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Microsoft skips Windows 9, announces Windows 10!

Microsoft is having a small event today where only few people were invited, but the happenings are far from small – the company has just announced the next version of their OS – Windows 10!


Microsoft says calling it Windows 9 would be wrong, as it will try to connect the software across several platforms, not only update the desktop. Calling it Windows One would be not appropriate as well as they’ve done it before, so they’re calling it Windows 10 for some reason, actually skipping version 9.

Naming their newest OS Windows 10 could imply reaching a milestone –  a renewed focus on the cloud and creating a cohesive experience across several devices through a one app store.

Windows 10

“One [Ring] to rule them all… and in the darkness bind them.”

Basically, Windows 10 is Windows 8 embedded into the familiarity of Windows 7. For example, the Start menu is finally back again on the corner of your desktop, but with live tiles and new UI elements. This doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten the Start screen however, as it is still there for touch-enabled devices.

Windows will also have Enterprise as expected, and believe it or not, Windows 10 will be the next version of Windows Phone as well.

Microsoft Windows 10 will be available mid-2015 after the build conference. With that said, it’s safe to say there are still a lot of changes on the way before everything is final. For now, all that we can do is wait.

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14 Responses

  1. RG says:

    “Windows 10 will deliver the right experience on the right device at the right time,” said Microsoft’s Terry Myerson. “Windows 10 will run on the broadest types of devices ever.” You can expect a unique user interface depending on what you’re running Windows on; images shown at the event line up with leaks that have surfaced in recent weeks. It’s basically a combination of Windows 7 and 8 that borrows design elements from each of Microsoft’s two most recent operating systems. http://www.theverge.com/2014/9/30/6868695/microsoft-windows-10-announced-official

  2. jokab says:

    but…but…its basically just WINDOWS 8 with a new start menu right?

    • wew says:

      UI-wise,yes. Pero dahil iisa na lang ang tawag sa lahat ng OSes na gagamitin sa lahat ng devices,mas magiging unified at compatible lahat ng ms devices. not sure though Hahaha

    • mj says:

      uhhm may mga bagong features nman sa desktop. :) reklamo ka naman. windows 8/8.1 was okay

    • derp says:

      @jokab, if you are just an end-user, that’s gonna be your initial reaction, but if you are a developer, this means a lot.

  3. wrogn_grammer says:

    Am I correct in my understanding that this latest announcement ditched “Windows Phone” for “Windows 10” as the name of their upcoming phone os?

  4. Jasonwilliam says:


    Maraming mangyayaring pagbabago dyan, mid next year pa yan lalabas, nanghihingi lang sila ng suggestions ngayon kaya naglabas ng technical preview.

  5. turat says:

    gago yung mga pirata lang mga nahihirapan gumamit ng windows 8/8.1

    lakas mo magreklamo tarantado ka putang ina mo jokab pakyu

  6. Windows11 says:

    @turat bawal po mag comment mga walang pinag aralan at walang laman ang utak dito. pirata lang nahihirapan gumamit ng windows 8/8.1? alam mo ba sinasabi mo? please kung nag mamarunong ka lang at bobo ka wag ka na po mag comment wala ka po tlga alam. nag dudunung dunungan ka lang at alam mo sa sarili mo yan. Windows 10 po ay maraming features na madadag dag nanjan na din ang all in one fix ng mga bug sa windows 8/8.1 pati ang mga suggestion ng mga users ng windows8/8.1 pinag sama sama na nila hintayin pa natin ang resulta pero for sure magiging maganda ang resulta nito.

  7. Mr A says:

    They’re so good they skipped a number.

  8. knowitall says:

    Ang yabang namn ng mga commenter. ehehe. Yan ang pilipino. Matalino.

  9. tataliknow says:

    Ang latang walang laman, maingay pag tinamaan.
    Di lang sa pinas ang ganyan, mas madami lang dito na naka online (na asta walang kabutihang asal)

  10. Pennypu says:


  11. Glenn says:

    mukang maganda yung add desktop feature sa windows 10.
    mga magkano kaya yung windows 10 OS hehehe.

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