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Cherry Mobile Eclipse: Cheapest WiMo Phone

In a press gathering by Microsoft today, a number of mobile manufacturers showcased their latest handsets running Windows Mobile. Among the crowd is Filipino-branded phone maker Cherry Mobile showing the WinMo-powered Eclipse.

And yes, the Eclipse also has the Dual-SIM feature!

The Eclipse is a touchscreen smartphone with WiFi and even GPS. I didn’t get the full specs but we’ll update this once I get the specs sheet from them.

Cherry Mobile wants to get a real foothold in the smartphone market so it’s introducing the Cherry Eclipse at a very low price of Php9,999. It’s not yet available in stores but should be out very soon.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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97 Responses

  1. superdan says:

    it’s nice to see a local company competing for their share in the smartphone market. i hope it can stand up with the already established titans in the field.

  2. braindead says:

    cherry? are they partners with the car manufacturer? wala lang..

  3. rjgolo says:

    dual sim din kaya?

  4. Calvin says:


    yep dual sim sya and running on the latest windows mobile (6.5) platform.

    di masyadong clear sa photo but i don’t like the build and the braille like icons for the 3 touch buttons at the bottom.

  5. phones are getting cheaper and cheaper ha

  6. Ed says:

    Really good to hear this. A lot of winmo fans who cant afford to buy the more expensive brands will be happy.

  7. Eka says:

    Mukhang I’ll be one of those people who will get this. :) Sana it will look good in the flesh. Some Cherry Mobile are disappointing kasi, aesthetic wise.

  8. L.R. says:

    Cool. galing ng pinoy! is this the first WinMo dual sim phone?

  9. t-tard says:

    a WinMo 6.5 phone for 9,999 bucks!? i gotta start saving!

  10. Chuckie says:

    sana kayanin nia mga 3d Games kung magkakaron sa winmo.. hehe..

  11. Sunofa says:

    Hmmm… Kaya ba lagyan ng touchflo to?

  12. Sunofa says:

    What phone will come out first? The android torque? Or the winmo cherry?

  13. Noel says:

    May nakagamit na ba sa inyo ng Cherry Mobile na phone? Kamusta naman ung hardware at ung warranty?

  14. Eason says:

    Cherry Mobile is owned by the same company of Alcatel Philippines, I can say alcatel is durable. They also own the IMAGE digital cameras and distribute the LOW QUALITY itech bluetooth headsets.

    Overall their products are reliable except for itech, their aftersale service is good but you have to bring the unit to them for faster service or suffer that you bring it to the store where you bought your unit and wait for months before it gets back.

    I’ve used a cherry mobile phone before, its china obviously but this one is different. But the quality is alright.

    and Cherry mobile is not affiliated with Chery Automobile

  15. Reel Advice says:

    Amazing on how dirt cheap this phone is given the features- especially the wifi! Shows those big companies how to price a phone! :)

  16. whaâ„¢ says:

    hmm… ok kaya sir yuga ang wifi nia?

  17. Carl says:

    Why not Android?

  18. RJ says:

    uu nga.. wala pa yung Android Torque.. yun pa naman yung hinihintay ko eh! Sabi nung nag-search ako sa net end of 2009 daw.. Jan 2010 na wala pa akong updates na naririnig.. :(

  19. NemOry says:

    ok kya to?hehe pwd dn kya java?hehe

  20. Jam. says:

    I want a cheap android! please make one! XD

  21. rjgolo says:

    kung android ang ginamit nila mas malamang na mas mura pa yan…yung license lang ng WinMo ang nagpamahal siguro dito eh!

  22. Anonymous says:

    replace winmo with android and you’ll get a best-seller in that price range

  23. test says:

    replace winmo with android and you’ll get a best-seller in that price range

  24. Sunofa says:

    It’s the cheapest winmo with ntc sticker… Hahaha kelan po ba lalabas to? I’ve been itching for a new phone lately…

  25. chuckie says:

    Sana nga android n lang. Maraming games sa android di ba? Hehe

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  26. Bijz says:

    i think battery life and speed would be an issue.
    well let’s wait and see :)

  27. Jam. says:

    Android + QWERTY + Cheap = WOW

  28. Pusang Kulog says:

    Whoa! Only 9k+ for a Windows Mobile phone?

