Smart vs. Globe: Prepaid LTE Home WiFi Comparison

Smart vs. Globe: Prepaid LTE Home WiFi Comparison

You asked for it so we’re giving it to you — after using and reviewing both the Globe Prepaid LTE Home WiFi and the Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Home WiFi, we compare the two and check out what’s different and which one is better.

Form Factor

Both the Globe and Smart WiFi devices are light and compact, although the latter is slightly smaller in overall size. The Smart router comes in matte black and less conspicuous with a printed logo branding at the front while the Globe router comes in white and uses a poorly placed sticker logo at the front. It’s obvious that the Globe router was hastily packaged while Smart managed to produce a well thought-out design.

In fairness to Globe, Smart had more than 6 months (after Globe went to market) to conceptualize and release their own version.

The Globe device has a single LAN port, just like the one from Smart but the latter also has a dedicated power switch and reset button. Props to Globe for placing a sticker at the back with a guide and manual on how to reload the SIM card while the one from Smart is included in a separate documentation (you need to keep it just in case).

Both devices use a 12V power that plugs into the wall outlet. In fact, the power rating is identical that you can use either cable to power the two devices. This also means you can plug this into the 12V power socket in your car.


Both devices have their our Administration panel which is accessible via the local network ( although Smart’s added a shortcut to it by going to, which is easier to remember.

Globe’s WiFi Admin Panel

For Globe, all the settings are already pre-configured. The main page will show the status of the cellular connection (and signal strength), router status/information and network information. You don’t need to touch anything here are everything is all set up for you.

We also like that Globe has a dedicated app for this.

The only section that you will have to regularly use would be the built-in SMS feature. This is where you send out text messages to subscribe to GOSURF and SUPERSURF promos.

Smart’s WiFi Admin Panel

In the case of the Smart WiFi router, the administration panel looks the same with almost identical features. We also like the idea that there’s a link to the Data Usage Monitor that directs you to the MySmart dashboard.

Once you load credits, you can also subscribe to either can just subscribe to any of the FlexiTime, SurfMax or GigaSurf plans.

Speed and Coverage

Smart claims their Prepaid LTE Home WiFi has a theoretical speed of up to 42Mbps which is the standard for an LTE connection. On the other hand, Globe has made no claims as to the top speed their Prepaid Home WiFi can achieve but we reckon it should also be 42Mbps.

What we confirmed though is that both devices support Band 28 700MHz LTE frequency which makes it better for indoor use (it can better penetrate buildings and thick walls).


Both Globe and Smart have nationwide coverage but it is best to check first if your home or office has good LTE signal reception. The best way to test this is to buy a prepaid LTE SIM card and try it out with any LTE-capable smartphone. You can do random speed tests during the day and night to see the average downstream and upstream speed of the network.

Globe speed test in Makati and Taguig.

Smart speed test in Makati and Taguig.

As for the speed of the network, this is very dependent on your location. In some areas that we tested, Globe was faster while in other areas, Smart was better.

Another independent research (based on crowdsourced data by users) we can base this is from the B.A.S.S. app (more about it here).

Blue: Globe, Green: Smart, Yellow: Sun Cellular

If we use the BASS app as the reference for network coverage, then we can assume that Globe has faster average speed in most areas as pointed out by the data submissions.

Cost and Data Plans

The Prepaid LTE Home WiFi are both sold at Php1,995 for Smart and Globe. They both have 10GB of free data right out of the box.

The difference between them would be the data plans and promos.

Smart SurfMax 85: Php85 for 2 days at 800MB per day
Smart SurfMax 250: Php250 for 7 days at 800MB per day

Smart GigaSurf 50: 1GB + 300MB video app + unli all-net text for 3 days at Php50
Smart GigaSurf 299: 2GB + 1.1GB video app + unli all-net text for 30 days at Php299

Globe GoSURF50: 1GB + 100MB Instagram + 300MB for app of choice + Unli Allnet Texts for 3 days at Php50
Globe GoSURF299: 1.5GB + 100MB Instagram + 1GB for app of choice for 30 days at Php299

Globe SuperSURF50: 800MB per day for 1 day at Php50
Globe SuperSURF200: 800MB per day for 5 days at Php200

Also worth noting that only Smart offers a Postpaid Plan (see plan and pricing here).


While it’s hard to pinpoint which one is the clear winner here, we have to narrow down to the finer points. Basically, any potential user for these kinds of device will really prioritize good coverage and speed over anything else.

In terms of device quality, we prefer the one from Smart. In terms of data plans, they’re practically tied with each other (not a surprise here). In terms of nationwide coverage, it seems Globe has the upper hand here (based on the BASS app).

Frankly, we’re calling it a tie — just get the one that has better signal in your area.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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38 Responses

  1. Vin says:

    Better globe even in provinces, mas ok na prepaid nila ngyn, if globe postpaid sim plus 1500php na on top of the bill (dina 501php) sila starting this month ng increase na bill shock nila, better prepaid to monitor usage, sa smart sometimes kahit lte signal throtlle speed pero pg 12am-5am ang bilis pg tulog na user parusa..

