HTC Legend vs. HTC Desire

HTC Legend vs. HTC Desire

Two very new Android devices from HTC are competing to grab our attention — the HTC Legend and the HTC Desire, both priced quietly close to each other.

The HTC Legend sports a solid and sturdy aluminum unibody design in a nice silver-black color tone while the HTC Desire has a bigger screen and more powerful processor.


Here’s a comparison chart to give you a better picture of the two, spec-for-spec:

I think, the bottom line is, it will be the price that will draw the line between the two. The HTC Legend might look better than the HTC Desire but with merely Php3,400 in price difference, people will find it hard to pick the former over the latter.

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38 Responses

  1. alvin says:

    ganda ng legend~! it will blend perfectly with a macbook pro.

  2. the yawner says:

    Since I’ve never tried the Desire hands on, I’m not really sure how it would feel in my hand. Pero with the Legend, it really has a nice sturdy built and the size is just right for one hand operations.

  3. Teknisyan says:

    Yeah.. sa Desire nako. Big screen, powerful procy, better resolution and battery.

  4. JP says:

    Last I heard, HTC phones are having both screen separation issues and uber-sensitive display panels, so yeah, if I had the money, I’d buy the much more reliable iPhone 4 or Dell Streak.

  5. Lexty says:

    I’ll choose Desire. with more processing power and also for future proofing. sa bilis ng development ng Android OS mas okay na yung safe ka na sa hardware. atleast for now safe ka na sa 1GHz.

  6. snpklsdmbldr says:

    HTC Desire is better than Legend.


    @JP afaik, only the evo has screen separation issues, but it was only a minor thing and can be solved, also HTC will release an update for the sensitivity of the screen due to different temperatures.

    iphone 4 reliable? apple said that it is “scratch proof” with all the fancy special designs/glass cover. but look at the article in engadget or gizmodo, an iphone4 with a BIG scratch at the back just after delivery. LOL xD

  7. if only HTC Legend has the size and hardware of the HTC Desire, i would have grabbed it.

  8. and if only NexusOne has an optical senseware joystick, i would have considered it too. perhaps only things that would make me think twice is HTC Sense UI.

    that will lead to my question: if one can root his NexusOne, can he port the HTC Sense into the device?

  9. enzo says:

    if di naman talaga heavy user and 600Mhz is ok na rin kasi snappy rin ang HTC legend, mas maganda ang construction ng legend kasi full aluminum body yan and maganda design, maporma tingnan lalo na yung red na htc legend. ang pangit lang dyan at di nalagay sa blog is 2.5mm ang audio jack ng HTC legend.

    pero kung raw processing power lang at ram ang habol edi mag desire nalang.

  10. cris says:

    Their still expensive…
    Androids should be priced at the 20k range.

  11. yuga says:

    @cris – there are Android phones priced under 20k. Check out the HTC Tattoo and the Samsung Spica.

  12. JP says:


    The iPhone 4’s touch screen is the one using the scratch-free gorilla glass, not the back plate.

    And when did “scratch-free” become associated with reliability? Do hairline scratches compromise performance?

  13. snpklsdmbldr says:

    @JP it would not be reliable if apple makes claims which really are not true. go figure, there are tons of them.


    on the other hand, i heard some iphone 4’s are having yellow spots issues similar to their imacs in the past. and holding the antenna band of the phone weakens the signal. where’s the quality control apple? thats not clearly RELIABLE. :D

  14. the yawner says:

    I agree.

    I figured, by the time a 2GHz Android handset comes out, that’s when I’ll consider a Snapdragon with a 1GHz or 1.5GHz CPU. But for now, the Legend does its job well.

    And considering I got mine for just 26K, I’m perfectly fine with the lower specs. :D

  15. egarayblas says:

    I got an HTC Legend from HK for only Php 22k. I think the Php 31.5k SRP is pretty high. It’s a great device though! Android is indeed very promising. :)

  16. for the HTC Legend and Desire users: how long does your battery last.

  17. @egarayblas – HK’s prices are always lower because they don’t have as many taxes as we do.

    But “lower price” doesn’t always mean “cheaper”. If an out of warranty Legend’s touchscreen gets broken, HTC service center will charge you P22,000 to repair it.

  18. Lexty says:

    Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) is now available for the Nexus One. check out for the news.

  19. Lexty says:

    Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) is now available for Nexus One.

    have you tried upgrading your firmware?

  20. Lexty says:

    the Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) is now available for the Nexus One. Have you tried upgrading your firmware?

  21. yohan says:

    HTC Desire is a good one :)

  22. CliffRosario says:

    I still think Samsung Galaxy S i9000 still way better than HTC Desire.. Price alone is a breaking point.. Though HTC has good built on their phones compared to Samsungs Plastic body.. but come on a Super Amoled Screen? if that’s not pleasing enough..

    (refer to Galaxy S i9000 vs. HTC Desire vs. XPeria X10)

  23. @eric(egarayblas): do you happen to know how much does HTC Desire cost too in HK?

  24. Ric says:

    @ enzo – “ang pangit lang dyan at di nalagay sa blog is 2.5mm ang audio jack ng HTC legend.”

    Is this true? I am actually considering this phone for my next purchase but the 2.5mm audio jack is a deal breaker…

    Why would gsmarena ( say it has 3.5?

  25. enzo says:

    2.5mm yan.. yan rin kasi dpat bbilhin ko e.. e kaso 2.5mm lang, gagamit pa ko ng adapter..

  26. the yawner says:

    @enzo and Ric
    The Legend does have a 3.5mm jack. I even use my shuffle earphones with it whenever I watch movies on the phone.

  27. zadistah says:

    yes, my legend has 3.5mm jack. baka china phone ung nakita mo.. hehe

  28. cebukitty says:

    I got the HTC legend for around 23k+ here in cebu yesterday at a local mall. Its fast and snappy…problem ko lang is the battery drain…it barely lasted for around 12 hours lang and I didn’t even get to call anybody yet, just text and and downloading a few apps over wifi for short bursts.

    I googled a bit and there was a site that claimed it takes around a week for the batteries to “stabilize” I turned off a few power hungry apps that would sync on its own and its helping a little. Are there any batteries for sale for the HTC legend that would last me longer?

  29. Neil says:

    Ask ko lang if ever pwede ba i-swap ang HTC hero (less than 2 weeks) dun sa tore na pinagbilhan for an upgrade to HTC legend or desire (dagdagan na lang yung payment? tnx

  30. Neil says:

    Ask ko lang if ever pwede ba i-swap ang HTC hero (less than 2 weeks) dun sa store na pinagbilhan for an upgrade to HTC legend or desire (dagdagan na lang yung payment? tnx

  31. cebukitty says:

    after a bit of googling, i discovered a free app sa android marketplace called “Juice Defender” it dramatically increased my battery life…whew! ^ ^

  32. mazzie says:

    hi!.. does anybody know where we can buy the HTC Desire at a good price?.. thanks.. =)

  33. Saliminato says:

    Hi, I have a legend … do anyone know where to get replacement batteries for it here in the Philippines? Thanks.

  34. yuyu says:

    nagloloko yung touchscreen nya..parang nag hahang…hindi ma unlock para makapunta sa home screen..ano kaya problem mga sir?

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