    Bibili raw lahat ng baranggay tanod sa amin…

    Pag may Android version na… Buong baranggay na ang bibili! wehehe…

  29. Skagen says:

    any news kung kailan ang release ng phone?

  30. Xtian says:

    I know Cherry Mobile is just a distributor of Alcatel phones, they are not Alcatel Phils. per se. Also, this model is not 3G capable. Pls clarify. Can anyone compare this brand with another Filipino brand TORQUE which is endorsed by Luis Manzano, their handsets look good?

  31. wow. it’s a good thing that a filipino-branded mphone manufacturer is leveling to those well recognized companies.


  32. isel says:

    ok na to as a secondary phone. i’ll be waiting for the complete specs.

  33. Jon says:

    Wow, and 2010 has just started. Can’t wait to see other cheap smartphones make it to the market.

    A dual-sim, winmo-powered, sub-10k smartphone eh? Very nice. I wish they’d also go release some android devices too.

  34. Joeyoliver says:

    “The Eclipse runs on a 416Mhz MTK processor and the standard Windows Mobile 6.5 platform. No customizations whatsoever on the OS but the basic version still packs a lot of features including Microsoft’s mobile data backup service, My Phone.”

  35. tuberong_tagalog says:

    this is good news for filipino manufacturers. i think we should support things like this to help our own kababayans penetrate the telecoms market. i’ll surely buy one since it’s so inexpensive compared to other brands that are mediocre.

  36. razorous says:

    Do they have a website? Intresting ‘to! Really cheap! Dual sim pa! Meron nga ba siyang tv tuner?

  37. razorous says:

    Do they have a website? Intresting ‘to! Really cheap! Dual sim pa! Meron nga ba siyang tv tuner?

  38. Richard says:

    sana may TV/FM tuner plus GPS and 3G itong phone na ton, para bumili na ako! hehe

  39. richard says:

    Cherry Mobile is not a Local Made Mobile Phone as others may think it is.
    This is made in China as OEM
    then dito lang tinatakan ng Cherry Mobile.
    Just like MyPhone.
    Just like NEO (laptops).
    They are made in China, dito lang tinatakan ng branding nila.

    possibly from the makers of the Nokia Clones

    pero this Cherry Eclipse seems nice naman.
    It would be nice to see this unit compete against the known brands.

  40. yuga says:

    @richard – you are right. I think it’s pretty common these days. Apple products are made in China but we still call them a US company. Nokia phones are made in China yet we call them a Finish company. What else is not made in China these days?

  41. Sunofa says:

    Wait, does this phone support 3g? If not, then it would just be the same as other china phones sporting windows mobile… I saw a windows clone sporting touch sense ui…

  42. Richard says:

    @richard, Neo is not from China, it is from Taiwan.
    anyway, since gumawa narin lang sila ng dual-sim na winMo phone, sana man lang nilubos-lubos na nila na lagyan ng malupit na camera, 3G-capability and better sound quality, gaya nung mga Sony-Ericsson phones.

  43. nice phone but i am not fan of local brands….

  44. Rich says:

    @ john kenneth blackbridge,
    who cares if you’re not a fan of local brands, you don’t sound local anyway!

    by the way, for fans of this Cherry Mobile Eclipse, here’s more pictures..


  45. tuberong_tagalog says:

    @john kenneth brownbridge:
    what do you mean by “local brands”? colonial mentality eh?

  46. askal says:

    local brand matibay naman ang mga yan nasa gumagamit lang yan… maliban na lang kung medyo pa high profile syempre imported ang type nila pra in sya.

  47. Jim says:

    may i know kung anu ung mgandang cherry phone

    n may:
    mp3/4/vid player
    gprs/wap enabled
    dual sim [optional]
    fm radio[optional]
    expandable mem.

    na 5000 or better pag lower ung price.

    and may i just ask kung ok lng b ung m35integra or ung d20 life..

    thanks for future advices and answers.