  2. Maiba Lang says:

    I’m skeptical about these offerings kasi bumabagal at paputol-putol na yung connection after 1 or 2 months.

  3. el gato says:

    tie na lang baka mawalang ng sponsor. ?
    agree ako don sa puntong lamang ang globe sa coverage sa probinsiya. yung promise ng globe na magkakaroon ng lte coverage along the national highway, natupad sa amin.

    kung walang data cap o mas malaking data cap para sa postpaid globe lte (huawei b593), malamang mas dadami pa ang globe lte subscribers.

    tama yung comment ni Vin, mabilis ang internet kapag tulog na ang nakakaraming subscribers.

    sana dapat gawin ng mga telco sa postpaid plans:
    DATA Capping 10AM-12MN
    unli surfing 12MN-10AM

    • snappy_phil says:

      sana dapat gawin ng mga telco sa postpaid plans:
      DATA Capping 10AM-12MN
      unli surfing 12MN-10AM

      May telco ng gumawa nito dati, nakalimutan ko na kung sino, kaso binawi din, inabuso eh. Habang tulog nagdodownload pa rin. lol

  4. Jude says:

    Or just get the one that does not bloat your files when downloading. Smart is notorious in this area. I made experiments myself because I noticed this when I downloaded an image on messenger using globe, it is somewhere at 82kb. But somehow, I had deleted the image. When I used smart and downloaded same image at messenger (at same location), it is somewhere at 120Kb. I made experiments, 5 in all, downloading same image using both smart and globe at different places, Smart came out as the most volume. So, by volume, mas malaki ang kinakain ng smart kaya madali maubos ang data plan mo.

  5. Nilo.raul says:

    They don’t give good service we are the lowest in Asia the are always thinking of profits without helping the best for the country

  6. both suck and cheat ur data!
    they both been around long enough but seem to not upgrade very much to give better service to cutomers.
    my experience living 5 yrs in pinas

    • JURA says:


  7. lets get other networks here!!

  8. Drew_C says:

    I have subscribed with Smart Bro LTE Postpaid. So far its okay in my Area even though the signal light is Red, still can stream in HD, Speedtest on Red Light still high at 7mbps. Was a bit disappointed at first that you cannot subscribe to all the promos available on prepaid (Im looking at you SurfMax 299).

  9. bong mendez says:

    parehas lang magugulang…mabagal then ubos na load/data mo..

  10. Vicor30 says:

    Go for good tayo sa foreign telecom co.hinaharang ng mga bwetre ang mga nag aaply na telecom co dto sa pinas ng [email protected] payagan na cla mag operate dto para magkaroon ng magandang serbisyo sa mamayang pilipino.sad truth!

  11. Jaja says:

    Already have Globe home first ok sya..but nung nagdown ang system nila then nagrestore after few days..di ko na magamit ng maayos ung wifi..naging mahina na ang signal..sayang nmn!sana pwede ko cya iswap sa smart..hehehe just kidding..kaya now im planning to sell my globe home wifi in a cheaper price.slightly use lng cya..wish ko lang maging fair sana both network sa atin..hirap kase na nananakaw load mo at mabilis ang bawas kahit slow ang signal..non sense ang wifi..?

  12. criks says:

    sa quezon city area near e rod san mas malakas? dapat ung review sinabi nya city by city kung san malakas.

  13. franco says:

    nakaka internet naman ako kahit tethering lang. hahahahah. tawa mode.

  14. petr says:

    poor internet, ? no one is control the Internet Company.
    i pay 1500 for 20 Mbps (never received !!!) clark Cable :(
    my speed only in the nignt 3,0 – 6,0 Mbps
    Daytime 0,03 to 1,5 Mbps !!!
    If somebody is controll the Job of the Internet Company and see, that to many
    Customer are connecting to one Internet Port and see this is not ok.
    Make big Money with tousends, Milions Customer but not Invest in more Hardware and More Ports for the Internet.
    I wonder that all the Pinoy Customer are Ok with this ?!?
    Look: if you go to the Gas Station and buy 20 Liter Gas, and the Boy from the Gas Station give You maybe 3,0 to 6,0 Liter Gas in the Night, and Daytime give You 0,03 to 1 Liter Gas.
    So whtat is your reaktion ??? You will be angry ?? or you will be happy ???

  15. Paola says:

    Can you also compare the speed of Globe LTE Mobile WiFi and Globe at Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi

  16. Carlo says:

    Globe Prepaid Home Wifi user here. I got 12Mbps speed so far. Makati area.

  17. Ernie Cortes says:

    i got a smart one so i can use it at camiling tarlac. my asus max and huawei gr5 could only managed to pickup Edge and occasional hspa its useless. with this device i was able to get lte and was pleasantly surprised that it was very fast av eraging 30mbps

  18. Reuben A. Gibe says:

    parehas lang nman yan ng inooffer at limited promos.

