11 Must-Have Smartphone Accessories

11 Must-Have Smartphone Accessories

So you have a newly-bought smartphone, but you feel like there’s still more that needs to be done to get the full experience of your new device. Well, the most probable reason is that you are longing for accessories for your phone, but you don’t know what to get. This guide is going to help you learn and prioritize which essential smartphones accessories you must get. Check it out!

Screen Protector

First in the priority list is putting a screen protector on your device which is a must especially if you want to keep your screens scratch and/or crack free for a long time. There are three main types namely Clear, Matte, and Tempered Glass but some packages, when bought, already have the clear one pre-installed in the devices. However, when your phone doesn’t have one, you know what to do. To get a more detailed idea on which screen protector that you should get check out our article here.

Smartphone Case

After equipping screen protection on your phone, next is you need to have a smartphone case which lessens the possibility of having dents, cracks, or any damage to your device when you accidentally drop it. Normally, phones already have free clear jelly-cases inside the box, but if you don’t like the design or you feel like this isn’t going to work effectively, then I advise that you get one ASAP. You can also check the top smartphone case brands in the Philippines here.


Speaking from experience, listening to music is a basic necessity, and thus so, it is essential to get an earphone, headset, or even a Bluetooth speaker. Just like in the first two accessories, this one is most likely included in the package, but at the same time, it mostly sucks in terms of not having any bass. I recommend getting the ones from AKG, Harman/Kardon, Jbl, Sony, Sennheiser, and Jabra.

Power Bank

Power Banks are, without a doubt, one of the most needed accessories that you should have for your smartphones. When you are outside your homes and didn’t bring any chargers, then these battery regenerators are a must. There are several powerbanks with different capacities that are out on the market, but if you’d ask me, you can choose from Anker, Veger, or Romoss. Check out a list of Romoss power banks here.

MicroSD card

Let’s say that you bought a smartphone with a microSD card slot, but its internal storage isn’t enough, then this is where expandable storage comes in. Brands like Sony, Transcend, and SanDisk covers your problem with storages varying from 8GB to 512GB. This one is a pretty essential accessory especially if you’re storing a lot in your phones.


Next on the priority list are cables and adapters for your phone. There will come a time where you will need a better cable like the ones that are braided or that are longer or even a replacement for a broken one. Also, you usually might want to have a USB Type-C to micro USB adapters or vice versa for smartphones that are capable of fast charging and/or power delivery.

OTG flash drive/dongle


Let’s say that you can’t afford to buy a microSD card, but you have a flash drive which contains all the files, videos, music, and photos that you want to access, then OTG flash drives or dongles are very useful in these kinds of scenarios. This is an essential accessory since this is a quick and portable way to access your documents without the hassle of booting up your desktop or laptop.

Gaming Controller

Game Controllers are essential for users who are very passionate in playing games such as PUBG mobile, Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, Rules of Survival, and other games that require high Actions Per Minute (APM). Check out my smartphone gaming accessories list here.


This is essential for smartphone users who are into selfies, mobile photography, and video recording to acquire that necessary stability. Monopods are mainly used for selfies while tripods are used for night photography that requires slower shutter speeds. Gimbals are used by videographers so that whenever they record while moving, the video will not get shaky.

Car Accessories (mount/charger)

Nowadays, car owners are using Waze as their main tool to navigate on the road, but the problem is where they can put their smartphones conveniently. This is where the essential car mounts come in to provide safety for your devices as well as convenience when you are driving. Car chargers are also a good combination with the mount since navigating apps drain the battery of your phone.

Cleaning Cloth

If your phone is prone to fingerprint marks and smudges, you will need to clean it to look shiny and new again, and thus, cleaning cloths are essential for your daily smartphone usage. Any cloth is fine but I suggest that you use microfiber cloths to get a more pleasing result when cleaning.


Smartphone Ring Holder, Stand

Last but not least, the ring holders and stands for your smartphones. When you are taking selfies, wearing the ring-like holder will allow you to conveniently position your device just the way you want them. As for the latter, when you want to watch videos or movies but you don’t want to hold your phone, just simply get one. Thanks to our reader Jay for the heads up! 

That wraps up my list of the essential smartphone accessories that you must get. What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Jay says:

    People who run this site either never heard of phone rings/grips/kickstands or don’t know the value of them. Haha.

  2. Hilum says:

    I have to agree with Jay but not in a sarcastic way. Your content is way too obvious. People, even living in remote areas, are using them already. It is not interesting. It does not add value.

  3. Ronaldo Gonzales says:

    I wish someone will invent clip on solar panel or a case cum solar power charger I think ok yon kesa sa wireless thingies!

  4. The main advantages of the cell phone accessory are safety which keep your mobile phone safe. As we know mobile become the priority for every person in this era

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