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What screen protection are you using on your smartphone?

The screen is one of the largest and most prominent parts of a smartphone and costs a lot to repair or replace if it gets broken. Even with glass technologies like Gorilla Glass, it’s still good advice to give your device extra protection. The question now is what screen protector to use.

So far I’m seeing three kinds of screen protection being sold in the market: standard plastic film, glass, and the liquid-type. The first two are the most popular due to its availability and varying costs.

The standard plastic film is the most affordable and more common. Plenty of smartphone brands already have this pre-installed on their devices or included in the package. However, since it’s just a plastic film, it’s more prone to scratches and can get ugly over time. On the bright side, it’s affordable as you can get one starting at Php100 and easily replaceable.

If you want something that can last longer than a plastic screen protector, the glass type, or commonly known as tempered glass, is your next bet. They can resist scratches better than plastic and smoother on the fingertips as it feels like the original screen. However, they’re thicker and not as flush compared to the plastic screen protector. This can be an issue with some smartphone cases as it can get in the way.

The tempered glass has varying prices depending on the quality. I encountered one selling for as low as Php150 and can go up to Php1,000 for branded ones. When it comes to quality, you get what you pay for. From personal experience, the super cheap ones crack easily and sometimes affect the screen’s touch sensitivity. But those priced Php300 and up work just fine and still looks great on our devices.

Another alternative to the plastic and glass screen protectors is the liquid type. What it does is it treats your phone’s screen with a special liquid, making it resistant to scratches and damages. I haven’t tried it personally but based on the feedback and comments, it seems to work and able to withstand intentional scratches. If you have used one, please share with us your experience in the comments section.

Its advantage over the plastic and glass type screen protectors is that it can be easily applied even to screens with curves, glass back rears, or other devices with small screens like smartwatches. It’s a bit pricey though, going for as low as Php600 to Php3,000, depending on how much liquid you’re buying.

Which screen protection to get?

I guess this depends on the budget and your needs. If you’re looking for something a bit temporary, you can go for plastic films as they’re cheap and easily replaceable. But if you want something that can last longer and feels good at the same time, then go for quality tempered glass. For those devices with glasses with tricky dimensions and don’t have screen protectors custom made for them, the liquid type is the better fit.

How about you guys? What screen protection are you using on your phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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Avatar for Diangson Louie

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

8 Responses

  1. Avatar for jon jon says:

    spigen glass liquid
    1300 pesos
    like nano coating for your car

  2. Avatar for Doc Doc says:

    I’m using Zagg for my phones. It protected my phone from falls and scratches and of course with a little help from my spigen phone case

  3. Avatar for Keesahnne Keesahnne says:

    gorilla glass 3 and up phones are more scratch resistance..try watch the video of jeremy rig in youtube,,he was intentionally scratch using coin scissors etc., and nothing happen…in my opinion buying those kind of protection is a waste of money,,just saying,,

  4. Avatar for Raymund Tantamco Raymund Tantamco says:

    Hi Louie,

    May I ask where can we send you sample pack of our very own Gorealaglazz Nano Liquid Screen Protector? We’ll probably send an extra 5 units for your followers’ raffle or online contest too. Kindly send details via email.

    Thank you.


  5. Avatar for Miya Miya says:

    where do you buy the liquid ones? I kinda want to try them.

    • Avatar for Erick Fabian Erick Fabian says:

      Check out Gorealaglazz in FB. There’s also Nanofixit in Globe Stores and Silicon Valley.

  6. Avatar for Margot Margot says:

    I been using the nano fix it liquid for all our phone at home..and it work good. My latest is note and my screen has no scrathes so far almost 6 mos now. And the case i used is only for the back so the screen is expose so far no scrathes.

  7. Avatar for Jason Jason says:

    Rhinoshield impact protection. The only screen protector you can put on your phone that will not break your screen. Tried belkin and poor quality and broke when I dropped it. With Rhinoshield, it’s been more than 3 years and many drops, still protects my screen and no issues.

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