Recommended third-party chargers less than 2k PHP (2023)

Buying charging adapters isn’t as simple as it may seem. You’d have to consider how many ports you need, how fast the adapter charges your device, and also the overall use case of the charger for your own personal use.

So let’s check out a list of 10 recommended third-party chargers that are all under PHP 2,000!

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

3rd Party Chargers Featured

Romoss AC65H 65W Quick Charger

If you’re looking for a basic charger that’s one of the best values for your money then check out the Romoss AC65H 65W Quick Charger that comes in at even under PHP 1,000 at just PHP 974 at the time of writing on Lazada 15 or Shopee 12.


It features 2 USB-C ports that can deliver 65W fast charging individually and 1 USB-A port that can also deliver 45W of power which is more than enough to quickly charge most of your smartphones and tablets, and even laptops.


Rocoren 100W GaN Charger

If you want to step things up a bit though, check out the Rocoren 100W GaN Charger as it carries 3 USB-C ports with two of them being able to give a max output of 100W individually. While the other USB-C port can deliver up to 20W and the single USB-A port up to 22.5W.


Even when all ports are in use, one of the USB-C ports can still deliver up to 45W of power. This makes it one of the best travel adapters as it also comes in either EU, US, or UK plugs if you find yourself using one more often. It’s priced at PHP 1,699 at the time of writing and can be found on Shopee and Lazada.


Rocoren 100W GaN Desk Charger

But if you ever find yourself always needing some sort of extension card when charging, look no further than Rocoren’s 100W GaN Desk Charger for just under our budget with a price of PHP 1,999 on Shopee and Lazada 13.

Rocoren Desk

Both of its USB-C ports can deliver up to 100W when used individually while the two USB-A ports can deliver only up to 18W. But when used altogether, the single USB-C port can still output 60W of power. This is great if you find yourself needing a longer charger as it measures 1.5 meters in length.


Awei W22 4-in-1 wireless charger

If you’re by any chance you got into the Apple ecosystem with your iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, and even Apple Pencil, then check out the Awei W22 4-in-1 wireless charger for just PHP 999 on Lazada and Shopee.


It features a stand for both your iPhone and Apple Watch while having dedicated sections for your Apple Pencil and AirPods, although it doesn’t charge as fast since it’s maxed at 15W wireless charging for the iPhone.

Just note that it only supports the iPhone 12 or 13 series, AirPods 2,3, and Pro models, and only the first-gen Apple Pencil.


TYLEX XA17 Desktop Wireless Charger

But what if you’re on the go but still want the convenience of wireless charging? Then check out the TYLEX XA17 Desktop Wireless Charger for just PHP 669 on Shopee or Lazada 11.


It comes with a 1.5-meter cable, a single USB-C outlet, 3 USB-A ports, and a wireless charger built on the top of the adapter. The wireless charger can support up to 15W of power while the USB-C port can support up to 30W and the USB-A ports up to 18W, which is plenty fast enough for most smartphones.


Essager 65W Travel Charger

But if you’re traveling, you probably want all types of plugs to be readily available for whichever country you visit. Then check out the Essager 65W Travel Charger that comes with all the standard plugs you need with the US, UK, EU, and AUS plugs all in one.


It comes with three USB-C ports that can deliver up to 65W of power individually, two USB-A ports that can deliver up to 15W, and even an AC outlet with support for all the plugs mentioned and deliver up to 65W.

It also comes in at just PHP 1,842 in Shopee 10 or Lazada, which considering it’s probably one of the best overall chargers for traveling, we’d say it’s well worth the investment if you’re a globetrotter.


UGREEN 2-Port GaN 45W Charger

If portability is your main priority then check out the UGREEN 2-Port GaN 45W Charger for just PHP 1,195 on Shopee or Lazada.


It features only two USB-C ports and is only the size of a small cube. But as the name suggests, despite being so small, it can deliver up to 45W of power when using a single USB-C port.

When using both USB-C ports, it divides it into 25W+20W, which is still way better than the standard chargers found together when buying most smartphones.


EYD 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger

But if you want strictly wireless charging when on the move, then check out the EYD 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger (F21) for just PHP 1,199 on Shopee 11 and Lazada 10.

Eyd Foldable

It comes in a foldable and minimalist design that has support for most devices like smartphones, earbuds, and smartwatches that have wireless charging while being able to deliver a max output of 15W.

Its foldable design means that it can also be used as a phone stand while charging and as a bonus, it has RGB lighting if you really wanna show off.


EYD Q3 Universal 2-in-1 Car Wireless Charger Stand

When driving, it can be annoying to use your phone whilst charging especially without a stand. That’s where the EYD Q3 Universal 2 in 1 Car Wireless Charger Stand comes in at an affordable price of just PHP 543 on Shopee and Lazada.


It comes with a smart sensor to automatically lock the phone when putting it on the stand and automatically release it when taking off. It can also rotate 360 degrees for more adjustment and flexibility.

The charger itself sees a magnetic wireless charger at the back of the stand whilst also having support for magnetic suction plugs at the bottom where it has support for USB-C, micro USB, or Lightning connections with a max output of up to 30W.

Choosing one that’s best is totally subjective on your needs whether it’s fast speeds, portability, travel, or charging wirelessly, all the chargers mentioned above should do a good job in whatever case.

Disclaimer: The prices noted on each charger were at the time of writing. Your price may vary depending on the retailer and time.

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