LG upgrades the Cooky to HSDPA, T-DMB TV

LG upgrades the Cooky to HSDPA, T-DMB TV

After selling over 1.3 million units of the LG KP500 since its launch in November 2008, the Korean company is finally cooking up an upgrade which they cleverly named LG Cooky.

An no that’s not a typo. The new low-end touchscreen phone has been upgraded and labeled LG Cooky (SU910/KU9100/LU9100). It will now have 3G/HSDPA capability as well as a TV tuner built-in {via}.


lg cooky

However, the slated June 2009 release will first be done in South Korea so we won’t be seeing them locally for a while. And with the upgrades, expect the retail price to be around Php18k.

You can read my old review of the LG Cookie here.

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15 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice upgrade but still missed out the WLAN capability.

  2. Obed says:

    Still affordable still no wifi :P

  3. ice_hot says:

    wow! nice upgrades but is 3G HSDPA available here in the philippines already? And talking about high-tech cellphones, a brand new NOKIA E63 is up for grabs this march! Visit the earning student to learn more…

  4. heyru says:

    Yeah, i thought that was a typo.

  5. crestfallen says:

    yeah.. wlan, please!

  6. Haler? says:

    @ice_hot, were you serious in asking if 3G/HSDPA was already available in the Philippines? Let me guess. Your mobile phone is still Nokia 5110, correct? And oh yes, why do you have to be the first person who leaves the first comment on your own entries? (see: your blog) THAT’S VERY PATHETIC!

    I know you’re only starting to see the potentials of earning money online. Good for you. But please, HAVE SOME SENSE!

  7. Gene says:


    And why is it clever when they named it cooky? Sorry i didn’t get it.

    Your post is similar to what gsmarena.com posted.

  8. yuga says:

    @gene – I have a link to the GSMArena article as my source above. Clever because “cooky” is a variant of “cookie”, an updated SKU but different spelling to subtly separate it from the old version once it hits the market. The usual naming convention would have been Cookie 3G.

  9. Pedro says:

    LG Cooky VS Nokia 5800 same price also with 3G but with WIFI…I’m still thinking about it.

  10. marc says:

    from GSMArena:

    The LG Cooky will be available in June 2009 – unfortunately only Korea and at a price of 300 euro. It’s almost certain that an European version will also be available however minus the TV tuner.

  11. Gene says:

    hmnnn… now that’s clever indeed! thanks abe. goodness why didn’t i search myself!

  12. prodigal says:

    buy a LG renoir instead of complaining about WiFi. Renoir includes 3G, Wifi, 8MP camera, Divx compatible, Dolby Mobile etc…

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