  19. Veen says:

    Can someone help me in terms of the speed and coverage those in Carmona Cavite? Anyone from here tried either one of them and what is your recommendation?

  20. Say says:

    I bought a globe prepaid wifi and it is a disappointment on my part. Even if the signal strength is very strong, I couldn’t even connect to the internet. I texted the seller and they sent someone else to check on the unit but it seems like they are doubting me. Bakit kinain ko ba yung internet at di ako makaconnect. Kinuha nila yung device para daw ipatest whatsoever pero after 3 days binalik. Tinest na naman namin. I showed them proof na defective talaga pero ayaw irefund ni hindi mapalitan yung unit nagexpire na nga yung free data niya ni hindi ko nagamit. Ang ginawa is reset tapos binalik sa akin pero ang hina na naman mas talo pa ng data lang galing sa phone.

    • Sars says:

      The manual on my galaxy s5 says that s5 is upto 150MBPS… no globe no smart can do this even fiber links. But pinas telcos are banchuts… I AM test bahrain at 80MBPS that 2GB data pinis in less than one hour downloading win 8.1 to win10.

      In my house i tested globe x2 wifi by FAST netflix reaches 20MBPS …using globe LTE SIM … using galaxy j2 globe huts 25MBPS top…same SIM. PLDT tops 1.5MBPS INBUILT SIM ALL SAME LOCATION.
      .. using j2 OR ANY LTE CELLPHONE IS BETTER so you can install 3g watchdog to count data .
      .. GLOBE DOWNSPEEDS YOU WHEN YOU REACH 800MB data download to 5kbps .. with UNLI INTERNET promo . I AM chequing SMART if they also DOWNSPEED after 800MB data download using my J2 LTE cp…
      .. I AM USING zoom too much dancing partying no need social distancing on other cable tip…. globe eats 800MB after ONLY 1 (one) hour.. . So I AM mute sound and off video my .. makes 1.5 hour is 800MB … then globe DOWNSPEEDS TO 5KBPS ye cUnt breath . Beery paany (very funny).

  21. Say says:

    Nakakatawa yung sabi nung agent nila sa akin kasi sabi ko fibr kasi yung connection namin. Mas mabilis ba to kesa yun. Sabi: Ay fibr kasi ma’am mas mabilis to. Globe prepaid wifi sucks. Imagine very strong yung signal tapos ni hindi ka makaconnect sa internet. Yung tipong kailangan mo nga kaya binili mo tapos excited ka gamitin pero wala palang silbi.Ayusin nyo products nyo wag puro pera.

  22. Jo Malvas says:

    I was really wondering if any of these two can be used anywhere? I mean, does it work like a pocket wifi na pwede mo dalhin kahit saan? or is it locked on one place?

    • Elle says:

      Makiki-reply na rin. Haha Late.

      YES. yung Globe home prepaid dinala ko sa school (10-11 mbps), para ma-consume ko lang yung 10gb na free. Ok naman. Mas malakas signal sa bahay (20-24 mbps).

      May times lang na kelangan ulit-ulitin i-on and off. Kasi kahit malakas signal sa area, RED light. so off and on ulit tas antayin mo mag-BLUE/ CYAN.

  23. dgdc says:

    Ok sana kung pd kabitan ng antenna ung mga toh, kaso mukang wala cla port pra s external antennas…

  24. Say says:

    cupang arayat, pampanga 9.7mbps

  25. James says:

    Hi, anyone from Quezon City (especially Balara, Diliman, Batasan, or anywhere in Q.C.) owns either of these?

    Feedback regarding the connection quality of both? (Speed, and consistency) Mukhang mas maraming complaints yung sa Globe. Lesser evil than PLDT/Smart’s prepaid, maybe?

    So, anyone? Feedback?

    • topipay says:

      PLDT LTE HOME WIFI gamit ko sir .. balara area lang din ako .. mas okey ang signal ng smart compare sa globe dun sa location.

  26. Choi says:

    Kabibili q Lang NG globe at home wifi .
    Malakas ung signal indicator.
    4-3 bars. .
    Kaso parang 3g,2g UNG bilis .

    Smart Sana bibilhin q kso walang available .
    Ayun .

    Useless .
    1999 p nmn price nya dito s bora

  27. Thukmol says:

    Bakit kasi may data capping nklgay sa promo unlisurf tpos hnggng 800mb lng per day anu kya un.. preho lng sila kupal ganid s pera.. d2 s ibng bnsa unli mura pa, nung unanf install ng globe home prepaid ko ok mbilis tumtgal bumbgal.. nka2walang gana.. sana my 3rd telco n

  28. Hannah says:

    Hi. May I know if any of these two support external antenna?

  29. Smart is better in terms of stability.

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