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Nokia E72 vs. Nokia E71

Now that I’ve got both the Nokia E72 and the Nokia E71, we can have a face to face comparison between the two E-series phones. Check out the collection of photos after the jump.

The Nokia E72 has an accelerometer for auto-rotate and an optical trackpad which the E71 did not have. The E72 has 3.5mm jack while the E71 has 2.5mm. The E72 internal storage is 250MB while the E71 has 110MB.

Supported HSDPA speed for the E72 is up to 10.2Mbps while the E71 is just 3.6Mbps. The camera on the E72 is 5MP while it’s only 3.2MP on the E71. The processor was also upgraded from 369MHz to ARM 11 600MHz. The Nokia E72 lost the infrared which was present in the E71.

The E71 and E72 has the same thickness at 10mm by the E72 added a gram of weight to 128g but small over-all volume by 1cc. The keypad has also shrunk a bit on the E72 compared to the E71 but the former has a dedicated flashlight function.

The Nokia E72 has also been out in stores for a couple of weeks now and retails between Php19,500 to Php23,500. The E71 is now down to Php15,000.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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28 Responses

  1. looks good and pricey too. how bout nokia e52 master yuga? is it available now? how much?

  2. Jovz says:

    I chose the E52 over this. Hirap mag text sa E71 eh ;-) Review naman ng E52 sir =)

  3. frocks says:

    hmm. so should i buy nokia e-series or blackberry 8520/8900?

  4. bokoi says:

    got an E52. faster compared to E71. but somewhat lags when sensor is turned on…
    and I hate the gallery of E52. if you have one, you’ll know what I mean…
    pare-pareho lg naman ata specs si E52 at E72.. cam lg yung malaki ang pinag-iba 3MP vs 5MP…

  5. daddy joey says:

    i’ll go for e72. :)

  6. manong says:

    just waiting for n97 mini’s price to go below 20k…

  7. marvin says:

    di ako fan ng nokia. para kc silang damit kung magpalit ng model. I love samsung and motorola.

  8. Josh says:

    Been using their predecessor, the e61i, for the past 2 or so years, and am currently looking to upgrade.

    I’m pretty happy with the overall specs of the E71 and E72, the only real downer for me is the tiny keyboard.. I wish they would have kept the size closer to that of the e61i.

    Although I guess more people prefer the smaller form factor, I find it a bit hard to type full blown emails and long messages on the E71/E72’s keyboard. Plus the screen became smaller as well.

    I was initially planning on the HTC Touch Pro 2, but at a local price of about PhP40K++, it was a bit out of my price range. Heeh.

  9. cool, i hope the e72 can fare with most digicams in the market so that i needn’t bring my digicam for random shot.

  10. pao says:

    I just bought an e72 and its really great. The camera doesnt perform well though. I personally like its optical navi-key.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  11. aedis says:

    how is your wifi experience on both phones? and java application installation?

  12. gio says:

    around 13-15k ang nokia e52 ngaun.

  13. ryan says:

    is it worth upgrading? I’m thinking of selling my old E71 then getting this..

  14. Vic says:

    E72 looks good, BUT I’m so happy with my 2-yr-old E71 that I can’t seem to part with the latter. Oh well, I’ll hang on to my E71 for a little while longer… ;-)

  15. angelo says:

    i own an e71 and had a chance to play with my brothers e72. Not worth the upgrade from e71 IMHO. But from other models, go for the upgrade. Camera still disappointing. Overall great phone.

  16. ryan says:


    how about the keyboard.. I know it’s only a bit big, but it might spell a big difference to the actual user experience. How about speed? proc sped is a huge jump. better web experience maybe?

    but then I might not upgrade yet.. we’ll see hehe

  17. Doc Harry says:

    I was all set to ditch my E75 however I still need the numeric keypad for one handed texting. Oh well, I’ll wait for the new year and dispatch this for the E72. I still regret selling my E71. Gives me time to see how the Nexus One will stack up.

