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Fake iPhone 4 comes with TV Tuner

There are gazillions of knock-off phones out in the market but this iPhone 4 look-alike is the latest one we’ve seen that got our attention — a fake iPhone 4 with a built-in TV tuner and pull-out antenna.

The knock-off iPhone 4 is the property of MB Technews and was recently acquired in Hong Kong for an equivalent of about Php3,800.

The user interface borrows the same sliding panel as the iPhone 4 and the icons are pretty much similar. However, the quality of the display screen quickly gave it away. The body is all plastic instead of the glass and aluminum construction of the real one.


The resistive screen is a little hard to use but there’s a long antenna you can pull-out when playing over-the-air TV channels. Tried tuning to a couple of channels but the reception was really bad.

Can’t really remember all the features but best one is that it’s dual-SIM.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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35 Responses

  1. wendelltan says:

    @abeolandres best feature of the fake iPhone is, you won’t kill yourself when someone steals it from you.

  2. mike says:

    i will buy one if its android.

  3. Chad says:

    I’ll buy it if its MS DOS. LOL

  4. M says:

    san mabibli? haha. curious ako. can’t afford lately eh.

  5. macdudes says:

    Fuck that fake iPhone! Kill those people buying these rubbish gadgets!

  6. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    hopes it will be sold here later. Hopefully later revision would have an IPhone body, Android OS, TV Tuner, dual sim, larger memory & expansion, and a capacitive touch screen.

  7. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    Hopefully later revision would have an IPhone body, Android OS, TV Tuner, dual sim, larger memory & expansion, and a capacitive touch screen.

  8. Biggie says:

    What i want is an iPad clone with TV tuner!

  9. manong says:

    nice! can’t wait to see in mrt some fat sosyalera using her real iphone4 and besides her is a construction worker pulling out his fake iphone to watch tv… oha?!

    and more reason for a snatcher to think twice… maybe his clue is that the real one has a rubber casing saka hindi ginagamit pantawag… nyehehehe!

    minus pogi points to all iphone4 fanbois… nauna pa sa pinas ung fake!

  10. manong says:

    THIS and the new ipod touch will cannibalize and kill the overly hype/overly expensive iphone4…

    3.8K+12K vs 58K? FTW!

  11. Anonymous1 says:

    pinag lo loloko niyo lang mga sarili niyo kung bibili kayo ng fake gadgets or anything fake. mag pa paka sosyal kayo wala naman kayong mga pera. pwede naman kayo mag entry level nokia or cheap phones kung text and calls lang. hirap satin mga pilipino, maka pasok lang sa “IN” crowd gagawin lahat kahit fake ang mga gamit. mga ipokrito!

  12. Onnies says:

    @Anonymous1 apart from the obvious reason that this one doesnt cost a leg and an arm, may tv tuner pa, tsaka dual sim? i think the word here is being practical and affordable…i dont mind about the item being fake or original.

  13. pabs says:

    ok to. Let the sosyals hide their 50thousand worth iphone 4, while I enjoy flaunting my 3thousand fake iphone 4 with tv tuner pa, he he he

  14. roiji says:

    i hope they copied the antennagate problem…
    it makes the iphone 4 the iphone 4 hahah

  15. Shpetim says:

    omg it’s so same

  16. manong says:


    kung ang mahihirap bumibili ng fake items, ang mayayaman nagpapagawa ng fake boobs, nose saka skin. enjoy your perfect world! ano ka, 3 years old?

  17. charm says:

    i got one na(iPhone 4 look a alike)..and i enjoy chatting while i’m at the mall using free public wi-fi. dual sim at may t.v. tuner pa. very convenient at big savings.

  18. Von says:

    Where can I buy this? Baka bili ako ng 6 units. May discount kaya kung maramihan orders?

    Also, ano-ano features ang kaya/nde kaya gawin ng fake iPhone 4 versus the orig iPhone 4?

  19. mr.bogus says:

    dahil lang naman sa tv kaya nagkakandarapa sila bumili nito.. well natitpid ang tao ehh.. well buy fakes…!!!!! help china`s economy!!!

    walang bago dito yung case lang kasi mukhang iphone 4 pero ang mga piyesa pareho lang sa mga old models..

  20. chack9 says:

    @mr bogus – help china’s economy kung fake? help u.s. economy kung orig.. either way pano naman philippine economy?

    TriQuint TQM676091 chip which is available in the iphone4 was also in the 2nd gen iphone.