  48. Tyron says:

    wow.. nagiging competitive na rin mga dual sim.. at matibay ang cherry nice move :).. hindi na siguro malayo na mga dual sim katumbas na mga hi-end na single sim phones ngayon..

  49. Meil says:

    I think another pinoy company, Myphone, is going to release an android phone this quarter.

    Don’t go for Cherry Mobile. They have a poor after sales service. I’ll bet with you.

    Torque and Myphone phones have better quality.

  50. francis says:

    ahm, tanong ko lang kung malinaw ba ang tv ng cherry mobile phones? balak ko kasi bumili e. ung dual sim. anyone po? tnx. bulacan nga po pala aku.

  51. Tyron says:

    I heard one comment that cherry has the strongest and clearest TV signal among myphone and torque. But that’s just one comment :P

  52. irish says:


    I am planning to try cherry mobile but I’m having second thoughts. some advice please. May mga available ba silang accessoies like charger, earphone and the likes if ever maging defective na yung galing sa kanila?

    I would highly appreciate your help. Thanks.=)

  53. Mel says:

    @ irish

    cherry mobile has a poor after sales service.

    i’m a sales clerk of a telco store and i feel sorry for those who bought this phone. i don’t push this crap phone to our customers kasi ako din binabalikan. buy other dual sim phones instead.

  54. shaza (student says:

    im planning to buy q3 cherry phone…….:)pwede bah bluetooth yun?

  55. ccc says:

    tanga mo! kung may bluetooth, natural pwede!

    @Yuga, nasan na yung review mo nitong Eclipse sir?

  56. daryl says:

    saan po bang branck ko pwedeng ipa linis ung cp ko? ksi nung bumili ako sa Sm di daw sila nag gagawa nuon sa branch daw nito

  57. daryl says:

    saang branch po ako mag papalinis ng phone ko sa SM ko po binili un kaso sa branch daw ako nito pumunta saan po ba ung main branch nito

  58. Reyman says:

    Hi klan ba ang released sa market ng eclipse and gano katagal naman ng battery life nun? wala kasi sa site ng cherry mobile ung full spec ng eclipse eh…im interested kasi dun.

  59. Sunofa says:

    meron na naka lagay sa dyaryo… meron pang free stool…

    sana may gumawa ng review

  60. Reyman says:

    Kaso sabi ng taga Cosmic Tech Inc(Exclusive Distributor ngn Cherry Mobile phone)..wla pa daw sa market ung eclipse…and wala pang exact DATE kung klan ilalabas..sbi nila dis april daw.. baka naman sa april 30 ang labas nun….hmmmmm….. medyo nakakainis nga lang kasi nilagay na nila sa brochure pero hindi pa pala out sa market……..

  61. ronald says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!! OK to….
    got a cherry T90 right now and i am very much satisfied with it… very good access to FB and YM and so on and so forth…
    Sulit ang binayad ko sa T90

    and i can’t wait to have the Cherry ECLIPSE!!!

    anyone care to buy my T90 so i could by the Eclipse when it’s out in the market… pleeeeeeaaassssssssssssssssseeeeeee

  62. Mae says:

    it’s so nice i like it : i like the product of cherry mobile like x90 and eclipes… :):) :) :) :)

  63. kiray says:

    bigay po kayo specific na lugar san makakabili ng cherry mobile. Along edsa lang

  64. asuseroako says:

    “The Cherry Mobile Eclipse Windows Phone is available in the market on June 15, 2010”

  65. eric says:

    bibili sana ako nito kahapon, pero nung mahawakan ko sya bigla akong nadisappoint. supercheap plastic and casing nya, parang yung mga laruang cellphone. cherry mobile has some model na gawa sa metal yung casing nila, bat ito hindi nila nagawa. sayang yung product.

