5 Things You Can Do With An Old Smartphone

5 Things You Can Do With An Old Smartphone


Smartphones are getting relatively more affordable, which means it is now easier for users to upgrade. When that happens we are now left with older devices that you can sell or hand over to someone else. But what if you can’t do that, leaving you stuck with an old smartphone? Here are five things that you can do.

1. Turn it into a dedicated music or video player.

With all the advancements in smartphone technology, one of the features that are still very limited next to battery life is storage capacity. As we consume more media, even a 32GB storage now feels entry-level. However, if you have an old smartphone, you can use it to store your on-the-go media files like MP3s, Spotify playlists, and videos. Even an 8GB smartphone can hold a decent amount. You can take with you when you’re out for a jog or leave it plugged into your speakers. If you have a Google Chromecast, you can use it to stream content to your TV as well.

2. Use it as a pocket WiFi.

Don’t have a pocket WiFi? No problem, an old smartphone can do that job for you. This works best if your device supports LTE and have dual-SIM functionality. You can have the power of two different networks in one device in case one starts acting up. And since it’s a phone, you can easily apply to prepaid promos. In addition, it will also help save the battery of your primary phone.

3. Use it as a backup or emergency phone.


It’s good to have a backup or emergency phone especially if your primary phone has a short battery life. Not only it keeps you connected during emergencies it also serves as a form of security especially when you’re commuting or in an area where snatching or mugging is rampant. Just keep your primary safe in your bag and just bring out the backup phone instead.

4. Turn it into an educational device for kids.

Kids nowadays are easily exposed to gadgets. And when it happens, it’s better to make it safe and educational. You can turn an old smartphone into an educational tool using apps like YouTube Kids, puzzle games, or those that teach kids to count, read, or paint. You can also install a child-friendly launcher to hide other apps and limit their use.

5. Use it as a dash cam or GPS navigation device.

Not really a popular suggestion since smartphones don’t really have wide-angle lenses, but in case you don’t have a dedicated dash cam yet (or want a second one), your old smartphone might do the trick. The same goes if you need a GPS navigation device for your car. All you need to do is download a proper app (there are plenty to choose from in the Play Store and App Store. Waze or Google Maps for navigation.), mount it in your car, and you’re good to go. Just make sure you have enough storage and battery, though.

And there you have it. Old smartphones still have their uses so don’t throw them away or leave them stowed. You may also want to read our “7 Tips to Make Your Old Android Lean and Mean Again” via the link provided.

If you have something to add to the list, feel free to comment below.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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10 Responses

  1. picture frame slide show for tablets

  2. Ferdie says:

    remote viewing or as cctv-like

  3. Nyorn says:

    I use it to save and watch *orn videos.

  4. ex flarex user says:

    what old smartphone u mean like samsung galaxy mini s5570? #1 lang magagawa mo dun

  5. Marvin says:

    Very nice suggestions. I have a lenovo A5000 that I’m using as back-up phone and music player. It has a large battery so it won’t run out of juice soon. I haven’t thought of using it as a dash cam.

  6. NotASheep says:

    Turn your plain T.V into a smart T.V + remote with your old phone and a Chromecast.

  7. Tabs says:

    Umm, a paper weight?

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