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How to squeeze more battery life from the VIVO V11i

One of the main features of the VIVO V11i is its 3,315mAh battery, which is a decent capacity for its class. Not to mention, it also supports fast charging. But if you’re wondering how you can squeeze more battery life from it, here are a few tips.

Vivo V11I 9 • How To Squeeze More Battery Life From The Vivo V11I

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Lower the screen brightness

V11I Brightness • How To Squeeze More Battery Life From The Vivo V11I

This is one of the most basic solutions that can still have a huge impact on your battery life, as the screen is one of the most power hungry components in a smartphone. To lower your screen brightness, go to Settings, Display and Brightness, then move the slider to the left. This method has proven to be effective especially if the battery level is at just 20% or less.

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Set shorter Auto-lock times

V11I Brightness 1 • How To Squeeze More Battery Life From The Vivo V11I

Almost all smartphones have an auto-lock feature that turns off and locks the screen after a set amount of time. This is to prevent unnecessary battery drain caused by the display, especially when not in use. By default, auto-locks are set at 30 seconds, lower it down to 15 seconds especially if you’re already running low.

Turn off GPS

V11I Brightness 2 • How To Squeeze More Battery Life From The Vivo V11I

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Your phone has a GPS built-in, allowing you to use location-based services like Google Maps or Waze. If you’re running low on battery, you can turn this off by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the quick shortcuts drawer, then tap on the Location icon to turn off GPS.

Set volume to 0% and turn off vibrate

Another way to minimize the phone’s power consumption is to turn off the sound and disable vibrations. It’s going to be a little inconvenient, but this method is quite handy if you want to prolong whatever battery life you have left.

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Turn off connectivity features

If you still need to be connected to the internet, what you can do is turn off some connectivity features that you don’t need. This includes Bluetooth, NFC, and auto-sync. If you’re running on mobile data, try to switch to WiFi if there’s an available network. If you want to switch all of them off, just activate Airplane mode.

Switch on Low Power Mode

V11I Brightness 3 • How To Squeeze More Battery Life From The Vivo V11I

The V11i has a battery feature called Low Power Mode which basically does almost everything we suggested above. It reduces the CPU/GPU frequency and the screen brightness as needed, shortens the screen auto-lock time, disables WiFi, Bluetooth, touch feedback, and enables portrait screen lock. To activate this feature, just go to Settings, Battery, then tap on Low Power Mode.

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Activate Super Power-Saving Mode

V11I Brightness 4 • How To Squeeze More Battery Life From The Vivo V11I

There’s another switch inside the Battery settings called Super Power-Saving Mode, which you can use in extreme cases while retaining phone functionality. When activated, your smartphone basically turns into some sort of a feature phone, enabling only the Contacts, Phone, Messages, and Clock. Meaning the rest of the phone’s features, including the wallpaper, are not available, thus eliminating unnecessary battery drain and prolonging its life.

And those are the tips that you can use to squeeze more battery life from your VIVO V11i. Do note that some of these tips can also be used on other devices, so you might want to keep them in mind. If you have battery saving tips, feel free to share in the comments below.

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This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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3 years ago

Features 3.315 mah battery? I thought that was a letdown? The standard nowadays is 4,000 maH and above. Enough with the false hope marketing people please.

3 years ago

… or just turn off the phone LOL!

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