In the battle of smartphones, Corning takes the crown

In the battle of smartphones, Corning takes the crown

With so many platforms and so many devices to choose from (Android, iOS, Symbian or Windows Phone 7), some things remain the same. Some names are familiar (like Qualcomm or NVidia Tegra) while others are seldom mentioned, like Corning.

If you haven’t heard of the company, it’s because their product goes by the name Gorilla Glass. Sounds familiar?

Gorilla Glass is a damage-resistant, thin, lightweight piece of glass that protects your smartphones from scrapes, bumps and accidental drops.


The glass is placed in a hot bath of molten salt at a temperature of approximately 400°C. Smaller sodium ions leave the glass, and larger potassium ions from the salt bath replace them. These larger ions take up more room and are pressed together when the glass cools, producing a layer of compressive stress on the surface of the glass. Gorilla Glass’s special composition enables the potassium ions to diffuse far into the surface, creating high compressive stress deep into the glass.

This doesn’t mean Gorilla Glass is totally unbreakable. I’m sure, with enough determination, one can easily break it. It’s the hazards of daily use that’s what Gorilla Glass prevents your precious device from being harmed — like putting it with a bunch of keys in your pocket.

Corning’s numbers for Gorilla Glass are impressive — 30 major brands, 425 product models and over 300 million devices use Gorilla Glass. And they only started introducing it to the market in 2008.

Gorilla Glass is currently being used mainly for smartphones (Dell, HTC, Kryocera, Nokia, Samsung, NEC, LG and Motorola), tablets, even notebooks (Acer, LG, Lenovo) and TVs (Sony). Hyundai is also be using it with the LCD panel of their concept car called Hyundai Blue. I wonder what Apple is using for the iPhone and iPad (Note: Corning’s FAQ says some agreements prevent them from disclosing other brands).

The company made like $6.6 billion in 2010 so I’m sure they’re happy everyone’s getting Gorilla Glass nowadays (they made $80 million in the first 18 months since they introduced it). Btw, did you know Corning also introduced Pyrex back in 1915?

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19 Responses

  1. daniel says:

    whatta business. sana ako nalang nagsawsaw sa glass sa mainit na tubig na binudburan ng asin. hahaha. tapos bumili ako ng glass cutters. chaga chaga sa bahay lng haha. sayang.

  2. benchmark says:

    when I first heard the gorilla glass, I immediately search it in the web to know something about their product.

    We always hear Gorilla Glass but didn’t know what really is….so here is a good info about it.

    Thanks Yuga for this great info. :)

  3. imitator101 says:

    And yet, my screen broke from just a 3 foot drop. Even plastic glass would survive that.

    Thanks Gorilla Glass.

  4. kyle says:

    Yung HTC Mozart ko may traces pa rin ng scratches kahit gorilla glass din.

    • Salleh says:

      same here, may mahabang scratch na rin Mozart ko hehe. Pero gorilla glass is scratch “resistant”, hindi scratch “proof” kaya naroon pa rin talaga tendency na ma scratch ang glass when more pressure is applied.

  5. Corning…are those the same people that introduced Pyrex and Corningware cookware to the world? Wouldn’t be surprised if it was. :)

    • tommyz says:

      Yes it is. They have lots of inovations not publisised so much. They are a huge leader in Photovolic glass for solar energy. Also creators of fiber optics as well! wonder whats next >.>

  6. Cocopako says:

    Galing naman nyan, pero mas magaling cguro ung KINGKONG GLASS,

  7. Alfredo says:

    That is the case until Asahi Dragontrail glass gets settled in the market in 2012.

    Hmmm… We should invest in that.

  8. jeru says:

    Apple also use Gorilla Glass.

    source: google

  9. jpeb says:

    can i disinfect using rubbing alcohol a smartphone with Gorilla Glass?

    • jpeb says:

      will using rubbing alcohol reduce the touch screen’s sensitivity?

    • FanBoy says:

      it won’t. just dont allow na magpenetrate yung alcohol sa gilid ng screen mo. and clean it while your phone is off.

  10. Nice, it really sounds tough.

  11. i first heard about it in a video where they have one device stress-tested with a knife. it turned out to be Dell Streak, based on my research.

    i immediately contacted Corning to find out who (or which brand) are they supplying with, they said they can;’t disclose it. of course, what am i thinking. it’s in their non-disclosure contract. :(

  12. jm says:

    wow!! ngayon ko lang nalaman..thanks sir abe!

  13. Yup, I think I’ve heard this story before. It’s quite impressive how they were able to come up with the technology.

  14. Ralph says:

    Yung Asahi nga mukang hahamunin yang corning..mas matibay daw kaso,,mas affordable naman kaya??
    Saka sigurado maghahanda ang Corning dyan..

  15. Corey says:

    I’m a Corning Inc. employee and couldn’t be happier to see these comments! Not only is the company known for innovation but also how well they treat their employees, I love it here.

    Check out “A Day Made of Glass… Made Possible by Corning” on YouTube, definitely a great watch. Just a hint at some of the technologies that we have waiting for us in the future.

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