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Going Mobile with SmartBro Share It

Last Saturday, I signed up for the unlimited Plan 999 of SmartBro Share It. It was locked for 24 months but they have a promo where you can buy a computer set (Intel Core Dual Core E2200 2.2GHz) for just Php4,000.

There were two main reasons why I got SmartBro Share It:

  • I already have PLDT myDSL Plan 1999 at home and have been using it for 5 years now. However, I’ve been having problems with it lately (slow connection to no connection at times). I was looking for a secondary DSL service in my area to serve as backup (options were Sky Broadband, Globe Broadband, SmartBro).
  • I’m always on the road or outside and I also need 3G service (I already gave away my 2 Globe Tattoo Prepaid kits since I only get EDGE/GPRS connections most of the time. I also have 3 SmartBro PlugIt Prepaid kits but none of them would seem to work anymore). It would be nice to have some sort of uninterrupted wifi internet access inside the car.



I needed something portable and has unlimited service and looks like ShareIt fits the bill. Now, it’s always plugged inside the car broadcasting an open wifi where ever I go.

I was told the service covers all of greater Metro Manila and neighboring provinces, I guess you can bring this out of town (Tagaytay perhaps) and still get some decent internet connection (hopefully). The wifi router is just a bonus if you’re in a group that always bring a laptop with them.

My next step is either downgrade my DSL service at home and get that dual-WAN load-balancing router from DLink.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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62 Responses

  1. manong says:

    i always think this is the best device and plan for those who are looking for cheap and efficient fixed (also portable) wireless broadband…

    those usb modems are overpriced at 899… should be 399… or maybe if they double as a usb drive (8gb INCLUDED not OPTIONAL)

  2. petken says:

    does it work with 3g phones when used as a modem?

  3. petken says:

    what speeds are you getting?

  4. yuga says:

    @petken – so far, between 1.6Mbps to 2.2Mbps

  5. ron says:

    abe, do they still offer the 4k for the e2200 desktop promo?

  6. yuga says:

    @ron – i was told they only offered it that day because there were only 30 units of them.

  7. ron says:

    @abe, just curious, what came with the computer that they gave out for just 4k? i was told by my sister a week ago to drop by megamall to check out this promo of smart, i could not believe it then since selling a computer like that will definitely cost more than 4k, it did not make sense to me.

    till now, it still doesn’t seem to make sense.

  8. cmark says:

    can i buy this share it router then use my sun broadband sim on it???

  9. ron says:

    @cmark, that’s a bit amusing :-)

    but you do not need to be stuck with smart so you can use your sun broadband sim in their 3g router. there are other sellers of a simmilar featured modem/router. yuga posted one of those before, i think they’re more affordable now though, you just need to shop around.

    but whether smart’s share it router is going to work with your sun broadband sim is something i’d like to know too.

  10. Dave Starr says:

    My eyes are green. I’ve tried for amonth now just to get Smart to sell this service to me here in Marilao (in the province but in sight of the smoke of Makati LoL). Not available. Bad signal. Uograding someday, don’t know when.

    Smart opened a whole special sales booth to sell this product in the SM Mall, but they don’t _have_ a product to sell. Sayang.

    Oh, and when I asked the sales rep specifically if I could use it mobile the answer, “Hindo po, fixed location only, against our terms of service.”

    Once again the lesson comes home … there are two Philippines .. those who live in Metro Manila and the rest of the country who must be kept down. ‘Let them eat cake’ ;-)

  11. jill says:


    You said Metro Manila only. I haven’t been to the City (Davao) for almost a week now, and I want to know if they have this service here. Do you happen to know, sir Abe? TY.

  12. Biggie9385 says:

    @abe, does your share-it automatically restarts at night then the green light (the third from the top) keeps on blinking? I finally got my replacement router and it does that thing. I even took a video of it, just in case this will continue.

  13. yuga says:

    @ron – Intel Dual Core E2200 2.2GHz, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 40GB HDD, 15″ AOC monitor.

    @Biggie9385 – haven’t noticed it yet. will let you know if ever.