  18. Louie6380 says:

    I got my Nokia E72 for a week now and the experience is nice…

    More than the superb form factor, keyboard is much decent than E71 (more feel of an E63 when texting). Very Good interface, average camera performance, excellent audio quality when listening to audio files (make sure you use a pair of superb in-ear headset, the bundled one is mediocre, but fine), good ergonomics for the one touch keys, no lags at all…

    Best of all… VERY FAST 3.5G CONNECTION…
    I almost felt like I was using WiFi connection!!!

    CONS: I had a hard time setting up Nokia Messaging for Yahoo! Mail…

  19. Shreyas says:

    Nokia E72 specification includes a 5 mega pixel camera , 4GB internal memory expandable upto 16GB ,qwerty keypad ,existing Nokia Eseriescommunication facilities and integration to social networking websites and new Nokia Ovi store . 5mpx camera with autofocus for recording videos upto a quality of 30fps . Nokia E72 has excellent email ,instant messaging facilities which aessentialqualifications for a businessman class phone. Improved navigational facilities through assisted GPS,compass and Nokia maps is another Nokia E72 feature built for a busy businessman’s life with Qwerty keyboard….cheers!!!


  20. Kinny says:

    This review makes me glad I did not buy the E71 when it came out. I waited a bit and got the E63 instead. For my second phone I considered the E52 but there are so many complaints about crashing and phone resetting and turning off by itself.

    I have decided to get the E72 especially that I found one that sells it at Php18,800 in Greenhills theatre mall.

  21. Json says:

    just got my E72 last week and so far I am most impressed about its capabilities… but there are some functions that are lacking… like podcast, internet radio, pero ung pinaka bummer is ung accelerometer na hindi nag poportrait ung pics pag tini-tilt…

  22. Debasis says:

    You don’t need a blackberry any more for email :)


  23. lemuel says:

    i hate it when i bought my e71 by last week of october and yet e72 was released by november. Grrr!
    anyways, e72 was a mix of e52, e63 and e71!!

  24. maldetah says:

    whoever has an e72 kindly post your comments on its performance as i am having problems in deciding whether or not i will buy one. i have just read its international review and non of them mentioned that it is worth buying though they are all admitting that it does looks good.

  25. Hazel says:

    @maldetah: Go and take a look at the Nokia E72 review at PhoneArena.com. That’s where I mostly read phone reviews and it’s the reason why I decided to buy a Nokia E72 as a successor to my Samsung Omnia while I wait for the HTC Desire HD. (HTC Philippines said it will arrive 2nd week of October pa eh… And I needed a phone that is simply a breeze to use especially during my trainings. It’s really worth it. I don’t know about other people but even people with huge sausage fingers find the keyboard rather easy to get used to and easy to type with. As for font size, there is a Font Magnifier at the Office Folder (preinstalled) so no problems with that. Only downside is the camera (no Text in the Scenes mode), no photo contacts, and that the message viewing isn’t threaded. You’ll have to install an app that does threaded SMS viewing. Still great.

    Phone is very easy to use. I don’t think I’ll ever let it go even when I have my Desire HD. (This will be handy for the times when I have to go out of the house and use public transportation or go to trainings in Manila with friends.)

    Currently installed Skype. Working properly. Our house has WiFi so I don’t have to turn my laptop on everytime I need to talk to boyfriend online or whenever I need to go to Facebook or just browse online. Saves us both phone credits.

    Anyway, what else can I say? This phone, IMHO, is a beauty and it’s Nokia’s top QWERTY phone. This is one of the most expensive phone models available for purchase right now in New Zealand via carrier and it makes sense why.

    However, if you just want to have a QWERTY keyboard for easy messaging without all the business-related apps like the ones found in Office (for reading Word Documents or reading PDF files/e-books via Adobe Reader), then go for the Nokia C3. While the OS on that phone is only Symbian Series 40, it’s still very much easy to use. Note that the screen isn’t as great as the Nokia E72 though but for most of us, I think that’s practically easy to let go.

    However, if you’re like me, go for the E72 if you want a good business phone with the Blackberry form factor. Don’t settle for anything less or you will regret it. ;)

  26. cyclerack says:

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