Nokia N97 Mini coming out this September?

Nokia N97 Mini coming out this September?

There been a number of evidence pointing to a smaller Nokia N97 Mini that is rumored to be formally announced this September during the annual Nokia World 2009.

The Nokia N97 Mini will have a smaller 2.9″ screen at 640×360 pixels. See photo below for comparison {via}:


nokia n97 mini

Storage will also be bumped down to options for 8GB and 16GB. And of course, they will also be cheaper. The Mini N97 looks legit since Nokia has been doing the same positioning with the E63 for the E71 and the 5530XM to the 5800XM.

This might indicate that the N97 was a success and Nokia just wants to offer the same to the low-budget market.

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25 Responses

  1. eithanâ„¢ says:

    it looks like china phone!

  2. im dreading the fact that it could be another china-made copy; I’ll wait for its release and check it out. 8Gig is big enough for me haha=D

  3. petken says:

    I got myself a samsung jet. I love the AMOLED screen plus the 5megpix camera.

  4. petken says:

    Samsung is doing very well with their AMOLED screen hope other cellphone companies with go to this new technology.

  5. Jhay says:

    At least those on a low budget would have a better chance of having something similar to the N97.

    It’s a safety move of sorts since the world economy is still in dire straights.

  6. Raven says:

    AM0LED screen l0oks g0od only f0r pix but fails under sunlight. In… Sunlight legibility is a big issue. That’s why they always ackn0wledge n0kia’s res0luti0n in all categ0ry.

  7. bertsan531 says:

    yeah it does look like china phone knock off hehehe..

  8. How much was the original N97 anyways? Would like to have this one if it’s cheaper with almost teh same specs.

    My LG Viewty is giving up on me! Cannot even find a battery replacement anywhere!

  9. Jam. says:

    Woah! I love symbian!. Hope that it can support n-gage games

  10. lito says:

    if this is d same specs and the price is aroung 20,000ph plus i can buy it

  11. Raven says:

    m0re pr0bably @ 20k, price range between 5800xm and n97 same as the features…upgraded fr0m 5800 and trimmed n97.

  12. aderf says:

    There is no navigation button, unlike the nokia N97

  13. good news! sana nga “cheaper” talaga..

  14. L2bass says:

    hmmmmm waiting for these item to release…

  15. drealmarlon says:

    so what makes it different to the other?

  16. It looks nice though..It’s kinda cute..

  17. cruz says:

    Hi, guys! I’m selling original Nokia 5530 XM only for Php. 12k. It’s an opening sale price. It has 12 months international warranty and it has 8gb free memory card.

    Click the name link for more info.

  18. cruz says:

    Hi, guys! I’m selling original Nokia N97 only for Php. 23k. It has12 months international warranty.

    EMAIL ME: [email protected]

  19. Jay says:

    I have n97 and this mini thing looks more like china phone to me… just look at the nokia txt on the left corner… it lookslike mokia…

  20. Mike says:

    When will it be release here in the Philippines?

  21. mae says:

    hmmn guys mali poh..

    as of now mas mahal ung n97 mini kaysa sa n97 haha…

    see the full specs for more info y sya mas mahal..


  22. netah says:

    maganda ang N97 mini, fast connection. you can do multi tasking pa.

  23. lito says:

    waiting for the release.

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