    @jill – not sure which cities it is available but you can call *1888 from your Smart Cellphone or dial 02-6727277 to inquire.

    @cmark – you can get an Edimax 3G router instead.

    @dave – hahaha! I have this feeling the rest of the islands will still be on EDGE/GPRS even if MM already gets 10MBps over 3G.

  14. nanayMo says:

    Let’s look at that “unlimited” spiel. Is it really? I heard you are given just 90 hours per month (up to 5 computers), and charge you 0.35/min in excess. At least that’s what their flyer said. Or, do you have a different account?

  15. luga says:

    yuga would you recommend smarts’ share it? whats your rating for internet satisfaction from 1-lowest to 10-highest?

  16. yuga says:

    @nanaymo – it used to be just 90 hours per month but they now made it unlimited.

    @luga – too early to comment.

  17. nanayMo says:

    @sir Abe: thank you.

    @Dave Starr: Similar sentiments here. MM really gets all the goodies. It has been said before in other pages here that we have to live with it (from where we are). For lack of something better, that is. LOL.

  18. petken says:

    @Sir yuga, have you tried the sim using your 3Gphone? Does it work?

  19. Jes says:

    I just had Globe Broadband 1MBps installed in my house yesterday. They have a 30-day trial period for free. Problem is, it doesn’t share the connection.

    I wanted to get this ShareIt when it was still on 12-month lock-in period. Now its 24-months but with free router.

    Should I ditch my Globe and get this?

  20. dhors says:

    hi! does the Smart Bro share it can accomodate anywhere? what’s the speed?

  21. Biggie9385 says:

    Based on Smart wireless, sim can only be used on the router. but when they replaced my router, they still retained my old sim. i think they may have something in their system to link the sim to the router. speed is good. was able to get 210KB/s speed while downloading ubuntu thru torrent.

  22. cmark says:

    @petken- i tried to put my sun broadband sim on my hsdpa enabled phone before and it does work. you just need to tweek the settings specially the access point on your phone.

    @yuga & any1 who knows- i looked it up on ebay, and that edimax 3g router cost almost 4k. do you know of a place where i can get that for like around 2k or less?? tnx

  23. Communicator says:

    SMART Bro Share it with antenna connection possible to give a much better signal with the antenna outside. Manual is also here

  24. Hi Abe,

    So you subscribed with Smart Bro Share it. Do you have to pay for the router or you only need to have an initial payment of 999. (I have read from their website that 999 MSF +2500 for the router? I’m confused)

    You also mentioned(other post) that the sim could be used in a 3g HSDPA modem or Phone. Could you please confirm it if it works.

    @dave starr, I hop you don’t mean that the router can only be in one “Cell” area only as abe is using it in his car. or are you just referring to the use of the sim in the mobile phone?

    FYI: Location Iloilo and Aklan, Smart Bro Plugit has amazing speeds here.

  25. Boffill says:

    Do you have any blog post about getting the PC for 4,000?? Anyway, thanks for this one Abe, this one is really useful!

  26. sylv3rblade says:

    I’m currently looking at several smart shops for that 4k PC offer.. no luck so far. :(

  27. yuga says:

    @bofill – didn’t post much about it because the promo was just for 1 day only.

    @sylv3rblade – don’t think it’s still available since they said it was made for the Smart B Free Day only.

    @stefan – it was Php999 for 24 months and the router is free. will check if it works on a 3g phone.

    @petken – will try and reply back.

    @cmark – how about a second hand unit at eBay or TipidPC?

    @dhors – 2Mbps max and only works in greater Metro Manila (depending on where you are subscribed).

    @jes – if your current provider is doing well, stick with it for the meantime. can’t guarantee Share It performance this early.

  28. Calvin says:

    yes! makaka-check na rin ako ng mail pag nakasakay sa kotse mo. hehehe.

  29. renatski says:

    the unlimited internet sim from sun works on my iphone just change the apn to fbband. mind u that my its jailbroken

  30. cmark says:

    ok tnx. will the speed of my broadband provider diminish/ be divided to each device if i use the 3g router???