  66. Tuff Ang Matadero says:

    @sir eric

    kamusta nmn po yung features pati yung interface nung eclipse? gusto ko pa nmn bumili pero parang naka2down yung plastic casing part :(

  67. straw berry says:

    i manually touched & explored ds mobile. i used to check d version of d so called windows 6.5.. Unfortunately its only windows 6.1.. Ders No adobe reader..NO auto rotate to landscape mode. D internet xplorer -D webpage is not in center screen wen opening youtube or any flash supported files. About d windows version, Go to to d ofis apps & find d “about” or version of ds windows u will see windows 6.1 not 6.5..i think u wil b d one making d upd8.. See for urself.. I guess its worth d price..

  68. chard says:

    guys nakita ko na demo nito sa youtube.. type ninyo nalang small letter lahat cherry mobile eclipse sa youtube. ang comment ko lang dito walang kasamang CD installer, wala din kasamang CD na backup ng Microsoft. ang kasama lang sa package manual parang xerox copy lang. yung charger at usb parang chinaphone.. peru yung touchscreen LCD niya very sensitive parang iphone isang touch lng sumsunod agad. may G-sensor din.. ang napansin ko pa windows mobile eclipse 3GP yung format ng video na pinapakita sa demo. eh diba dapat wmv,divx ang format ng video. malinaw LCD.. peru ang di lang dinemo sa youtube kng panu gamitin ang WIFI,GPRS,MMS SETTING,GPS,camera, how to connect facebook,youtube? bibili na sana ako nito peru ng makita sa youtube demo na walang kasamang CD installer at microsoft CD nagbago isip koh… baka kasi hindi mainstallan ng application ng windows mobile 6.5. charger,manual,charger lang kasama sa package… ok na sana kasi dualsim,wifi,gps,windows power.. NO 3g, 2MP camera… but the resolution of LCD very nice…

  69. Tyron Go says:

    I watched part one of the video and very surprising yung performance. Responsive nga yung screen. Nice cherry. Now gumawa kayo ng different form factors ng phone like qwerty, slide out qwerty or yung simpleng alphanumeric keypad. You might just be able to compete with the big companies such as nokia, HTC and the like. If they make a qwerty version of this and it has good reviews. That’s the time I will buy one.

  70. lovelove says:

    may sent items ba nag cherry mobile eclipse?

  71. duh says:

    matibay ba yan? may mga supported application ba yan like java? baka naman nag hahang yan. kaya ba mag open ng application yan ng 5 apps and naka-run sa background gaya ng other smartphones sa market? nagsusupport ba ng SPB to? baka naman pamporma lang para masabing touch screen. wahaha! di naman yata to recognized sa winmo community eh. and i think pirated winmo 6.1 to. chinaphone ika nga.

  72. Jeck says:

    Sa tingin ko ito ang pinaka magandang Phone sa Cherry Mobile, Yun ibang Cherry mobile na gawa kasi parang China Phone yun OS niya, Itong Eclipse maganda WM 6.5 pa. Eclipse ang gamit ko, Medyo matibay naman, At sobrang astig halos lahat nandito na tulad ng Microsoft Office, IE, Windows Media Player at Pwede ka pang manuod ng youtube. Search niyo sa Youtube may Post dun tungkol sa Reviews ng Eclipse, ang tittle “Cherry Mobile Eclipse”.

  73. z2d4th says:

    meron bang cherry mobile eclipse brand dito sa malaysia, para makagamit din ako at baka mas mura pa. yung ibang china made dito t80 at t90 pero di winmo

  74. mark says:

    sir yuga yung samsung monte ko saka samsung wave made in korea hehehe… kaya kung papipiliin ako iphone na made in china wave na korea ang lau…. dko gusto gumawa mga instik

  75. ading says:

    I owned a cherry mobile eclipse phone, it was sad because I return it after 2 days since bluttoth si nto working…I had lots of issues with it especially right now I am having a problem connecting to wifi at home,connected to the network but no internet access…kakainis talaga kasi di ko magamit sa bahay.at hindi xia java,so hindi ako makakaopen ng programs na java! ayaw ko naman ipa chekc kasi kukunin nila papadala sa manila tpaos more than 1 month aayusin…hai…

  76. dennis says:

    mas interesado ako sa trident and t90. But i heard there are a lot of issues regard wifi, triple sim capability. Etc. . .sino na nakagamit ng t90 or any tv phones. . .ok ba reception? Kesa china phone at least ito ntc approved. . .