    Apple 343S0499 – Texas Instruments Touchscreen controller – basically a revamped old version from the 3Gs.

    some people just want the same or roughly the same functionality as the real thing. noone here can say they only own all original things. especily if you live in the philippines. might be a shirt, a pair of shoes, slippers, an mp3 player – these things have their own fake counterparts.

    it’s all about business and trends. take up a business lesson before commenting. whatever sells, whatever’s popular are usually the ones who are copied first.

  21. Chad says:

    For practical reasons okay yung wifi and tv when you’re in the mall, but may versions nito na walang tv according to kensgadget and jackstoys, but sa OS mas super fast ang response ng M002L model at HTC W007 na chinaphone you could try looking for it sa youtube and check the features.

  22. jejedad says:

    ke orig na iphone4 or fake yan, pareho lang made in china ang mga yan, ano nginangawa nyo?

  23. Bert says:

    Fake or real… all made in China.. :D

  24. iPhone China says:

    Yes even original iPhone 4 are made in China….kasi halos lahat ng semicon production facilities ay nasa China na lahat. So yung mga intsik na katulad ko he he (one half lang naman ako he he) ay pinagkokopya yang mga smart phones na yan! Di bale kahit poor na katulad ko ay pwede nang makabili ng iPhone 4 kahit peke. May tinda rin ako pero walang motolite ang battery eh….sorry…he he he

  25. i P H O N E U S E R ? ? ? O R N O T . . . says:

    H E Y L I S T E N U P !!!

    Wanna know something very lame??

    I put my iPod Touch 4G inside an iPhone 4 case and glued perfecty to fit it in…

    everyone sees it as an iPhone from far!! LOL!! i seriously did it =.=

    i bought an SE Xperia X10i instead…and the bad thing is there is no installous for android..only appplanet…which server is very unstable at most time. (my most regret)

    p.s. no need reply me, i submit fake email.

  26. Hi there, just browsing for information for my Arkansas 4g site. Lots of information out there. Wasn’t what I was looking for, but very nice site. Have a nice day.

  27. Hi there, just browsing for information for my Arlington 4g website. Lots of information out there. Not quite what I was looking for, but nice site. Have a great day.

  28. labag sa batas ang ginagawa nyo sa panggagaya ng original iPhones, kawawa naman ang nagpakahirap mag imbento niyan tapos gagayahin nyo………..eeeeeeeeeeeeeee?>???<

  29. Justas says:

    hi there, i just bought iphone 4 with kinda weird price, in england (uk) it costs 634 Pounds 32gb black version, from apple store, and I one bought in Lithuania for 2290 ltl (its about 570 pounds) and in other shops , like iDeal it costs 3200 ltl (700++ pounds),,well when i got it, the box opens like an original, and the phone looks original but im not sure cuz i think i paid no that much as it has to be. so yeah, when i opened, there was usb, fingertips, stickers, and so on, everything what need to be in orginal, so to the iphone, i turned it on, and it looks good, like u know , 5mp camera, led, 720 p hd video recording, its not lagging, and the quality of the screen it just wonderful, so, im 60 % sure that is original and 40% that is fake, , then i go to itunes, activated it, and updated, into 4.3 witch you know is the newest version, my friend says that if it would be fake, it wouldn’t updating the iphone versio from 4.01 to 4.3 in itunes. so the one problem was, that emm, i started to write a sms msg and the P letter doesn’t react to my fingers, i put it in sideways ( the screen) then it works, so that little spot doesnt react to my fingers, and I came back to the shop and they took it and they said : ” so we’ll fix it or changed to the new one”, and when i was buyin this i looked to the back of the box, and they said: “looking that to be sure this is original?” and started laugh, but dunno, they said i will get it soon again, so tell me people, can fake iphone start updatin’ in itnues from iOS 4.01 to iOS 4.3 and u think this fake or not? PLEASE REPLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY THANK YOU, one more thing, when i asked for the iphone 4, they tooked it from the table bottom, and there was no iphone 4, in the that.. echh dunno how it calling, in that glass wall, lol, when the phones showing for costumers, so REPLY PLEASE!

  30. Justas says:

    Oh by the way, i also checked the iphone 4 original photos from apple com and it looks totally the same, it also written in the back: Designed blablabal in california. Assembled in China. so yeah , the same thing there.

  31. nica says:

    how much is this?

  32. This is a great little 19 inch TV with loads of great features. You may want to have a look at.

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