  31. Hi yuga,

    Would like to ask about the security of the wireless router? does it have a configuration that I can restrict the connection to my self and not to those WiFi thieves that pass by my house.?

    Also, please confirm to me that the the router is not only for a single cell site area. I working here in Iloilo and my hometown is Aklan(176km distance difference) and plan to take it home with me during the holidays. Please confirm this please. Planning to subscribe to it next week. :)


  32. manong says:

    i’m sure u r on the smart payroll if u keep on answering these questions… hehehe!

    i believe the word “comment” isn’t synonymous with “question”… leave the FAQ in the SMARTBRO website

  33. Jes says:

    Thanks for the sensible advise, yuga! I’ll try out my Globe broadband within its free 30-day trial period.

    Any suggestion as to what brand and model to get for a wifi router? Anything around 2K?

  34. Biggie9385 says:

    Yes. the share it router comes with mac filtering and also you can disable the wifi. its has also those WPA, WEP and other security things. :)

    I think the router is not tied to a single cell cite. I am living in talisay city, cebu and the wireless center is in mabolo, cebu city (more than 16Km from where I live). They tested my router in wireless center and they told me that the signal is ok (steady) and it has internet connection.

  35. sylv3rblade says:

    @sir abe
    aww.. too bad.

  36. jumy says:

    hi, unfortunately, smartbro shareit is locked to only 3 cellsites. it’s not actually intended to be used outdoors. i do have a friend working on smart :-)

  37. jumy says:

    also, the speed basically depends on the cellsite serving you. if that cellsite is HSPA capable, lucky you! but if its only 3G (or 2g kung malas ka :-) ), you’ll not enjoy that “shareable” internet speed…

  38. @Biggie Thanks. Talisay, Bacolod? and Cebu.. nice

    @jumy do we have the option to choose those 3 cell sites…

    Actually I really dont get why would smart offer the 1500(unlimited plugit) and 999(unlimited shareit) at the different prices but they are still using the same technology(2G, 3G, or HSDPA). Theres got to be some difference between the two.

  39. gretchen says:

    wow, how lucky you must be for being able to avail 1 of the 30 desktops. im jealous, i wanted to buy one for my parents.

    anyway, please post another entry if you experience any problems. speed more than 1mbps would be great compared to their old 300+ something speed which i have right now, which is terrible but tolerable. that’s why im having doubts of upgrading, cause i dont usually have problems with smartbro, just this once when they didnt want to send a technician and kept telling me that the problem was my laptop. well the problem is, unfortunately, im a notch better than their tech support, after 3 hours of talk with the supervisor, they finally sent out a technician and it did fix my problem-turns out its a cabling issue. well aside from that, never ever had any headaches with it. i hope this new shareit product is good. i would love to have a better speed.

    i got carried away right there, hehe, sorry for the rant

    thanks again though, this is a lot of help!

  40. Biggie9385 says:

    @stefan13. its talisay city, cebu. and the wireless center is in mabolo, cebu city. all in cebu province. distance between the two is about 16Km. :)

  41. patrickross says:


    The service is tied to a province, and not to just 3 celsites. a part of the application process is for the customer care officers to check if there is HSPA signal in your area, from the wireless cener.

  42. @Biggie.. Oh Sorry, thought it was Talisay, Bacolod. Mixed up with Talisay, Cebu… hehe.

    How long does it take to apply in this service? How many days? do you get the router immediately after the first payment?



  43. Biggie9385 says:

    @stefan. Smart told me that it would take max of 3days. this includes checking my area if it has 3.5G signal. as soon as you submit you application, pray hard that they have available supply ‘coz it took almost a week after they approve my application since they don;t have available unit daw. :) OT. is the road from iloilo to aklan OK? my home town is mambusao. :D

  44. kiko says:

    i have smart bro canopy. 1) pwede bang ipa router to. remote kc lugar ko. no 3g. 2) may netbook (asus 1005 HE)na N na ang capabilities. pwede bang gamitan ng G series na router? G series pa ata itong asus eee desktop ko. 3) kung maglagay ako ng N router, pwede pa ba makapick up ung asus eee desktop ko? please help me

  45. I just asked a Sales rep here in Iloilo and she said it is locked only to Iloilo… hmmm. I’m not really sure if what she said was true.. Well anyway.. I’ll try to ask her again.. or some other sales agent…

    I have a prepaid dongle from smart my areas(iloilo and Aklan) has 3.5g signal.