  77. falcon says:

    @straw berry, i think you might not need adobe reader, as long as OS is micorosoft you may download other apps that converts html/office/pdf into an ebook file, and viola, you may download it in you phone. Much better speed performance when browsing pages by pages than a pdf file which hangs up if files are too big.

  78. MelodyMan says:


    I tried this phone yesterday. Windows 6.1 lng sya. Medyo luma pero overall this phone is ok. Tapos cheap nga sya.

    Not so good stuff ng phone but the rest of the features are totally fine:

    * camera image quality, lahat yata ng CM phone
    * not so good ang touch screen, you need to use the stylus
    * browser isn’t that great, IE pero i find it hard to use

    Question ko lng is that, can I install my own apps here. I wanna start programming for Win Mobile. Pwede kaya ma tweak ko OS nito like you desktop?

    Thanks guys…

  79. asuseroako says:

    @ MelodyMan
    Baka yung default Windows Mobile Office apps version ang nakita mo ?

    Mine clearly says “Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional” under Settings > About

    You can write apps designed for WM6.5, install and use them sa Eclipse. It is also possible to ‘tweak’ ROM modules/ phne settings provided you dump and cook yours. All other simple tweaking done via registry just like any other WinMo device.

    Been using Eclipse since June 20, 2010. I find my screen responsive. Well, to each his own.

    Shameless plug…


  80. asuseroako says:


    “Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional” under Start > Settings > System > About

  81. Gracey Yago says:

    how much nman ung mobile eclipse?…

  82. Sharp LC52E77U 52-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV

  83. adam says:

    Wah ngayun ko lang nakita itong phone na ito. By the way where is the update for this review.

  84. Eclipse Rocks! says:

    it is not a pirated version of win mo.. FYI Microsoft Philippines teamed up with Cherry Mobile to come up with this phone, i own it and as long as you’re smart enough to do the tweaks and stuffs, you’ll find this phone more worth the price… it doesnt even lag… samsung corby lags more compared to this… very smooth yung scrolling… no java but theres no need for it, anong purpose ng OS nya?? duh.. install ka lang ng mga apps specially made for Win-mo.. Java is only for phones that dont have OS… pero if gusto mo talaga, you can install Java Bed…

  85. richelle says:

    malinaw po ba ang cam ng exlipse??

  86. Aries Baluyot says:

    I want to own this mobile phone because i know it is the cheapest and lowest winmo phone in phone history.
    This phone is very good rather than to buy a china made phone..

    To all Filipino please support our own products..

    Kaya tayo di umuunlad dahil tumatangkilik tayo ng gawa ng ibang bansa kesa sa gawa ng ating sariling bansa…
    Dapat matuto tayong pahalagahan ang sariling atin..

  87. albretch says:

    nacoconvert poh ba ang eclipse sa android….???

  88. ..maaayos pba ng cherry mobile ang nasirang touch screen ng t60??

  89. spunky05 says:

    late ko na nakita tong blog na to. @duh: hindi basta nagbibigay ang microsoft ng license sa isang phone manufacturer kung hindi legit. isa lang ibig sabihin nyan. ang cherry mobile ay isang respetadong phone manufacturer hindi gaya ng iniisip mong pirata. as a windows mobile/ windows phone 7 enthusiast, wala ako masasabi sa performance nito

  90. jaja says:

    pwede ba yan downloadan ng SKYPE, OOVOO, at VOXER.,?? at magagamit ba siya ng hindi naghang at para sa mga video calls?? kasi parang maganda siya eh,. actually naghahanap ako ng new phone ngayon na affordable price na pwede yang mga applications na yan!!

  91. joana14 says:

    i love this phone cherry mobile eclipse..and sarap gamitin.,..parang tablet talaga xa..na lahat andun na…super enjoy gamitin..

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