim card and my phone performed well on 1800mhz at 20mbps (slowest). I was able to modify the smart bro home lte device by attaching an external antenna. At first I was able to receive band 3 and it was able to give me an internet speed of at least 17mbps. But after a while it slowed down to the point that you cannot even browse the internet.

    Conclusion: USELESS. Better apply for a cable internet for your home than rely on this kind of product even if you are willing to pay for the data. Prepaid users are at the mercy of these telco giants.

  70. tom says:

    Hi! Just wanted to ask if PLDT Home Wifi w/ Smart LTE, you know the one with the red box PLDT has just recently released? can it be used with Smartbro LTE Sim? Just recently I’m having a hard time connecting to the net. Thanks.

  71. Yob says:

    pwdy ba tong sim natuh ma insert sa ibang device gaya ng huwei b315 – 936?

    • Yob,ang sagot ay hindi dahil ang aparato ito ay nakadisenyo lamang sa smart at nakalock lang sa kanila network.Maaunlock yan pero mahirap hanapin dahil kung mayroon man may bayad at hindi ka naman ssagutin ng smart tungkol sa unlocking ng device kasi negosyo nila yan.Pero kung maunlock mo man yan hindi rin maganda ang performance kasi ang base pan niyan ay nkadesign lang tlaga sa smart.iba kasi ang device na originally openline kesa pinasadya lang ng company sa isang manufacturer.

  72. arnie albero says:

    how can i connect this to my desktop.

  73. Amadeus says:

    May binili ako last year neto at di ko maayaso nagamit dahil may dsl naman.Sinubukan mo gamitin pero nag bi blink na na lang at di na maka konek sa internet gaya sa ibang problema.dito.bumili ako ng panibagong smart bro sim.pero di pa din maka konek. May nag aayos ba nito?

  74. Dyan says:

    While I’m applying for pocket wifi in Tarlac, they told me to wait for 30 to 40 min but it’s been an hour that I was waiting for the approval of the plan. I don’t know who takes care of the processing of that but it seems like Smart are not taking care well of their newly customer. I worked to customer support before and the first thing that you should think is that you’re not wasting the time of your clients! Please Smart fix this because you’ll not gain the trust of your client if you treat them poorly and this is a bad reputation to your company. Thanks.

  75. louie says:

    bakit ang bilis maubos ang 1gb ? fb lang na man ang gamjt ko..

  76. HAZEL SANTIAGO says:

    is there any expiration of the sim card? I have not used this for more or less 4mos

  77. Zhun says:

    Dito sa brgy Rizal, makati, Smartbro unlimited ko, lagi wala signal. Buti pa smart LTE prepaid ko, ilang months na namabilis.

  78. Eugene Cobero says:

    Can I combine gigasurf99 and homeboost15?

  79. Stoic says:

    The battery life?

  80. Stoic says:

    How long tge battery life???

  81. jase says:

    i bought smart post paid pocket wifi. It is very slow in cavite. no signal most of the time. the average speed i get is 0.2mbps. I tried it from dasmarinas to tanza. the only place na malakas siya is sm bacoor area at orchard and daan hari in from of vermosa. where you can get 5mbps speed, the rest you have to wait for infinity for the page to load choppy and streaming kung meron ka makuha. mabilis lang ang upload speed of 15 to 30 mbps pero download wala. wala wala

  82. jase says:

    and becasue you signed a lockin period of 12 months. babayaran mo kahit wala ka service.

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