    Off topic: hehe taga Mambusao ka pala… medyo OK na yung daan… yung 4 hours ko na byahe 3 hours na uli… hehe…

  46. victor says:

    if you want to inquire or apply share it smartbro,or pldt dsl just call or tex 09285244365 my name is victor

  47. patrickross says:

    If your device is Wireless N already, it’s backwards compatible with A/B/G signals. You can also use a wireless N router attached to the Share-It router’s LAN port.

    Yes, it’s locked into a province – SmartBro Share-It, that is. It’s different from the Plug-It modems, which you can bring anywhere.

  48. MoMoja says:

    Ask ko lang..

    since lilipat kami ng bahay sa may eastwood city… may mga friend ba kayo na nakashareit sa eastwood?

    kasi may prob e mabagal daw ang net sa kanila.. they don’t know pa ung provider kung Destiny, Globe or PLDT..

    alam lang nila PABX..

    di ba device un?

  49. kiko says:


    ty for your reply. i want to maintain my smartbro canopy. its currently connected to my asus eeebox desktop. can i attach an N router to the canopy to also serve my asus 1005he netbook. in effect, my desktop becomes wireless too. but my question is, can it function well with an N router.

  50. patrickross says:


    I checked the specs for the eee box (http://event.asus.com/eeepc/microsites/eeebox/en/specifications.html), and it’s b/g/n compatible. Using an N-grade router will offer you the best connection. The SmartBro canopy uses a standard LAN cable, which directly plugs into your router.


  51. kiko says:


    thanks. thats a big help indeed. so, can i install a router in my house even if their is no 3g in the area. i stay in a remote place kc. ty

  52. patrickross says:


    Yes, you can. You’ll be using WiFi signals broadcasted by your router, which will connect you to your canopy, and then to the internet.

  53. sonnydesign says:

    Hi Sir Yuga, can you recommend smartbro share it for small computer shop(6-8 units)? PLDT line is not yet available in the area. If somebody use it for computer shop please share your experience. thank you in advance

  54. christian says:

    hello, its not wifi?? you use ROUTER to plug in Smart Bro?

    i dont think, Smart Bro Wifi has WIFI.. i only think that Smart Bro is using ROUTER (via WIFI).. is that right?

  55. shahibaaz says:


    please do not buy or subscribe to smartbro share it.it will be pain in the ass kinda thing.i got it on plan 999 a month ago .it works well for first 5 days,im getting around 2mbps at night and in day time around 1 mbps.
    but after 5 days suddenly it stop working at all.you can open the browser and it will stuck there.since then i called smart cs so many times but they always hinge ng sorry for bad connection and tells me that their technical team is working on it.and now its around a month it works now a week ago but the speed im getting is no more tan 250kbps.
    so i stoppped using share it and switch back to my smartbro canopy witch i was decided to disconnect due to have my share it.
    its so annyoing.(sorry for my grammer).i dont know what to do.ANYBODY ANY SUGGESTIONS?

  56. quishiamei says:

    i agree because im also suffering with my share it and im planning to switch to other ISP’s.

  57. Suszv says:

    great info here! thanks!

  58. ramayogini says:


    I am planning to get a Smartbro Share-it Plan. Can you now comment on their service? Is it good or bad? Would you recommend it?

  59. leah says:

    im planning to get a smartbro, could it be possible in valenzuela since i am a residence in that location?…

  60. R.O.M.E.L.O. says:

    Smartbro doesn’t offer Share It anymore and from my experience with PLDT. They don’t allow downgrades. :(

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